"Ye Yu and her sister, it seems that you have to start work before."

"Have you had direct positive contact with the elves?"
Wuhe Shizhi said this and gently nodded in the piano. By the way, he also intimidated one or two people.
"Yes, try not to die!"
"Ah … is it so dangerous? Didn’t Ye Yu already stay with the elf? In this way, it can be said that the elf is actually not very aggressive? "
"Well, that’s true, but you also know that it’s Ye Yu. Who knows what attitude that elf has towards you?"
As he spoke, he snapped his fingers in the piano, and the original abstract lines of the corresponding screen made a clear picture.
The picture that appears in front of everyone is the original school, but the original campus has been in ruins at the moment.
A shallow bowl-shaped pothole was dug up in the school yard, and part of the roads and negotiations were beautifully cut off, just like in the city the day before yesterday.
"It’s really lucky. Because the elves hid in the collapsed school building, all AS members were afraid to attack for the time being, and now a subtle confrontation has formed." Looking at the picture in front of them, Qin carefully analyzed it.
"It’s rare to see such a lucky situation. Now it’s up to you to get in touch with the elves AS soon as possible without harassment. Don’t let them attack," Chin said, waving her lollipop again
"Then let’s go, you two, and start sending!" Was taken to the front of the special delivery facilities, and then Ye Yu and Wuhe Shizhi disappeared into the bridge.
At this moment, it is already sunset and dusk, and the ruins of the original school building look particularly desolate and sad at dusk.
This used to be the best campus in Tiangong City, but it is a pity that it is still so powerful in the face of the earthquake, just like a joke, generalizing a sad ruin.
Wuhe Shizhi felt a little sigh and immediately walked slowly along the dilapidated ladder with Ye Yu in the schoolhouse.
"Come on, the navigation has given you the elf response. It’s on the third floor of the stairs over there, starting from the front of the fourth classroom."
Two people ear Itsuka Kotori sound up.
Wuhe Shizhi nodded his head. It seems that he is still a little nervous, while Ye Yuzhe is already eager to see ten incense.
Chapter 38 Ten Fragrances of Jealousy
Has reached the door of the classroom, with Ye Yu moving forward step by step, while Wuhe Shizhi is getting more and more nervous. Looking at the girl like this, Ye Yu is a little funny.
"If you’re really scared, just watch outside. I’ll go in alone."
"I’m not afraid. I’m just a little nervous. I also want to help the elf so that she can lead a normal life like us."
Wuhe Shizhi said so seriously and immediately took a deep look at Ye Yu.
"Let me go in first. I … I want to do what I can."
So soon before Ye Yu refused Wuhe Shizhi, he stepped into the classroom and was dyed by the sunset, and the classroom sample reflected into the retina.
The beautiful scene was printed in the eyes of the girl.
Once upon a time, the fourth place started from the window, and the second column … happened to be the Wuhe scholar weaving the table body wrapped in incredible gifts, and the dark-haired girl sat on one knee.
Give off a fantastic glow and stare at the blackboard with your eyes half open.
A girl half bathed in sunset has the ability to take away the mystery of the viewer’s thinking ability in an instant.
Perfect to almost make people tremble, girl
Such a girl … so perfect that people can’t help but feel sad. Why should a girl hurt her?
"Hmm …?" Sensing that someone had entered the classroom, the girl opened her eyes and looked at Wuhe Shizhi.
At the same time, when I saw Wuhe Shizhi, a little warning color flashed in the girl’s eyes, because those who attacked her were all such young girls.
"What are you from? !”
"That … that …"
Although not long ago, I just made psychological preparations and released rhetoric, Wuhe Shizhi was a little afraid after seeing the elf girl in front of me.
"Hey, hey, sister, what do you mean? The elves are unhappy."
Just as Wuhe Shizhi was so nervous, her ear sounded dissatisfied with the piano.
"Sigh, sigh … is this unhappy? I didn’t do anything!"
"Well, this is something that can’t be done. Because you are a little too similar to those AS, it’s also something that can’t be done by being hostile."
"That … that what should I do!"
Wuhe Shizhi said in such a flurry, while on the other side Itsuka Kotori didn’t care.
"Don’t worry, we have the most professional team here, sister. Don’t worry!"
"I’m even more worried when you say that!"
While sitting there after the dialogue between Wuhe Shizhi and Itsuka Kotori, Shixiang asked questions again.
"Answer my question, who are you?"
"I … I’m not hostile. I’m … I’m a student in this school."