On hearing this, Yin Su-tang looked sad and said, "In those days, my sister was inspired by the words of a real person with long eyebrows and insisted on going to the devil’s Sect to ask Deng Yin for an explanation, and she wouldn’t let me follow. I can only wait for my sister to come back in the Lingdong of Wuyin Peak altar in West Kunlun. But after half a month, Cui Heinv hurried here and said that her sister had died at the hands of Deng Yin and Princess Honghua. I don’t believe it … "

"Shen Wuji" is a bit strange: "Oh? Cui Hei? The female sword fairy who gets along well with you on weekdays? At that time, how could she know that I died at the hands of Deng Yin? I clearly saw Deng Yin and Honghua and turned against him a month after I went to the devil’s religion! "
Yin Su-tang’s eyes are full of surprises when he listens. "Don’t! Don’t cui black female she also participated in … "
Shen Wugui waved his hand and said, "Su Tang is not in a hurry. It’s too early to draw a conclusion. Please tell me in detail."
Yin Su-tang nodded and said, "I know best that my sister’s cultivation at that time was that Deng Yin and Honghua joined forces and may not be your opponent. If you add that the old god also moves, you can beat your sister but you can’t keep her life! How can I believe her? Insist on waiting at the foggy peak! "
Yin Sutang began to cry again and said, "I still haven’t heard from my sister until a few months later. At first, I thought my sister must have been injured and went back to Little Sumi Mountain. I went to the East China Sea to ask, but the elder sister said that it was not certain whether my sister’s fate was broken or whether she should die. I don’t believe it yet, but my elder sister has never missed her speech. I can only go back to the foggy peak and practice day by day. I just want to kill the adulterer and adulterer in case of one thousand. I knew my sister would break through the robbery! "
When it comes to this, Yin Sutang’s eyes are filled with resentment. "It was not until ten years later that Cui Hei came to the altar cave to find me. Said that my sister was dead, and at that time, it was widely reported that my sister was killed by Deng Yin Honghua. At that time, I still didn’t believe that I went to Little Sumi Mountain again … But at that time, my elder sister and my second sister had already closed their doors, saying that the big disaster was coming and they had to prepare for it. " If you want to know what’s the feud between Yin Su-tang and Cui Hei-nu, and what’s the connection between this and Shen Wu-su being trapped in the ancient array and burning the flesh, please see the next installment of "Lost in the Past".

The one hundred and sixty-seventh back to the past.
It is said that after Shen Wusu saved Yin Sutang, the two of them recognized each other, and then they realized that Yin Sutang turned out to be an innocent sister in the past, and their feelings were so deep that they could be called the difference between life and death. Shen Wugui heard Yin Sutang say, "It seems that the elder sister and the second sister also foresaw the big robbery at that time, and I don’t know how they prepared." It seems that I have time to go back to Little Sumi Mountain this time and introduce that little pervert to my sisters. " I thought of applying for innocence here, but I hesitated for a moment. "But then I have to watch this little bastard. I can’t let him spoil my sisters again!"
Yin Sutang answered, "Since then, I have been practicing in Wuyin Peak for several years. During this period, Cui Heinv came several times to persuade me to come out of the mountain. I just said I didn’t believe my sister was dead and I couldn’t wait for her. It wasn’t until ten years later that Cui Heinv came to Wuyin Peak and found me with my sister’s altar spirit sumeru sword! "
Shen Wuji was also surprised when he heard it. "My altar spirit, Sumeru Sword, was trapped by the old God with great magic that day. How could it fall back into her hands?"
Yin Sutang reached out and shook out a small golden sword and said, "I don’t know the inside story, but now that my sister is safe and sound, this altar spirit sumeru sword is just returned to its original owner."
Shen Wuji took the sword and caressed it gently, but handed it back to Yin Sutang: "Now my body is so powerful that I can’t control this flying sword. You can keep your own self-defense, but treat it well. Don’t disappoint your sister. "
Yin Su-tang immediately exclaimed, "Sister!"
Shen Wuji smiled and said, "Don’t be surprised, Sutang. At this time, I am a body built by lightning and fire, which is a hundred times better than ordinary monks. If you talk about strength, my cultivation is even stronger than that of the past! "
Although I heard Shen Wusu say this, there was still no smile on Yin Sutang’s face, and his eyebrows locked deeply: "But sister, how can you soar when your work will be completed in another day?" !”
"There’s no harm in Su Tang not being in a hurry," Shen said with a smile. Just threw a stone at your bad boy. You saw it. "
Yin Su-tang nodded and said, "That person Su-tang naturally knows Yi Yu of Qingcheng School. Who doesn’t know him now? And I think the relationship between my sister and him seems to be … "Say and look at the spotless but ambiguous smile.
Innocent is not shy and smiles: "Now he is my husband …" When it comes to this, Shen Innocent finally can’t help but face a red face and connect: "It’s not like that. A poor apology is a real husband! Why should I worry myself when he will take me to Xianque when he rises in the future? At that time, all the problems of reshaping the fairy body were naturally solved. "
Hear "no scale" said Yin Su-tang had a long sigh of relief with a little smile.
"All right, don’t talk about me," Shen said. But you went on to say what was the idea of Cui Hei? "
A listen to cui black woman’s name Yin Su-tang is a cold face. "This vicious bitch really deserves to be killed," he said. "I used to think she was a good sister! The thief told me that my sister had been killed by the adulterer and prostitute. This sword was accidentally picked up by a friend of hers in the jungle, and I’m afraid it was left behind by my sister when she fled. She also said that she had contacted many fellow friends and prepared to attack the magic religion together. Revenge for my sister. "
Speaking of this, Yin Su-tang looked at Shen Wu-scale and felt a little ashamed. "Originally, that Cui Black girl had no contact with her sister. Why is she so enthusiastic about this matter? Come to me again and again, and why should I help me avenge my sister if I don’t tell her? ! Originally, what she said was also full of loopholes and could not be scrutinized. "
Thinking of the bitterness, Yin Sutang sobbed again: "But at that time, I was possessed by ghosts. When I saw this altar, I really thought that my sister had been killed. Distraught didn’t go to consider this to the context of suspicious! I believed that bitch’s words and put those so-called friends who helped boxing on the misty peak. But which know that she actually … "When it comes to Yin Su-tang here, it’s already a sob, and I can’t say any more.
Shen Wusu gently caressed the show of Yin Sutang, although the hands were very gentle, but those eyes could no longer hide the raging anger and Lengli’s murder!
A moment later, Yin Sutang’s mood calmed down a little and said, "But I didn’t know that Cui Hei’s plot was actually her sister’s spiritual abode!"
Shen Wuwei asked, "The Lingdong of Wuyin Peak altar in West Kunlun is a place where the spiritual pulse can not be occupied by the rich and the poor. How did they seize it?"
Yin Sutang said, "At that time, Cui Hei only said that she would avenge her sister and invited many good and evil monks to gather at Wuyin Peak. Master Youzhifei, Mr. Jian Xianzhong, Master Tianchi and Youlong Ziwei Shaoshao are now collectively called the Four Friends of Kunlun. There are Taoist Tiezhong, Taoist Cangxu Cheng Di, Taoist Lengguang, Taoist Dongfang Hao, Taoist Xiaoxie Xiangshan, Taoist Weixianke, Fairy Xin Lingxiao, etc. This is also one of the famous surnames who are not weak. "
"There are quite a few people," Shen Wugui sneered. Could it be that Cui Hei really wants to kill the devil and avenge me? "
Yin Su-tang replied, "At first, I really believed it, and I was very grateful to Cui Hei. At that time, I was eager to take revenge, but I was bent on practicing. Plus, most of these people were invited by Cui Hei, and I was not familiar with them. She took care of many affairs. I didn’t see her talk about attacking the devil religion until a year later. And after a long time, I think about it carefully and feel a little wrong, but … "
Yin Su-tang lamented a guilty look at Shen Wu-scale and said, "But I’m still lucky and I’m constantly looking for various excuses for Cui Heinv. Until one day, this cruel and heartless thing took a group of people and began to build palaces and towers on Wuyin Peak. Until then, I finally broke all my illusions and woke up! What are they trying to avenge their sister? Clearly want to occupy my sister’s altar cave! It’s all because of my stupidity that I lost my sister’s spiritual treasure hole! " Say this Yin Su-tang is another burst of crying.
Shen Wuwei said, "Su Tangmo cried. Although the shrine is good, it is not in my eyes now. We will have a better future! However, this group of splash talents actually paid attention to my application for innocence. It is cheap for them to destroy all the families, old and young! "
Yin Sutang answered, "At that time, I felt something was wrong, so I went to question Cui Hei. At first, she also had many excuses to say that she was not strong enough to wait for the opportunity. There are also some houses built on Wuyin Peak for people to live in. But under my chase, she simply turned over with me! I even said a lot about the difficulty of slandering my sister. I forbear it, but it is convenient for her to move. "
When I heard that Shen Wuji, who was already indignant here, had no anger and asked with a smile on his face, "Then what?" But followed the "innocent" Yin Su-tang for hundreds of years, but she knew that her innocent sister was already angry and wanted to kill people!
Although it’s been more than 200 years, when it comes to it. Yin Su-tang still hates the sky. Tao: "Although that Cui Hei girl taught me a lot, they were prepared before I went. Just as soon as I started, more than ten people rushed out and besieged me. If it weren’t for my sister’s Tanling Sumeru sword, Sutang would have been killed by this group of evil thieves. But although I escaped my life, I was scattered by them. It really hurt the purple mansion. Moreover, in the past two hundred years, the pursuit of the so-called Kunlun Sect has never stopped. Old wounds don’t heal and new ones are added. Not now
Less than 20% of the training. "
"No scale" to pull up Yin Su-tang’s wrist and gently stroke Xiu Mei, but it has been twisted into a piece.
Yin Sutang sobbed, "What’s worse is that they … they drove me out of Kunlun Mountain. I cann’t believe you slandered me Say that I seduce a boy and suck people into Yuanyang to practice magic skills. " Speaking of this sad place, Yin Su-tang burst into tears with indignation. This is what she has been doing for more than two hundred years. The only person I can talk to.
Shen Wuji gently took Su Tang’s hand for a long time before sighing: "Su Tang, how did you get through all these years when you were so hurt!" Said the spotless gently caressed Yin Su-tang’s cheek, and tears were already in his eyes.
Yin Su-tang cried at the sight of Innocent. She couldn’t help it anymore. She threw herself into Innocent’s arms and cried, "Sister! Su Tang is not bitter! I am willing to see how much my sister Su Tong has suffered again! "
Yinsu Tang, who was holding her arms in her arms, asked, "Why didn’t you come and recognize me when you saw me just now? On the contrary, I have the heart to die? "
Yin Su-tang turned red when he heard this question: "Me! I lost my sister’s altar cave. How dare I … "
Before she could finish saying "No Scale", she tapped Yin Su-tang on the head and said, "You fool! How can the altar cave be as important as our sister Sutang! Besides, since it’s lost, just get it back in the future. Don’t be stupid again! Or I won’t smash your ass. "
Yin Sutang nodded hard and said, "Sutang will listen to her sister and never leave again."
Just then, Green Yi came in and saw Yin Su-tang lying in Shen Wu’s arms, but she was one leng. Half a day ago, I asked a little sluggish: "Are you Su Tang? But Su Tong should not be so big! "
Yin Su-tang is one leng staring at this green skirt, green appearance and stunning fox dragging a big tail. Unexpectedly, I was at a loss. I looked back doubtfully and asked, "Sister, she …"
Innocent smiled and said, "I can’t believe Little Green remembers Su Tang! At that time, you got along well. " The necessity of Yin Su-tang was even more stunned, pointing to Green Yi for a long time and didn’t speak.
Shen Wuwei smiled and said, "How’s Su Tang? Is it much cuter than the original green robe? The temper is docile and obedient, and Green Yi is back! "
Yin Su-tang nodded hard and said quickly, "Yes! It’s good, but this … "After taking a deep breath and trying to digest this amazing information, Yin Su-tang just reluctantly said," But this … this is really good, hehe! How nice! " But at this time, Yin Sutang thought to herself, "I don’t know what’s wrong with this sister, but don’t turn me into a man!"
Yin Su-tang wiped the cold sweat on her head and dared not think about it any more. She smiled and pulled up the hand of Green Yi, saying, "Green Yi …" But at this moment, she suddenly didn’t know how to call it now. Of course, Yin Su-tang used to be called Green Robe Brother. Obviously, this name is no longer appropriate now, but it feels strange to be called Sister.
Shen Wuji also saw Yin Sutang’s embarrassment and said with a smile, "Sutang, you can call her Sister Luyi. It’s only been two or three years since she was born."
Then he turned to Luyi and said, "Luyi, this is Sister Su Tang." What a clever person that Yin Su-tang is. It is natural to understand the meaning when he speaks like this. She is no longer melodramatic and soon chats with Green Yi!