With a bang, the cup in Jiri Mutu’s hand was smashed to pieces. Isn’t that what happened to the grassland plague? How can he appear in Yecheng in the summer? He is not concerned about the life and death of Nangong Jinyu, but that if Nangong Jinyu dies, his hopes will be wasted. I hope that Nangong Jinyu is right and he can treat this plague himself.

At the same time, Bai Qiaoming, who had no knowledge of it, was also frightened to disgrace. How severe the plague on the grassland was, if it broke out in Yecheng, I would really be ashamed to face the whole North Yan, young and old, and I am afraid it would be hard to say if I met my father in the future.
"Eldest brother, take it easy. The cause of the matter has not been found out yet. I’d better take a trip. After all, as the backbone of Beiyan, you will be in trouble if something happens." MuQingFeng hurriedly got up to stop Bai Qiaoming action, by the way, gave him a look be calm.
I don’t know why I saw Mu Qingfeng gesturing to myself, and Bai Qiaoming felt a sense of peace. Since Mu Qingfeng took the initiative to take things down, it shows that everything is still under control.
Mu Qingfeng took Mu Chongshan to the place where Jin Yu was in Nangong. On the way, he gently said to Mu Chongshan, "Brother Mu, keep an eye on the surroundings. I think Zhou Huo must be trying to find an antidote now. As long as the antidote appears, we must ensure that it falls into our hands."
Mu Chongshan nodded, and when people were not looking, a team left by flicker.
At this time, the camp of Nanyue Wangfu directly became a mess. Zhou Huo, as a hundred-legged teacher, naturally knew that this situation of Nangong Jinyu was injured by his own method insect, and he was originally suspected to be Liu Liangchen’s hand, because only he was given a poisonous insect by Nangong Jinyu, but now the reputation of Ling Wangzi was poisoned, and Zhou Huo knew all about the characteristics of the method insect. A method insect can only bite one person, so he cleared Liu Liangchen’s suspicion.
Now, the biggest problem is that the antidote is on the people of Poison Sect. Nangong Jinyu has always been cautious, for fear that things will be exposed, so the poisonous insect and antidote are kept separately, which also leads to why Nangong Jinyu can’t get treatment in the first time. In fact, after Zhou Huo left, there was no movement of Nangong Jinyu for a long time, until she finally couldn’t help but go and check it out, only to find that something was wrong.
"General He, you take care of Prince Shizi. Everyone else is scared. Only you know whether this plague will be contagious, so you take care of Prince Shizi first. This is an emergency medicine for our 100-foot Sect, which should alleviate the illness. I’m going to find the poison clan." Now, Zhou Huo has no one to trust.
Looking at Zhou Huo’s far-away figure, Liu Liangchen secretly read it in psychology. Brother, brother, you must seize this opportunity, otherwise your brother and I will waste so much effort.
MuQingFeng a line of people bumbling came to the front of the camp gate, see Mr Zhou was not good to leave here, I knew he must be looking for an antidote, looked at him worried, I knew that the probability of success for Mu Chongshan was very high.
Mu Chongshan is quietly waiting for its prey like a latent cheetah outside. God helps those who help themselves. When he saw Zhou Huo in a hurry, he knew that he was getting closer and closer to success. He quietly followed Zhou Huo, and there were many people during the day, plus Zhou Huo was distracted, so he didn’t find Mu Chongshan behind him at all.
After Zhou Huo left for about an hour, in a small forest outside Yecheng, the poisonous people finally appeared.
"Angel’s adult exactly what happened, why did you let me come here with the antidote to the method of insect to meet you, not to take it out until the last minute? How did His Highness Prince Shizi fall into our trap? " The poisonous man wore a veil and asked in a low voice.
"Don’t mention it, our method of insect may be leaked. Please inform our congregation on the grassland quickly and let them be careful not to fall into the enemy’s hands, if necessary …" Although Zhou Huo didn’t finish, the meaning was really obvious.
"Adult rest assured, we went to the grassland are ready to sacrifice at any time, will not be an accident. This is the antidote you requested. Please take care of it for adults. Here is another one. It was poisoned by adults to let me bring it to you to prevent accidents. In case of another accident, you can also … "Before the messenger words of Poison Sect were finished, I found that Zhou Huo’s face was ugly.
"Who do you poison people look down upon? Why do you want to bring two antidotes? Don’t worry about accidents. Do you think that Zhou Huo is eating for nothing? " Zhou disaster flew into a rage.
In fact, people who are poisoned by others are also well-intentioned, but for Zhou Huo, who has been having a bad time recently, he feels discriminated against.
"Adults calm down, I never meant it. Adults don’t like our arrangement, so I just take the antidote back." Poison sufferers are nervous, because he knows that this person in front of them is not generally scary when he gets angry.
"Roll for me, tell your master, handle your own affairs well, and leave us alone! The provincial dog meddles with the mouse! " After Zhou Huo got the antidote, he left angrily.
Seeing some bewildered messengers, Mu Chongshan knew his chance had come.
become reconciled
To tell the truth, Zhou Huo’s arrangement is exactly what Mu Chongshan wants, because Mu Chongshan knows that Zhou Huo is the best choice in both martial arts and mind. Except for his temper, he is really not 100% sure of his sneak attack on the way, but the poison man made his own decision and brought two antidote, which gave him an opportunity. You know that the poison man is terrible and goes unnoticed. Now walking in broad daylight like this is undoubtedly the fat that is sent to his mouth.
Mu Chongshan hung tightly behind the messenger. In terms of Mu Chongshan’s skill, he was absolutely sure that he would not be found. When he got to a quieter place, maybe the messenger was a little tired after days of traveling. He went straight to a prominent rock and took the water bag directly from his waist after sitting on it. It seems that he is going to take a break.
At the moment when the messenger looked up and drank water, Mu Chongshan fell down from the tree quietly like a Owlman, and his hand was his most fierce trick "no string knife strength". This move is full of strength, and you can almost hear the sound of surprises inside. Poisonous people are not deaf, and naturally they hear the noise. Unfortunately, the martial arts of poisonous people are not outstanding, which is just the kung fu of poisoning. There is no hope for such close combat. At the moment when he put down the water bag, "no string knife strength" had already cut his neck, and blood was sprayed everywhere like a fountain. Mu Chongshan quietly looked at the headless body in front of him, killing civilians indiscriminately in order to achieve his own goals. I have no mercy, what’s more, Mu Chongshan himself spent some time in the grassland, and those enthusiastic herders left a good impression on himself, which is even revenge.
After the blood of the corpse was sprayed out, Mu Chongshan searched his corpse carefully, and sure enough, he found the same medicine bottle in his auditorium. Mu Chongshan took off the plug, and a fragrant gas spewed out, which was clear and clear. It seems that this is the antidote. Now that his task has been successful, Mu Chongshan did not dare to stay more. After dealing with the body of the poisoned person, he hurried directly to Yecheng. Although the place just now is in the deep mountains and forests, most people won’t go there, but I don’t know how many things are harmful to people in the poison clan. If we just let it go, we may even have problems.
At the same time, Zhou Huo finally returned to Nangong Jinyu’s side before things got out of hand. At this time, Nangong Jinyu was beyond recognition. If Nangong Jinyu is sane now and sees his appearance, it is estimated that he has always loved beauty and committed suicide.
Zhou Huo broke the swollen lips of Nangong Jinyu, and sent the pills in his hand to his mouth. When he saw the pills enter his stomach with his swallowing action, Zhou Huo often lost a bite. At present, he is finally out of danger. The next step is to find the initiator of this matter, but Zhou Huo is confused about this issue. Who knows about the method of insect?
MuQingFeng know the nangongshan jinyu is self-inflicted, so just to go through the motions, in order to make people believe that they and the nangongshan jinyu don’t deal with and better lurk for Liu Liangchen, he even had a big fight with Liu Liangchen outside the house, if it weren’t for snow lotus son deliberately pretending to be Indiana to pull the two people apart, almost everyone next to him would think that they were going to meet each other.
Mu Qingfeng and Liu Liangchen’s farce ended when Mu Chongshan appeared. When he saw Mu Chongshan’s relaxed smile, Mu Qingfeng knew that he had succeeded. Now the most important thing is to see if the antidote can be copied and produced on a large scale. Only the flower fairy Lin can explain it. When he thought of meeting Zhuo Nongyue again, Mu Qingfeng’s heart was like knocking over a five-flavor bottle. He wanted to find an excuse to let Xuelian go back first. But seeing Xue Lianer’s firm eyes and pursed mouth, Mu Qingfeng felt hopeless. How could Xue Lianer, who has always been narrow-minded in this respect, allow herself to meet the chess fairy who is somewhat ambiguous with herself?
Since Snow Lotus insisted on following, there was nothing she could do. After three days of cooling, Zhuo Nongyue and Lin Jieyu should also be sensible. Of course, the chess fairy is to say that what really bothers Mu Qingfeng is the flower fairy Lin Jieyu. Last time, she took a grassland person and threatened Snow Lotus to leave herself. That time she was really angry.
When he arrived at the inn, Mu Qingfeng inquired about the room where Zhuo Nongyue and Lin Jieyu were located. It turned out that Zhuo Nongyue had told him in advance that if anyone wanted to find himself, just tell him the location.
Go to the room on the second floor, MuQingFeng instead of some hesitation, don’t know how to speak, as luck would have it, perhaps ZhuoNongYue bored going out for a walk, as a result, opened the door, I found MuQingFeng hesitated outside.
"Mu childe …"
"Zhuo fairy …"
Seeing that the two men were talking almost at the same time, as if they had a heart in mind, Xuelian felt a strong vinegar smell spread in her chest. She quietly pulled Mu Qingfeng and said, "Idiot, didn’t you get the antidote? I haven’t given them a look at Fairy Zhuo. You know, this is what the senior brother and Mu Dage have worked so hard to get. "
Zhuonongyue saw Muqingfeng and Xuelian clasping their fingers. Although she was ready, there was a wave in her heart. Since this woman was demonstrating to herself, she had better get out as soon as possible.
"I didn’t expect that Mu Gongzi could actually get the antidote. I’ll call my school sister here. You two might as well sit inside for a while. I think with my school sister’s medical skills and opinions, the problem of formula will definitely be solved." ZhuoNongYue made a gesture of please inside.
Seeing Zhuo Nongyue walking towards the inner room, Mu Qingfeng smiled helplessly and said to Xue Lianer, who looked at her cub, "You can let go now. You know, I’m almost ruined by you. You know, I have this good arm."
"It’s good to know that you’ve been my man all your life. It’s impossible to separate from me. When the plague is solved this time, we’ll get married immediately. I’ll see where you are going." Snow Lotus also deliberately showed her little tiger teeth and pretended to be very fierce.
MuQingFeng heard this words some in distress situation, he had a strong feeling of robbing the commoners, of course, he was like a famous woman, and pretended to be fierce like a bully.
"Give me the antidote! If you want to kiss me, I’ll go out, don’t affect my work, and a certain prince in the province will be righteous with the family again! " A cold voice broke their tenderness.
Don’t ask, who but Lin Jieyu can lose face like this? Last time, the little girl didn’t have Sun Jiyan’s face brushed in public, and naturally she wouldn’t have a good face. Plus, her teacher elder sister also taught herself at that time, so in her eyes, Mu Qingfeng is no different from an enemy, not to mention a rival of the teacher elder sister, Snow Lotus.
"Forgive me, Fairy. Last time, Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture was a little anxious, so I made a wrong order. I’ll make amends to you. You see, our feud has been cleared. What do you think, Fairy?" Muqingfeng also felt that she had gone too far the other day. After all, she spent a lot of time in Huaxin Square. Naturally, she knew the temperament of Flower Fairy, and she could never do anything about from ruin. At that time, she was just angry.
"Dare not, little girl without talent and virtue, where dare to stand the gift of His Royal Highness the king? Isn’t there an antidote? Cut the crap and get it quickly. Are you here to catch up today? " The flower fairy stretched out her little white hand without looking at Mu Qingfeng.
Seeing Lin Jieyu like this, Muqingfeng smiled helplessly. It seems that for a while, it will be impossible to reconcile with this unruly and willful flower fairy. Fortunately, with Zhuo Longyue’s instructions, the antidote should be settled. Before it is too late, Muqingfeng quickly took out the antidote that Mu Chongshan snatched back.
As soon as I opened the lid, Lin Jieyu smelled a faint scent, and couldn’t help saying, "It smells good. It seems that this antidote must be related to Baicao. Fortunately, girl, I have been familiar with the medicinal properties since childhood, so I think I can tell it. You wait here first, and I will go back to my house to study it."
Seeing such an antidote greatly aroused Lin Jieyu’s interest, even without quarreling with Mu Qingfeng, he trotted into the inner room directly, and pushed Zhuo Langyue out directly with his backhand.
"Well, when my sister is studying hard, I don’t want to be disturbed by people …" Zhuo Nongyue explained awkwardly that her sister knew this problem because of her size, not to mention herself, but even Ningluoge had to be kicked out here.
Now three people are sitting directly on the table in the outhouse, and the atmosphere is extremely embarrassing. Snow lotus son a face of hostility, for fear that in front of people take their sweetheart; Zhuo Nongyue seems calm, but did she betray her heart by secretly looking at Mu Qingfeng? As for Mu Qingfeng, that is the most restless one. In order to hide his helplessness, he had to stare at the beam of the roof for a while. The expression was simply invincible, as if there was a naked beauty on the beam.
"He is so stupid with you at ordinary times? What’s so beautiful about the beams of the house? " Snow lotus son still can’t help but speak, although the person in front of him is his rival in love, but this two days have to let snow lotus son admire, ask yourself, at the very least, you can’t do it so calmly.
"Yes, he is often so stupid at ordinary times, and I don’t know what we see in him." ZhuoNongYue said with a smile, after all, snow lotus first revealed the friendly meaning.
"This idiot is rude. My sister didn’t know that when we first met, he was going to kill me. If it weren’t for my sister’s martial arts skills, I’m afraid I would be killed by this bastard?" Xuelian said with a smile.