It’s the strength of the lunar moonlight.

When the light flashed, a piece of jade with blue light appeared in Xing Xuan’s hand. A piece of blue contained white floc, and with a slight flick, there was a tinkling sound, which was the specialty of the four seas-Haiyun Longwangyu.
Xing Xuan’s body is black and white, and he dips his hand in the silvery moonlight, and points towards the jade of the Dragon King with sea rhyme, and the jade becomes bright, and a thin line appears in the jade.
Xing Xuan dipped his finger in the lunar moonlight. A thin line with black in it and white in it flew out of his hand, attached to the jade block and slowly penetrated into it.
Different from the past refining multiplier, Xing Xuan’s refining this magic weapon this time is surprisingly meticulous, and the thin lines are carefully portrayed, full of chaotic Yin and Yang forces.
Wait until all the thin lines are drawn. Tail to tail The jade of the Dragon King of Haiyun suddenly flickered, and the sea water around Longxingxuan suddenly surged up. A series of silvery lights flew out of the sea water, like Changhong absorbing water, flying towards the jade. Drill into the jade block and disappear.
This situation lasted for three hours. At the end, the bright light gradually becomes sparse. The jade piece once again shows the true color of the blue pool, but the white wadding band in the middle disappears and is replaced by countless small arrays of symbols.
Xing Xuan once again runs the chaos of Yin and Yang in his body, and the true sun fire gradually emerges in his hand, constantly roasting around the jade block. Gradually, the true red sun fire also melts into the jade block, burning all the thin lines on the edge of the array, so that they can be integrated with the jade block, and no trace of law can be seen any more. Then, the flame suddenly increases, and only a crack is heard, and the jade block changes its shape and forms an ellipse.
Xing Xuan held out her hand and fished it into the sea. Suddenly, she fished up the starlight that fell into the sea, and a pinch of it in her hand formed a star chain, which was saved on the Yu Pei. At this point, a perfect Yu Pei was successfully refined.
Do the same thing, Xing Xuan spent another three days refining the other two identical Yu Pei, saved them with a star chain, and returned to the Linxi Palace.
At this time, the Three Clouds Empress, accompanied by Zi Rui and Black Moon, visited all the water army demon soldiers in Linxi Palace, and was full of praise after finishing. The strength of Linxi Palace was really remarkable. If it had been such a water army led by her brother Zhao Gongming, even if her strategy was not as good as that of Mao Xiaoyu, it would not have been disastrous, and even she lost herself in the end.
I was about to return to the living room when the light flashed, but Long Xingxuan came back.
Long Xingxuan picked up three Yu Pei, respectfully in the hands of three empress, said:
"There is nothing of value in Linxi Palace. Long Xingxuan has made these three little things for days, honoring the three empresses, and please don’t make jokes!"
That Yunxiao, Bixiao and Qiongxiao have lived in the Heavenly Palace for a long time, and they have never seen anything. They didn’t expect Long Xingxuan to send anything they didn’t expect. They saw three unremarkable Yu Pei. Although they wondered why Long Xingxuan had to spend a few days making such a thing himself, it was not good to make fun of Long Xingxuan again in front of Zi Rui, Black Moon and others. They each took Yu Pei and hung it on the jade neck.
"Things have also been delivered, and we have also traveled to Linxi Palace. We should go, too. Gouchen the Great, Zirui Fairy, Black Moon Fairy … we are leaving!" As the three Empresses spoke, they walked out. Indeed, it is not easy to go to the next heaven. In the celestial world, there are indeed many sisters they used to see. The time spent in Linxi Palace these days is indeed a little long.
"Three Empresses, walk slowly!" Long Xingxuan personally sent the palace.
At this moment, Qiong Xiao smiled, looked at Long Xingxuan with a wonderful eye, and said to Long Xingxuan, "No wonder the Dragon Patriarch likes girls so much. It turns out that he likes to send decorations to girls. Hehe, this Yu Pei is really beautiful, but if you want to win our sister’s heart, you need to work harder!"
That Qiong Xiao actually knows the popular things in the human world.
Long Xingxuan was really helpless to these three Empresses. He gave a quick laugh and then said to them, "Long Xingxuan will never do anything meaningless. Don’t lose this jade on the three Empresses, and don’t take it off your neck. Remember, remember!"
Three clouds empress is what kind of person, for hundreds of thousands of years, listen to Long Xingxuan words, each couldn’t help heart in a surprised, faintly, they also felt a little danger is slowly close to yourself, but what is the danger, three empress exhausted capability to display the foresight achievement method, but can’t foresee it, now listen to Long Xingxuan, just understand Long Xingxuan exhausted heart to make Yu Pei for three people, but it turned out to be another meaning.
However, Qiong Xiao was still unforgiving, and said to Xing Xuan, "How dare we three sisters be ungrateful for the kindness of Emperor Chen? The Emperor can rest assured that we will wear this Yu Pei day and night!"
Xing Xuan knew that Empress Sanxiao had understood her meaning by now, so he didn’t say anything more. He sent Empress Sanxiao above the sea and watched them fly to the depths of the sea and gradually disappeared.
Yunxiao, Bixiao and Qiongxiao flew out of the East China Sea and landed on a desert island. Yunxiao said, "I didn’t expect that this Long Xingxuan turned out to be a person who thanked him for his kindness. When his third sister married him, he was so concerned that he personally built these three Yu Pei for us. I just don’t know what is mysterious about these three Yu Pei!"
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Empress Bi Xiao nodded and said, "This Long Xingxuan is really confusing. You say he is cruel and vicious. Sometimes, it is true. However, he often does good deeds, which is puzzling!"
"It’s interesting to have your own principles by hook or by crook. Our sisters might as well get closer to this Gouchen emperor in the future and see what stories he has?" Empress Qiong Xiao also said at this time.
"Ha ha!"
"Hee hee!"
Yunxiao and Bixiao laughed almost at the same time. Qiong Xiao laughed and asked:
"Why do the two sisters laugh for no reason?"
"We are laughing at your infatuation. Could it be that Empress Qiong Xiao, who has endured for thousands of years, is also going to be emotional, and what do you want to do with the Great Gouchen?" The two Empresses smiled and said to Qiong Xiao.
It turned out that the voice of Qiong Xiao and Long Xingxuan were all eavesdropped by them.
Qiong Xiao’s pretty face suddenly turned red, and she raised her hand and called at her two sisters, shouting, "You two are really bad, and my sister makes fun of you!"
Yunxiao and Bixiao hurried to escape, and ran forward, while Qiongxiao offered a sacrifice in the back and arrested them.
The three of them laughed all the way and flew in the direction of Sanxian Island.
Before the deification, the three fairy islands were originally within the four seas, but then the sky fell down, and the six practitioners were divided into six skies. They each took the original fairy land on the earth, and the three fairy islands were moved to the celestial world, still in the east of the East China Sea.
The East China Sea is boundless, and the east of the East China Sea is even more endless. After thousands of years of exhibition, the fairy spirit has bred and multiplied, and it has long been out of the scope of Zhenyuan Daxian’s rebuilding of the fire, water and wind, and it has become far-reaching. The three empresses just followed the memory of tens of thousands of years ago, but at that time, where can they find traces?

Chapter three hundred and nine Beautiful false body
I don’t know how long I’ve been flying at sea. On this day, the three Empresses only saw the splendor and blue sky in front of them, and a fairy island appeared in front of them.
Rows of waves dashed towards the island and retreated, immediately revealing huge, black pebbles, which were sent there one by one, just like huge turtle eggs.
The terracotta-red, yellow rock wall with faults like pages appears above those huge pebbles, bare, hot and looming, which is exactly Sanxian Island!
The eyes of the three Empresses have been wet for thousands of years. I didn’t expect that the three fairy islands were still there, and Zhenyuan Daxian actually kept them intact.
The three Empresses flew down from the sky at the same time, touching the black pebbles and kissing the bare page-shaped rock. A drop of crystal tears trickled down and fell on the rock. The rock suddenly cracked, and from it grew one delicate and stubborn plant after another, which bloomed with blue, white and red flowers.
"I don’t know if our abode of fairies and immortals is still there, and are the boys still there?" That Qiong Xiao wiped a handful of tears and said.
"It’s been hundreds of thousands of years, and there are still boys who will stay and wait for you. I’m afraid I’ve already found other places and practiced alone!" Yunxiao Niangniang smiled sadly. The most ruthless thing is the years. After practicing for ten thousand years, it can’t stop the passage of time. When I think about it, although practicing is going against the sky, there are always things that can’t be reversed, such as this time, this time, this passing bit by bit, and memories, which are just stinging for a while. The six cleanness advocated by Western Buddhism is just an evasive method. Escape from this can’t control time helplessly.
"Look around, it’s not easy to come here!" The blue clouds empress is also said.
"Three younger sisters, I figured you would go to heaven in the near future, and you would definitely go back to this old place to have a look, so I waited here specially, and sure enough, you came!" Just at this time, on the peak of the island. A soft voice came slowly.
The three Empresses looked up at the same time. Look over the mountain peak.
"No virgin?" Three people cried at the same time.
The man’s silk dress, where he stood, was full of light, and it was an old acquaintance. The Madonna who studied law at Biyou Palace in those days.
"Notre dame, I didn’t think it was you. Oh, I’m so happy. I’m afraid it’s been 500 thousand years since the gods were sealed! " That Qiong Xiao rushed to the virgin with excitement.
"It will be 500,000 years soon. The sun and the moon fly by, and time flies!" The "Notre Dame" was also filled with emotion, and went down from the mountain, with open arms, and hugged the three Empresses.
Yunxiao and Bixiao were also very excited. They followed Qiong Xiao and ran towards the Notre Dame. When the four sisters met, there were endless words to say. The Notre Dame had disappeared since the battle of sealing the gods. The three Empresses really wanted to ask where she had been all these years and whether she had been good or bad.
Qiong Xiao, who was running in front, was getting closer and closer to the virgin. At this time, Yu Pei in the neck suddenly showed a red light and slammed it towards the virgin.
Qiong Xiao couldn’t help exclaiming with a loud "Ah", trying to stop it, but she didn’t know how to use the power that Long Xingxuan gave her in Yu Pei, and watched the red light hit the virgin.
"Ha, ha, ha, what a lovely girl! You have learned to play along and keep quiet. I was wrong this time!" The "Notre Dame" burst into laughter, and then revealed its true colors. Where is the Notre Dame? It turned out to be a monster shrouded in blood fog, with a height of several feet and a huge black nine-knot whip in his hand, which drove thousands of yin qi and smashed it towards the Three Empress.