Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo are all silent.

Neither of them thought that Qingwu Zun had experienced such a thing.
To tell the truth, for Qingwuzun, those things in the past may not be good memories.
Han Xiumo has some regrets in his heart. Maybe he shouldn’t have remembered it.
But there is nothing wrong with Qing Wu Zun’s last sentence.
If you don’t know what the situation of Qingtian Yaozong is now, he will give it to Qingtian Yaozong. What’s the difference between giving it to the enemy?
Han Xiumo has no feelings for Qingtian Yaozong.
However, he has been with Qingwu Zun for so long, although he has always called Qingwu Zun a cheap master in his mouth, but he recognizes that Qingwu Zun is also a person in his heart.
He really treats Qingwu as a master.
Qingwu statue seemed to see Han Xiumo’s mind and smiled at him. "Forget it, it’s all over. Nothing can’t be said that you will return to Zongmen then. You must find out what the situation of Qingtian Medicine Sect is now."
Han Xiumo naturally agreed to come.
If there were no words from Qingwu Zun, he would have casually returned to Qingtian Medicine Sect, and something might have happened.
Chapter 51 The original is an old friend
"That is to say, you have found some continuous grass and broken orchid species in the lake and are going to go back and try to plant them?" Muqian didn’t comment on the story made up by Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo, which confirmed the fruit.
Yunmingyuan nodded "yes"
"So you don’t need our help, do you?"
"Well," Han Xiumo answered.
"Well, then you continue to be busy." Muqian hung up directly after confirming the situation.
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo glances are somewhat unexpected. "Mu Qian’s predecessors don’t look like such highly effective people."
Yunmingyuan also don’t know what to say at the moment.
But it solved one thing.
"Senior and Gu Daoyou are both wise people, and they need to believe whatever we say is true or false."
Come on, it’s one less trouble not to help them.
Mu Qian and Gu Ru are already happy.
This is indeed the case.
Muqian really breathed a sigh of relief after determining Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo’s all right.
In the period of annihilation, there are still some good things beyond his imagination. It is indeed some waves to help Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo find sustainable grass and clean orchid when they want to take them out.
He is naturally relieved that he doesn’t do this now.
Moreover, I really want to say that Mu Qian and Yun Mingyuan came here to pay off the money and goods. When I came out to help, I wanted a Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo.
It doesn’t matter if you can’t help now
After all, things may not develop as he wants.
the other side
The news that Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo were selling fairy clouds finally reached Tian Shu Hospital.
Fairy clouds have many functions. Nowadays, there are a lot of disadvantages in the means of communication in the fix-true world. For example, almost all messages are one-off. If a photo stone is slower to deliver messages and it is absolutely impossible to do so, it will receive messages.
And Xianyun doesn’t know how to do it. Obviously, there is no such trouble.
I bought a fairy cloud order. Although I can come and have a fairy cloud, if I buy one for my relatives and friends, doesn’t it mean that I can connect at any time?
Even now, it is enough to connect in the secret world.
There are countless treasures in the secret world.
Many people just miss the opportunity again and again because they are not well informed.
If you have Xian Yunling, you can give the news to your friends as soon as possible …
Which mean that their chances of get a chance will be greatly increased!
Thought of here, no one can resist not to buy a fairy cloud.
Soon Yunmingyuan’s hand accumulated a fairy cloud order and it was sold.
And Tian Shu courtyard is not liked by people because it often tells the truth, or a younger brother accidentally discovered that something like this actually appeared in the secret world where Xian Yunling knew it.
They were all very surprised.
In today’s world, Tian Xiao Zong and Lian Shi Association are the best in refining devices, but this fairy cloud also has a somewhat multiplier, but it doesn’t feel like Tian Xiao Zong and Lian Shi Association are still a loose repair. Take it out and let them get surprised immediately.
Soon, a busybody will not hesitate to use his strength to count his fingers …
If nothing is worked out.
This matter soon reached the old ears of Dean Tian Shu.
This elder has only recently entered Zongmen, and he also comes from Tian Shu Hospital in the Middle World. Some people were very angry with this elder at first.
But I can’t hold on to this really talented clan. He knows almost all the classics.
Even most things calculated by the human method can be seen by the elder, which means that if they don’t want to be shaken off by the elder, they’d better be honest and obedient.
The elder who just entered Zongmen, that is, from Xianyun Sect, used to be the most mysterious elder of Xianyun Sect. A hole of Mu Qing did not expect to rely on the stuff in Zongmen after entering the new Zongmen, which was actually a trick to catch someone else’s handle.
He has some nai.
But this is something that can’t be helped.
It’s normal for others not to be angry when they first enter Zongmen.
He will be looked down upon if he doesn’t take measures.
So he couldn’t go the usual way from the beginning.
Fortunately, he soon gained a firm foothold in Zongmen.
And because he felt that the pure land might be accompanied by an old friend’s chance, and at the same time he had some vague foreboding, he volunteered to lead the team into the pure land.
I didn’t expect the old friends in the secret land to be Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo.
Among them, the chance should be that the opportunity and the danger are cracked at the same time.
Because of the concession of the other four clans, the initiative to establish a trial at the location of the time crack has almost been taken by Tian Shu Institute.