It is not necessarily that the condensate is an arrow. Meng Qi can be stimulated by half a spiritual force at the lowest and 30% at the most. The gap between them is big. If you meet a tough guy, Meng Qi can only send out three water arrows with all his strength.

The most important thing is that this water arrow is not very powerful. Even sometimes it is not as good as the attack of Meng Qi’s ontology. The only desirable thing is that it can be used for long-range attacks. However, it is enough to have this effect. Meng Qi itself decided to give priority to its own combat power, supplemented by condensed water.
Then there are a number of healing elixirs, a dozen low-grade yellow papers, a number of cinnabar, and some basic instruments for arranging arrays. After all, Meng Qi was miserable by Elder Cheng with various array methods. However, in return, Elder Cheng gave Meng Qi some basic knowledge of array methods and some simple disposal methods.
And because Meng Qi is a snake, he can’t carry a storage bag. Therefore, Elder Cheng generously lent Meng Qi his dry Kun bag, which can be attached to Meng Qi. As long as you move your mind a little, the contents will come out by yourself. Compared with those storage bags that can only be taken and placed manually by disciples, and there is not much space, this is a very fate.
Of course, this thing can’t be given to Meng Qi, but it was refined by Elder Cheng. Now it’s just lent to Meng for use. As long as Elder Cheng moves his mind, this dry bag will automatically return to his hand. The main reason for giving it to Meng Qi is that Meng Qi can’t bring a storage bag.
In addition, Elder Cheng gave Meng Qi a high-order charm broken by a waterspout. This was mainly lent to Meng Kai to save his life. Elder Cheng repeatedly told Meng Qi not to use this charm unless he had to.
Because Meng Qi went to Tianyao Canyon this time to experience and seek opportunities, if he relied too much on foreign things, the experience would be meaningless. However, Elder Cheng was afraid that Meng Qi would meet any accident, so he recorded this high-order charm for him. This waterspout is about equivalent to a full blow by a monk then, and it can be launched three times in total.
For a place like the Demon Canyon, it’s already a fate thing, and it’s purely for Meng Qi’s fear of meeting something unexpected. The monster beast inside doesn’t worry Elder Cheng, mainly because of the conflict between disciples. Moreover, the role of this charm is not just a life-saving prop. Elder Cheng gave Meng Qi this thing, which is actually of great significance.
When Meng Qi makes all the preparations, it’s almost time for experience. Following the experience of about 100 disciples, Meng Qi entered the Tianyao Canyon. At the same time, at the entrance of Haoran Sect and Gu Jian Gate, some disciples entered at the same time.
The number of Haoran Sect is similar to that of Black Emperor Sect, but Gu Jian Gate is only about a quarter of the people of the two sects. It turns out that this kind of experience was held jointly by three cases, so the threat of Meng Qi’s trip was more.
After entering the valley, the disciples who had been together left in twos and threes. However, many people are on their own. When everyone was almost gone, Meng Qi heard someone calling himself.
"Meng teacher younger brother, so it’s your turn this year? Great, let’s go with us. " Meng Qi looked up, but it turned out to be Sun Hao, and there were two people with him. Meng Qi also knew each other, but he had never touched each other.
"It turned out to be Brother Sun. Why, it’s your turn this year?" For Sun Hao’s invitation, Meng Qi totally dismissed it. With these guys, his advantages were almost gone. He was neither stupid nor stupid. How could he do such a thing? Besides, it is also a big problem to find something and distribute it.
"Oh, I thought Brother Meng didn’t need to take part in this kind of experience." Sun Hao came up with the two men and was slightly surprised by Meng Qi’s participation.
Meng Qi shook his head and didn’t say that he came voluntarily.
Sun Hao didn’t care when he saw Meng Qi shaking his head. Originally, he thought that this relationship between Meng Qi and Fang Ling Ling was unnecessary. "But it seems that the relationship between this guy and the big lady is not so exaggerated." Sun Hao thought in his mind. Then he invited Meng Qi to join his team again, but Meng Qi casually found a reason to refuse, and Sun Hao was also able to shrug off. After a few polite words, he left with the other two.
Generally speaking, not all disciples are willing to participate. After all, not all disciples have reached the bottleneck and need to seek a breakthrough. Safe and steady cultivation is the normal cultivation condition of low-ranking disciples. After all, the cultivation conditions provided by Zongnei are completely sufficient at this stage. There is no need to look for opportunities before encountering bottlenecks.
As for the reward, except for a few people who have confidence in themselves, most people have no idea. But when it comes, it’s safe. Since I’ve come in this time, most people hope to gain something besides completing the task. After all, even if they don’t need it now, it doesn’t mean they won’t need it in the future.
Soon after Sun Hao’s departure, all the people were on their way. Meng Qi looked around empty, got into a pile of grass and began to look for his own chance …
Chapter 29 Shui Yun Ling Guo
A silver-white one-eyed wolf is patrolling his territory. As the leader of a ethnic group, he has the obligation to protect his ethnic group. But generally speaking, he won’t do such a thing.
However, as a wolf who has lived for more than 30 years, he knows very well that at this time of year, a large number of human beings will run into their territory to "run amok". So at this time, even he has to cheer up.
His ethnic group is not large, but it is a small ethnic group with more than a dozen members. But in the nearby area, no one is their opponent.
Moreover, at this time, the arrival of those humans completely excited these monsters. Although those humans are very powerful, each one is at least as good as the leader of a small ethnic group, and even more powerful.
However, compared with the attraction of these human flesh and blood, it is nothing. At least he can become the leader of the clan in just 30 years because he ate at least three humans in these years. Their flesh and blood is really unforgettable.
Now, however, he has come to understand that these human flesh and blood are nothing, at least for himself now. As long as he can protect the Lingcao in his own territory, he will soon be able to make further progress. It can control a larger ethnic group.
So, he carefully paid attention to the movement around the territory. And charged the rest of the Wolf clan in the ethnic group, try to avoid those humans. So as not to attract their attention. However, if they want to rob their own Lingcao, it is absolutely impossible!
However, when this clever and fierce wolf was determined to give everything for his future, he did not find a small snake sneaking into his territory. Of course, even if he finds this, he won’t care, a small snake like this. Although there are not many in his territory, there are also many. They have always been at peace.
After all, with the slender figure of these little snakes, it is not enough for a member of his ethnic group to have a full meal. Plus the venom they have has no effect on him, but it is still life-threatening to other members, so he will ignore those guys. Anyway, they can only hunt some mice and rabbits at most.
However, this snake is unusual. This guy is a small snake with the same strength as him-Meng Qi. Originally, if Meng Qiyuan came to the body, once he entered this territory. It won’t be long before it is discovered. However, due to the extremely painful washing and pulp cutting. Meng Qi’s figure has shrunk dramatically. Plus some subduction spells, it is no pressure to fool these wild monsters.
Originally, Meng Qi was wandering around the canyon without any purpose. Because the Demon Canyon is too big, there is some luck in it if you want to find these Lingcao. However, Meng Qi was lucky, but in three days, he collected about one-fifth of the materials that needed to be paid.
And the monster beast guarding these materials, not even the monster beast, is not the guy who practices gas at most. As long as Meng Qi shows a little power, those guys will run away. After all, compared with their own lives. Although these things outside the body are precious, if life is gone, then everything is useless.
And two days later, Meng Qi found this one-eyed wolf. There is no induction at all. You can see with the naked eye that this guy is also a preconditions monster. Because it will not converge its momentum at all, all exposed.
However, these wild monsters have Meng Qi’s intelligence and luck, so they can take a trip to the Black Emperor Sect and come to this point. But because of this, Meng Qicai was extremely happy.
Generally speaking, whenever there is a monster beast of this level, there will be a kind of natural resources and treasures in his territory. These monsters that have begun to develop with intelligence will instinctively look for some natural resources and treasures that are beneficial to them, and guard them. When they are promoted or advanced, they will devour these natural resources and treasures. Help yourself break through.
Therefore, it has this characteristic. As long as you find these guys, it means that you have discovered a natural treasure. However, this guy is really cautious. Meng Qi hung on a branch, staring at the one-eyed wolf below. It’s been a whole day, and this guy hasn’t gone to the place where natural resources and treasures are hidden.
However, Meng Qi is patient, it’s still early anyway. It doesn’t matter if you wait for two or three days. However, ha ~ ~ ~ Meng Qi sighed, which is too boring.
Fortunately, although you can’t practice with ammunition and lingshi at night, it’s also good to absorb yuet. Unlike those people, in a place like this, they never dare to practice at any time.
Just after Meng Qi thought he had to follow this guy for two or three days, this guy moved again. Meng Qi didn’t feel anything. Meng Qi didn’t bother to forget how many miles this guy ran on this day. I thought that this guy had enough rest just now and then he began to go crazy again.
However, this time, it seems a little different. After running for about half an hour, Meng Qifa felt something was wrong. This place is getting more and more remote. Meng Qi would not have found this place if he hadn’t followed the wolf.