Soon, a monkey with a long hairy face and a tripterygium wilfordii mouth and a robe appeared in front of Zhang Kai, and Zhang Kai took a look. It seems that he remembered a legendary figure he had heard of since he was a child, and he asked suspiciously, "Great Sage of the Monkey?"

"No, no! The Great Sage of Qitian is a thing of the past, and now the poor monk is a Buddhist who fights against the holy Buddha. " The Monkey King laughed.
Say that finish, the Monkey King also carefully looked at Zhang Kai, eyes dew smile said: "I didn’t think that in this nameless hill, there will be such a quasi-holy realm of you. Then chaos clock is yours, right? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "
When Zhang Kai heard this, he was filled with boundless murder. "Why do you ask?"
"Don’t be nervous, I’m not here to win the treasure, I just want to have a good relationship with you!" The Monkey King dew smile, as if didn’t even feel Zhang Kai’s murder.
"Nothing to be attentive, either rape or theft!" Looking at the Monkey King’s smile, Zhang Kai remembered a popular saying on the earth.
"No, I don’t need it!" There was a silence, Zhang Kai said coldly.
"Friends this is not, I have no other meaning. Moreover, as far as I know, there are plenty of people in the three realms who covet chaos clock, and the cultivation of Taoist friends is high, but I’m afraid there are too many men to hold their horses. You need to know that one more friend means one more way, so why should Taoist friends keep people away! " The Monkey King laughed.
"May I take it that you are threatening me?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Zhang Kai smell speech, face a change, saying.
"Friends misunderstood. I’m just being kind, and I don’t have any other malice! " The Monkey King explained.
"Misunderstanding? If you don’t want me to misunderstand, you’d better leave quickly, otherwise don’t blame me for being rude! " Zhang Kai Road.
Since the Monkey King’s debut, several people have dared not to sell his face in three sessions. Now, he has been kind to this person again and again, and he doesn’t want this person to push his nose and face. the Monkey King is really angry.
"What, do you want to do it?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. See the Monkey King, Zhang Kai chuckled.
"Fight, don’t you think an old good humiliate. If the tiger doesn’t show his arrogance, you still think I’m a sick cat! " . Now, the Monkey King was completely angered by Zhang Kai, and tore off the cassock. the Monkey King shouted.
"Good, happy, then let me show you!" Zhang Kai laughed.
"You go first!" The Monkey King withdrew from the golden hoop, holding a stick flower and pointing to Zhang Kai Road.
Zhang Kai said, also don’t talk nonsense, mind move, hand more than a sword, with a very ordinary force split Huashan towards the Monkey King captured.
This move seems ordinary, but it drives the aura of heaven and earth within the whole cave to think about the Monkey King. The Monkey King natural won’t careless, XuanGong a turn in the body, in the hands of great knock on the thinking of their own sword.
1 of "help when", only heard a crunchy, Zhang Kai saw that when his breakthrough to refine god to return to the virtual realm, his master gave his sword broken into three sections, leaving only a bare hilt in his own hands.
Looking at the hilt in his hand, Zhang Kai said maliciously, "This sword was given to me by my master three thousand years ago. It is the only thing my master left me. You actually destroyed it. I will never let you go!"
"Just kidding, you’re going to take this broken sword to fight with my old grandson. Who can blame this? You can only say that your sword is dirty!" The Monkey King laughed.
"Looking for death!" , will be in the hands of a hilt thrown to the ground, Zhang Kai spit out two words from the inside.
Say that finish, his mind move, he saw a quaint clock, emerged in him and the Monkey King.
"In that case, I’ll give you a ride with this new treasure!" Zhang Kai chuckled.
Say that finish, Zhang Kai to mobilize the mana in the body, and then, gently raise my hand, toward the chaos clock.
"Bang, bang, bang". With all his magic, Zhang Kai struck the chaos clock three times in a row. Three quaint bells immediately rang through three sessions.
Accompanied by the ringing of bells, the ripples visible to the naked eye spread from chaos clock and headed for the Monkey King.
The Monkey King at this time has been the bell shock of a somersault in the body, he barely gathered mana, break a shield around the body, enveloped himself in it.
1 of "bang", the whole mountain was so fragile under the sonic attack of chaos clock, and it collapsed in an instant, burying Zhang Kai and the Monkey King.
Calm for a moment, from a pile of rocks flew out of a simple clock, and then see Zhang Kai in black and black hair came out from chaos clock.
"Is it dead? What a weakness! But no matter how strong you are, are you better than me? " Error-free novel network does not skip words. Looking at the rocks around, Zhang Kai chuckled.
"You are happy too early, my old grandson is not so easy to die!" Suddenly, a voice came from behind Zhang Kai.
Zhang Kai looking back, I saw the Monkey King pale, corners of the mouth with a trace of blood, is ferocious looking at yourself.
"A stick in the sky!" , the Monkey King good shake-up by Shouting at him, in the hands of great blaster radiant, body movement, then launched an attack towards Zhang Kai.
Seeing that it was too late to dodge, Zhang Kai manipulated chaos clock’s attack route with his mind.
1 of "thunk", great hit on chaos clock.