As long as it is delayed for ten years and eight years, Tang Qing has plenty of local resettlement. Consider the very distant future now. At best, it’s called foresight; at worst, it’s asking for trouble. Besides, at the beginning, when Tang Qing left a scene of a bully is always coward, he claimed that he would go to settle accounts with them. The old guy replied that it was justified, and he was alert and secretly relieved.

It means that he thinks he will meet Tang Qing again sooner or later. However, from another angle, does it also mean that only Tang Qing can find him, and it is difficult for him to break through the ground?
No matter what, it’s okay for the time being, that’s enough.
Carefully measure the spatial coordinates, and specially ask Jing Xuan to check it again. Tang Qing was reassured. Arrange the transmission array properly, and wait for the return trip with peace of mind and anxiety …
Three days later, Yungu and the emptiness came, and after meeting Tang Qing, she could not help but admire again. Today’s Jinxiu Valley, to put it bluntly, is really like an iron bucket. No matter the strength or the means of protection, it is far from the general clan. Tang Qing has been alone for a year, and it is really speechless to play such an inheritance.
According to Tang Qing’s reminder, Yungu and his wife did not show anything in front of their dumb mother-in-law. After giving the rainbow to her for inspection, she still stayed with Yungu. I can see you, the dumb mother-in-law has an excellent impression of Yungu. Although she still didn’t speak, her flat face smiled, which made Tang Qing unhappy.
"I still have to fix it for high. My fist is small and I have no human rights."
Before he left, Tang Qing left Ouyang, Sanqiao, Biyun and Chang Gongyuan behind. Everyone else, go home with him. Ouyang should strive to improve his cultivation and prepare to replace Ling Xuzi in charge of saving the world. Sanqiao has similar needs, and the special situation of Biyun is not suitable for moving away from home. As for Jinxiu Valley, there is a regular palace far away to control the array, which is unbreakable without the help of a big monk, and the safety is guaranteed.
Under the water, Yungu and others shook their heads and sighed after looking at the stone pillars at the bottom of the lake. The secret of this place is of great importance to Tianyouxing. However, they all know that this matter is best limited to four people in the field. The siren is Tang Qing’s pet beast and there is no need to worry at all. If it is leaked out, if a good person does not know the weight to treasure, in case he touches something he shouldn’t, the result is unimaginable.
Considering the unpredictable consequences, the two deities joined hands and blessed many bans in the stone pillars. I don’t know if it’s useful or not, but I always want to feel at ease. According to Yungu’s consideration, if the alliance with Chener can be negotiated, it is best to invite Ziyang real people to come here, to cultivate the strength of the peak of God, and personally cast spells to increase the seal and add some protection.
"Tell it to my mother-in-law." Tang Qing speculated in her heart and secretly looked at her mother-in-law’s expression. As expected, it was still flat.
"Although magnate gold is precious, it can’t compare with the safety of the whole Tianyouxing. It is not easy for small people to plan for the whole world and curb greed and resentment. "
When he was busy with everything, he didn’t forget to praise Tang Qing. He was flattered and his impression of the big monk changed a lot.
Finally, it is the question of how to go. The high-grade transmission array does not mean that there are many people who can transmit. This transmission array can only accommodate three people at a time. Every transmission, it is estimated that the best lingshi will be consumed by one fifth. With such a large cost, it is of course necessary to make the best use of everything, and it is impossible for everyone to experience the pleasure of super-long transmission.
No problem for others, two big deities plus dumb mother-in-law, and even Tang Qing, whatever you think, you have to put another one together. This is annoying. The dumb mother-in-law doesn’t speak at all. Obviously, it is absolutely impossible for her to accept giving her life and death to others.
In the end, emptiness grabbed ahead of Yungu and volunteered to get into Tang Qing’s "pocket". The big monk solemnly declared that as a Buddhist, he should have the spirit of feeding eagles and tigers. As the saying goes, I am not as good as hell, and whoever goes to hell, besides, as a Buddhist of Yihua, Tang Qing is honest and loyal, and will not make fun of the national luck.
"When you big ye Tang Ye agreed, I hope you will be smoked to death by Gollum. Rely on "aggrieved thinking in my heart, Tang Qingzui repeatedly praised the master. You are really the savior of the people, the model of our generation, and the example that the masses should follow. Hearing the dumb mother-in-law in a cold sweat, she also got a reward from Yungu.
With the rise of a glow, the ancient transmission array regained its vitality, and the space seemed to be isolated under the dense brilliance. If you look from the outside, the figure in the transmission array is clearly visible, but there is a feeling that you can’t touch it. As if it came from another interface, it has not yet fully integrated into this space, which is mysterious and incomparable.
When the transmission array is fully started, Tang Qing raises her hand and gently grasps it in time to put away the four best lingshi.
"Yan Long Tang Ye is back" looked at the increasingly blurred scene around him, and Tang Qing’s eyes were blurred, with agitation and longing in his eyes, muttering to himself.
Chapter four hundred and eighty-four: Return!

Chapter 485: Is it a chance encounter? Or fate?
Chapter 485: Is it a chance encounter? Or fate?
Highland continent, monster mountain range. &&
It’s called the monster mountain range. In other words, it means a little monster house. Its meaning is nothing more than reminding people that this is not their place to live. If you disturb it, you will bear the consequences.
Hundreds of mountains are generally said. Among the endless monster mountain ranges, there are far more than 100,000 hills, and the topography is not only mountains. If you look down from space with an astronomical mirror, there are all kinds of rivers, grasslands, canyons and swamps in this vast area. Just because the monster beast and poisonous insects are so fierce that few humans can live in them, they get this rather fierce name.
Like here.
A meadow, like green Wang Yang, is surrounded by mountains, accompanied by the light glow of Guang Chen mist, like a paradise. However, in the seemingly harmonious water and grass, there are endless dangers lurking. Only by walking into it in person can we realize how desperate and helpless it is to be surrounded by countless evil mosquitoes, leeches, jumping cockroaches, poisonous snakes and even mud crocodiles.
It’s not too far away from the area where the orcs live. Occasionally, there will be teams of orcs exploring for treasure or killing monsters. Generally speaking, however, they would rather walk along the mountains on both sides than step into this seemingly vibrant wetland.
Flying? Die the fastest, no one will choose like this.
It has a very resounding name-Death Swamp.
Although the swamp is big, there is always a boundary. There is a mountain on the border, a mansion in the mountain, a secret room in the cave house, and a small transmission array in the secret room.
During the intense brilliance, the figures of Tang Qing, Yun Gu and dumb mother-in-law gradually emerged. With a groaning sigh, after a year and three months, Tang Qing once again set foot on this land.
Before his voice settled, or even before he could fully see the scene around him, Tang Qing was like a duck holding her throat and suddenly became dumbfounded.
Staring at the three "people" opposite, Tang Qing was startled at first, and then thundered, "How dare you, bold fanatic, molest underage boys?"
The dumb mother-in-law stumbled and had a narrow squeak. The flat face twitched strangely several times, and it was hard to contain the impulse of syncope. On the contrary, Yungu is more adapted to his upset, just smiled and stopped talking, letting this guy play tricks with his temper.
"Probably returning to my hometown, I am too excited and want to relax." Cloud gu thought, with a finger, Fiona Fang hundred meters of space into a cage.
As long as the spirit swept away, Yungu easily noticed that there was almost no one in the vicinity of more than a hundred miles. There are two orcs struggling to survive in the swamp, and the rest are these three equally stunned "humans".
Naturally, we can’t let them go until we know the truth. As for how to handle the interrogation, Yungu believes that Tang Qing is better at it than himself, and wait and see how he performs.
A monk Yuan Ying, an orc warrior, and an orc child, about twelve or thirteen years old. Of course, this is just an appearance. The age of a beast man is like a monk, and it cannot be easily judged from his appearance. It is not surprising that some orcs of special races are still in their infancy.
Before coming, Tang Qing introduced the general situation of Chena and the surrounding two countries. Usually, this combination is obviously very strange. Even if there are monks and orcs who don’t hate each other, it is difficult to combine them for treasure hunting exploration.
In the sight of these three people, obviously after a fight. There are many bodies around that have not been destroyed, both humans and orcs, and monks and priests are complete. The situation is fierce.
"Treasure hunt and then kill each other?" Tang Qing thought about it and shouted at the old man Yuan Ying: "Old guy, I said you are too shameless to kill people, so why are you stripping people’s clothes?" Or an orc boy. "
The present situation is really a little weird. Brother Yuanying has fine eyebrows and long eyes, and three long beards under his jaw, which makes him look handsome. Although he is slightly injured and his breath is somewhat declining and unstable, he is still gentle and graceful. However, its actions at this time are really dirty. With one hand, he conjured up the dense ghost claws, carrying the little boy with the characteristics of Ryan clan, and with the other hand, he was pulling down his clothes and decorations one by one. Look at this posture, it seems that he is not going to do good things.
The little boy has no ability to struggle, but his face is awe-inspiring and full of stubbornness and biting. Blonde hair is fluffy and messy, and the lion’s nose, which has gradually taken shape, is wheezing and panting. His eyes are glued to the old man and his eyes are bitter.
There is also a Ryan warrior next to him, probably a boy’s guard or something, half lying on the ground and seriously injured. Its body is magnificent, almost on a par with sunspots. There are several deep claw marks on its chest, and its internal organs can almost be seen. The whole body is filled with blood and water, and it is already dying. Even so, this guy is still struggling to stand up desperately, but he is a loyal servant.
It seems that without the appearance of Tang Qing’s gang, the ending is doomed. No matter how tenacious these two orcs are, they can’t escape death in the end. Perhaps the old man wanted to search for something, but he didn’t want the child to die easily, so he didn’t use the technique of searching for souls.
Tang Qing has no intention of saving the orcs. From the heart, he must be slightly biased towards human monks. However, seeing such a scene, the official Tang couldn’t help but get a little angry. He thought that you, a monk with a baby, have 10,000 ways to achieve your goal. Why bother to deal with a child with such shameless means? It is too beneath my dignity as a human being.
For these three people, the appearance of Tang Qing and others is undoubtedly an incredible nightmare. This is true for the old man, and it is also true for the orc master and servant.
The orcs were overjoyed to find that someone had appeared in the transmission array, thinking that things might turn around. However, when they saw it, there were still several human monks, and their hearts were like a boulder, and they were more desperate.
Yuan Ying’s elder also felt desperate. Tang Qinghe dumb mother-in-law doesn’t matter, Yungu gave him too much shock. Don’t say that seeing through cultivation means that with a finger, he can’t even mobilize his spiritual power, let alone cast any magical spells. In the surrounding space, it seems that it has become a tangled rope, and the original majestic ghost claws have disappeared without even making a sound. And the treasure of life’s core monuments in his body crawled in the abdomen, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make any response.
"Even if the other person is a big monk, he can’t be so deified?" The idea surfaced and the old man almost cried.
What made him think impassability in particular was that it was not Yungu who spoke, but the ridiculously beautiful young man. The other two people don’t have any opinions. Is he the leader of the three? Godsworn is a bodyguard for people?
That young man is beautiful, but his eyes are more terrible than the most vicious and poisonous beast he has ever seen. Like two sharp knives, they go straight to the deepest part of the soul. He looked at himself like a lion staring at a hare, and even disdained to show his contempt. I believe that if it weren’t for this chance encounter, I wouldn’t even want to vote for one.
In the slouches, the old man was horrified and secretly glad. "After all, they are human monks, at least better than priests and wizards, and they are also kin."
Thinking of this, the old man turned his mind, quickly bowed down as a gift, and said with trepidation, "A few seniors, the old man is a monk in Chena. Because of the treasure hunt, I met these orcs and killed them, so I fell into such a field. Because all my companions are dead, I want to torture them because I can’t get rid of my resentment. I hope my predecessors will understand. "
"You’re lying." Ryan boy was out of control and staggered to the side of the man Ryan, trying to take care of his injury, but he didn’t know what to do, and he was in tears. At this time, when I heard the old man talking, I couldn’t help but get angry and drink. There is quite a grievance between words, and the slightly square lion’s nose is moving, which is very angry.
"The child can speak lingua franca? Education level is not low. "Tang Qing some stare blankly, seriously look at him.
Orcs have their own language. Except for some areas bordering humans, Orc children of his age are not able to speak common language. I’m afraid this child speaks so fluently, and his identity is not simple, which is not something that ordinary The Rich House can do.