The two of them hid their identities and mingled in the crowd.

Luan Xuan has now entered Yuan Ying. Two people noticed that Long Yun was fighting for eyes, paying attention to Luan Xuan’s situation, and his emotions were inexplicable.
Obviously don’t want to be Luan Xuan than in the past.
Han Xiumo shook his head. Although Yunmingyuan has explained that Long Yun’s dispute over Luan Xuan probably didn’t mean that, this performance looks … It’s really not obvious at all.
What do you think? It’s like being hostile to Luan Xuan.
Luanxuan didn’t notice the Long Yun dispute.
She has the same competition.
But it’s not Long Yun.
Speaking of which, she and Long Yunzheng are not familiar with nature, and I don’t know that Tianjiao, the surprised Dragon Academy, actually regards her as an opponent.
Still bent on surpassing her.
This time, she learned a lot in the battlefield of the soaring valley, but the Taoist mind became more and more stable, but people such as the arrogant Dugu Zhi also made great progress. Although Luan Xuan had pride in her heart, she didn’t feel that her strength had reached the level that she could compete with Long Yun of Jinglong Academy. Her opponents have always been Hanxiao Xianzong Dugu Zhi and Ling Tianjian Zongnan Pavilion.
The two men also advanced to the Yuan infant period in the soaring valley against the virtual beast and there was no virtual Dan.
Luan Xuan always feels that he has lost.
The other two people also don’t know that Luan Xuan regards them as opponents. They are almost equal in strength to each other. Now that Xu Dan Luan Xuan is bound to have walked in front of them, they have to work hard to catch up with Luan Xuan.
They didn’t find YunMingyuan and Han Xiumo themselves, but they saw a few people surging.
But this has nothing to do with them.
Two people also learn to other monks sitting outside meditation practice.
Different from others, these Gangfeng are really not torture for Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo.
The two men put the extremely deep stone synthetic star stone beside them. The original star stone was nowhere outside. At this time, it could not only resist the external Gangfeng, but also a steady stream of spiritual power came from it.
Chapter 378 Meet the virtual beast again
These monks who discovered the secret secretly took a look at the fairy Yunzong, but they thought that they would not tell others if they discovered such a big secret.
But also can’t help but despise some kind of secretly asking the monks of Xianyun Zong for information.
I don’t know how many people have entered the country when they are surfing.
Of course, it would be better if they couldn’t find out the news.
But I don’t know for what reason, those monks who asked Xianyun Zong finally seemed to know what news from Xianyun Zong and returned to their original position to practice meditation.
The monks who came from the Moon-Holding World and had protective devices to avoid the influence of Gangfeng in the soaring passage wondered.
What’s the matter with the world monks these days?
Is there any way they can avoid these Gangfeng attacks?
Thought of here, Brother Lanyue looks pale in the world.
If one or two monks show differences, they may be able to guess that it is because they have cultivated special techniques or have special instruments for self-defense.
But it’s obviously not normal for everyone to do this.
There must be something wrong with the world on this day.
But at this time, they seem to have forgotten that if there were no problems in the world in the sky, the virtual Dan and the law against the virtual beast might not have been removed now.
But they obviously won’t think of this.
Soon, the extremely deep stone was opened by those monks, and everyone quietly took out the extremely deep stone to help cultivate and resist Gangfeng.
Strangely, if you want the extremely deep stone in this flight multiplier department, that is, the monks in the moon world will arrange a room for them, it is really impossible to meet the Gangfeng, but the extremely deep stone will not respond.
Some monks who want to have a deep stone will not endure Gangfeng outside. When they go in, they find that they can’t practice at all and come out again.
Almost all monks can stick to the moon outside, and the monks in the world finally noticed the problem.
They must have some means to resist Gangfeng.
Several people in the world looked at each other and finally looked at Long Yun.
Brother Yunzheng, after all, is from the world in the sky and should be able to get the news.
Long Yun was a little odd listening to the words of several senior brothers.
He glanced around and took out an extremely deep stone in vain. "Brother Ji, I think it should be because of the extremely deep stone."
"Extremely deep stone?"
They all froze.
Friars in the big world who embrace the moon naturally don’t know that some things in the middle world don’t know the extremely deep stone without going through the soaring channel.
Long Yun noticed their expressions and realized what they were, and explained to them what a deep stone was.
Several monks in Lanyue World listened and felt that something was wrong.
"Do you know this abyssal stone?" They looked at Longyun for a strange look.
"Of course I know."
Since there is a connection in the big world, there are naturally many seniors in the big world. Since they can connect with each other, of course, it is necessary to exchange information.
Yu Jiyuan stone knew it before he entered the soaring channel.