All kinds of interludes on the first day of the opening ceremony did not have any influence on the progress of Elite Club except for adding some talk materials to people. On the contrary, the participants are more in the state.

The only difference is that the eyes of all parties are no longer limited to those hot monks, but all-round inspection candidates, and at the same time, they have re-examined this elite club and revised some unrealistic fantasies and plans.
Shan Ye, a hero in the street, sounds tacky, but it is an unbreakable wisdom. The influence of this Elite Club is unprecedented, which also attracted many strange people from Shan Ye to participate. Based on the news from the first day, the most shocking event did not happen in the northwest region, but an anecdote in the South Division.
Yunhuazong, known as the six gates of the empire, was eliminated in the first round because its main force was the genius Zongqing. The way is even more incredible. Actually, Maggie, a female practitioner who came to Blissful Valley, confused her mind with magic, stripped herself naked and exposed herself to the eyes of more than 10,000 spectators.
This kind of thing brings pleasure to the audience, but it is an out-and-out slap in the face to Yunhuazong and even the empire. Elder Yunhuazong vomited blood on the spot, directly announced his retirement and led his disciples back to Zongmen. Leave a mess that makes people laugh and cry, and let Long go to clean up the mess.
I can’t help it, they are the boss!
In this elite meeting, there are countless forces from mainland countries. Although the qualifiers are not very conspicuous, they also attract many eyeliner to observe and inquire. This scandal happened at home, which undoubtedly tarnished the reputation of the empire. For a time, people have collected and exchanged photos of the fight, and watched Zong Qing’s "dashing and heroic" from all angles, which really rolled up a craze.
Zong Qing’s result was definitely miserable, but it also brought unexpected results. The northwest region, which should have attracted attention, is still as dull as before because of the impact of this news, and almost disappears from people’s field of vision. Of course, this is only a superficial phenomenon, but for the real upper level, what we see is a deeper level.
The rule of Elite Club is to compete with magical powers. The monks who are famous for their sharpness of treasures finally realize that their usual fighting power cannot guarantee their prestige in the arena. For example, the strength of Maggie and Zong Qing, if let go of the fight, I’m afraid they are not rivals. As the head of Yunhua Sect, Zong Qing has a lot of magic weapons to refresh his mind, which is far from being comparable to the Sect of Blissful Valley. However, after removing the help of foreign objects, it is not only the cultivation of mana, but also the comprehensive contest of spirit, will and mind. There is no advertisement in the whole text. I have to say that although the rules of the elite competition are not perfect, it can really be regarded as people-oriented, giving those "civilian monks" many opportunities.
As a result, the whole pattern of Jingying Club has changed. After the first day of the game, the Song family, the biggest gambling bookmaker, raised many popular odds, but it was some practice.
The odds have been reduced to varying degrees. There are too many categories to fix the truth. Those who seem to be strong often mean that their skills are well known. Under the targeted design, gutter capsizing is nothing new.
Of course, there are new things in other stadiums, but any monk who hopes to win a good ranking has more or less some connections. Zero zero always comes together, which makes the atmosphere of Elite Club popular. People, with such and such conjectures, turn their eyes to monks who love to support or hate hatred, and their enthusiasm is extremely high.
You have your own plans, and the onlookers have their own enthusiasm. For Tang Qing, the next day was particularly leisurely.
Today, he is bye-bye, and he has nothing to do except care about the fight between sunspot Ronaldinho and others. When she was free and at leisure, Tang Qing called Mei Ji out and specially asked about Blissful Valley. In name, he cares about potential opponents, but in fact, Tang Ye is just curious about the slightly coquettish title of Meggie Meggie.
This obvious vulgar idea was despised by everyone except Xinger and Shuang’er. Shuang’er pouted his mouth and kept chanting about Tang’s brother eating in a bowl and looking at the pot, typical greed and so on.
"Now girl, precocious!" With a sigh, Tang Ye has a moral gentleman’s feelings of worrying about the flowers and bones of his motherland.
"Is! Children can’t listen to this, learn embroidery from their sisters! " Shuairen took advantage of the glorious record of not being eliminated in the first round, and had the cheek to eavesdrop on the gossip. As a result, Miss Song Da took it away with her ears, apparently for fear that he would be brought down by Tang Qing, causing a full house of applause.
"Inquire about it, in case Brother Qing meets it, it’s better to have a preparation!" Only Xinger spoke for Tang Qing, which made Yan Long feel smug and guilty. I thought Tang Ye should do his duty. He has three wives, and he is so used to himself that he can’t be satisfied.
Maggie is naturally too familiar with the monks in Blissful Valley. It is a very strange clan, probably related to the national characteristics there. Women are superior to men and it is a typical matriarchal society.
As for Maggie, Maggie knows, in her words, she is a sycophant among sycophants, and she is superb in charm, which can hardly compete with Brother Yuan Ying. However, this woman knows how to keep a low profile, and she doesn’t show much. It’s normal for Zong Qing to follow her path.
In front of a group of bandits, I inquired about the characteristics of illusion. Tang Qing didn’t have the nerve to ponder deeply. He waved away a group of strong men who were eavesdropping, and summed up majestically: "It’s just a trail. If you meet Tang Ye, you must look good on her!"
"That’s right! Want her to look good! " Shuairen could still hear him, shouting from a distance.
"What’s a good opinion?" Drogba muttered his eyes, obviously hostile.
"You don’t have to ask, do the same thing to him!" Big black learned, quickly answered.
"get out!"
Xinger a roars, they cried the scattered, in panic.
"Hedong … that … ahem!" The dragon beard came again, and in the middle of the words, Tang Qing swallowed back with murderous eyes and almost choked to death. Next to Tai Sen and Rapunzel, they were blindsided, thinking that my Lord really got it, and his eyes were so powerful that he really didn’t follow the wrong person.
Even Su Yi gave the dragon beard a hard stare, and the old man thought the goods were too ignorant. How heroic Yan Long Hou is, how can he bend over for a woman! This old thing is good in everything, except that the idea that men are superior to women can’t be changed. Of course, this doesn’t mean that he is not good to his wives, but only has a sense of etiquette.
Without worry, Yan Longhou took the whole family to watch the game. Generally speaking, the second day’s events in Northwest China are relatively dull, and there are not enough highlights. Of course, this is relatively speaking, and fighting is still wonderful. However, in Yan Long’s mouth, these two goods are not on the table, but they are just cats and dogs. However, although he spoke rudely, his words were quite interesting and humorous. He heard three and a half beautiful women in high spirits, and the dragon beard had a black line on his face, so he gave up his duties directly and didn’t dare to argue with him at all.
In the afternoon, the bodybuilder’s fight began. This is the highlight of Yanlong, and several iron guards take turns to appear, followed by the crazy cries of all members, which really earned enough attention.
The result was very good, and almost everyone passed the first round smoothly. Ronaldinho is the most brilliant. With the biography of Tang Qing, he faced a strong man who was almost comparable to Mo Qing, and repeated the hurricane yesterday. The difference is the ending. That strong man can’t compare with Mo Qing. Ronaldinho got dizzy like a butterfly and was completely reduced to the role of sandbags.
This scene is very familiar to the audience, and everyone dare not shout casually this time, for fear of falling into the end of yesterday. As a result, it wasn’t until Ronaldinho stripped his opponent’s whole body joints off and paralyzed there like a broken sack that Huo Ran heard applause all day.
Ronaldinho is very talented in acting. After the fight, he made a provocative gesture in the direction of the dark blue on Tang Qing’s side, as if to tell him that being big is not a big deal, and his posture can also get you.
This scene made the audience almost crazy, shouting and cheering for Ronaldinho, and some people even booed and shouted Mo Qing’s name to let him meet the challenge. Spike soldiers are dying of laughter, only the black face is angry, if for no other reason, sunspot can’t understand why his personality is so poor, so no one is on his side.
"I really didn’t see it, this product is still a man show type!" Tang Qing criticised him as a reward for Ronaldinho’s performance.
There are also accidents. I don’t know if the old Bailey’s curse has shifted. Because of a joke by Tang Qing, Drogba really didn’t make the first round!
Can’t say no, sunspot won or won, it’s a pity that he was beaten to death, without ten days and a half months of cultivation, no matter how to also can’t have the power to fight again. As for his opponent, a mercenary will recommend the shadow member. Although his strength is extremely strong, he was eventually broken by sunspots and became disabled when he didn’t die.
Sunspots, of course, are frustrated, and the spike soldiers are even more indignant. They have asked the boss to open the back door for the lion king, and specially arrange the people who will be recommended by mercenaries for Yan Long.
"Fuck them, you sons of bitches!" Ou Yezi followed, and today he also took a bye, and came to join in the fun.
Tang Qing’s face was cold, and he had long noticed that someone had told him a few words when the other party came off. Obviously, he has great confidence in this person, suggesting that he is going to kill him.
The war also proved this point, but the other party miscalculated the strength of the sunspot and finally failed. This guy is much stronger than those who played against Tang Qing at the beginning. Otherwise, how can he not let Spike fall into this world in World War I?
Tang Ye, a shadow member, knows clearly that they are uncompromising in their pursuit of victory. Saying this coincides with Tang Ye’s teaching, but he can’t feel appreciate each other, and his heart is only full of anger.
Commanded the spirit virtual child to treat the injury for sunspots, and Tang Qing returned to his residence with a bunch of swearing players. It’s impossible to open the back door for this kind of thing, of course. However, Tang Qing knows that his first battle of monks tomorrow will be the recommendation of monks by mercenaries.