Xiao Qi was huddled in the quilt with a guilty conscience. How could he say it was too cold for him to sleep?

Lan Chen fished Xiao Qi whole with a sigh and a stretch of his hand. It’s impossible to adjust the pressure here. Sometimes the rice cooker will trip when cooking, and this man is naturally afraid of the cold and doesn’t sleep well tonight. He can just keep his body warm fair and square. What happened to this man tonight?
Xiaoqi was pulled into her arms symbolically, and earned it, so there was no movement. Lanchen’s bed was like a fire. How could it be a warm word? Xiaoqi stuck two crampons on Lanchen’s side like a thief.
Lanchen sighed again and pulled open her skirt, freezing Xiaoqi like a frozen chicken’s feet, so she pressed her chest and even her feet to pull over and clamp them to keep warm.
"Why are you as cold as ice?" Lan Chen fought a cold war.
Xiaoqi is familiar with the sentence at one breath. It seems that someone once told him this sentence.
"Don’t think about others!" Blue morning turned Xiao Qi’s face horribly sensitive.
He said by himself that Xiao Qi stared at Lan Chen in the dark, and his hand was too cold. He wanted to withdraw his hand from Lan Chen’s arms but was stopped by Lan Chen.
"Go to sleep. You have to work." The blue morning sound is really nice.
Xiaoqi stopped moving, resting on the blue morning’s strong heartbeat, and her body gradually warmed up and fell asleep.
In the dark, Lan Chen’s eyes shone with strange brilliance. He bowed his head and pecked Xiaoqi’s forehead "Good night, Xiaoqi"
The province’s investigation bureau’s ability to act this time was super strong, and it was fruitful in less than a week. It also brought a letter of approval to the village head of Lanchen, saying that it is beneficial to the country and the people’s development and the province’s attention to people’s livelihood issues. This time, it is not necessary for Wang Jiacun people to pay a penny directly.
And the blue morning joint construction team started construction a few days ago, and the construction team from the province also gave enough momentum to do it in full swing.
The water conservancy project did come to the village head, which really pleased me. Now it has not only solved the villagers’ water problem, but also solved such an important matter as road construction. The old people in several villages can’t help but look at each other with tears.
After being the village chief for so many years, Wang Cunchang believes that he has done his best to build a road. I don’t know how many times he has run in the town or the city, either because he has been turned away or because he has been censoring materials.
Before the village, all the fruits were rotten in the ground, but they couldn’t be shipped out. The mountain couldn’t repair the road and couldn’t be shipped out. Then there was no race for decades. He also won the limited strength for the villagers. This is great. The road problem has been solved and the villagers have water. This is … a great thing!
Most people are happy to speak well of the leaders in the province, but the village head walks in the direction of blue morning with gratitude in his eyes.
After all, a village head is far more knowledgeable than the average person. He knows that it is not the leaders of these provinces who say that it is really decisive to bring these benefits to his village, but it is Dr. Ye, a relative, Lan Chen! to be continued
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Kiss!
Although I don’t know the young man’s position, please move the provincial leaders and look at the respectful attitude of those leaders towards him. The village chief is more convinced that Cousin Ye Dafu is not a simple person [read the latest chapter, please search 8]. He was indeed a child of his own before he touched the light of Ye Dafu, but if anyone dares to move a finger of Ye Dafu in the future, he will have to step on him first, even if he is no exception.
On this night, Xiaoqi was in a good mood and cooked half a table. It was delicious and hard for a gentleman to buy land and swim in the water one day. Xiaoqi didn’t hesitate to cook food for his master if he wanted to get the ingredients.
On this night, Lan Chen drank a pot of rice wine from the village head’s house, which was pure glutinous rice home-brewed. It was collected in the cellar for ten years, or Jane dug an altar and sent it to Xiaoqiyuan.
It’s said that Dr. Ye worked hard, but I also know that this wine is for Blue Morning.
Lan Chen is used to drinking foreign wine, and occasionally drinking these homemade rice wine feels quite exciting. Xiaoqi ironed a whole pot and drank it without two.
"Xiaoqi, I still want" Lan Chen picked a hip flask with his fingers.
Xiao Qi, who took the handed hip flask, scooped another pot from the jar and simmered it in the stove. When a dish was fried, Lan Chen couldn’t wait.
"When will Xiaoqi rice wine be hot? It’s really troublesome. Why don’t you just drink it cold?"
"The village chief said that scalding rice wine won’t hurt your health, and drink less for me. Do you want me to cook Chinese medicine for you one day?"
Xiaoqi said that you are very welcome at the back. Where can you be respectful and polite when you are a human being, but you can’t afford to listen to it? This mouth is almost wide to your ears and a face is echoed. "Okay, okay, I will listen to you. Isn’t it okay?"
In fact, he is also afraid of drinking the traditional Chinese medicine of his mother’s family, saying that it is good for his health, especially for the five internal organs. After drinking for several courses, he will be full of vitality [super beautiful]
But the traditional Chinese medicine is bitter. Although he drinks it without frowning, the smell is really … Especially Xiaoqi cooks it for him every now and then after asking Dr. Jing to make sure that it can really regulate his body. Now it’s so bitter that it’s floating all over the hospital!
Lan Chen took the chopsticks and leaned against the table to see the stove. He tried to warm his wine, but his eyes didn’t even feel soft.
In the line of sight, Xiaoqi wore an apron and was busy in the kitchen for a while. Look at the fish stew in the kitchen after a while. After a while, help him try the wine. It’s not too warm. It’s too cold. Drinking it is not good for your health. Xiaoqi is burning with a small fire and staring carefully.
Suddenly Lan Chen felt that it was not bad to live a lifetime like this. After a busy day in the field, he came home tired. Someone accompanied him to the rice table, and there were others. He ironed a pot of wine and waited for dinner. Occasionally, he put some chopsticks and delicious dishes into each other’s bowls and habitually said to eat more.
Thinking about thinking about Lanchen’s footsteps unconsciously moving to Xiaoqi.
When Xiaoqi felt someone behind him, he was already hugged.
"Xiao Qi Ye Xiao Qi …" Lan Chen hugged dumb and blew in his ear from behind.
With a hip flask in his hand, Xiaoqi turned around and bumped into the blue morning deep pool. His eyes seemed to be injected with magic to make people move their eyes.
"Wine … ok" Xiao Qi suddenly felt thirsty.
Lan Chen took a sip from the hip flask in Xiao Qi’s hand and crossed his jaw.
Wine is a good wine. How can Xiaoqi refuse the temptation of wine?
Seeing that Xiaoqi didn’t refuse Lan Chenxin’s ecstasy kissed Xiaoqi, his tongue eagerly swept the soft wall of Xiaoqi’s mouth. It was this person who smelled a little oily smoke that made people want to stop.
Xiaoqi didn’t expect a little kiss to develop into such a blue morning. He squeezed into his legs strongly and overbearingly, so that the two bodies were closely attached. He fixed Xiaoqi’s hot lips on the back of his head and constantly absorbed his gentle breath, stirring his tongue almost rudely and eagerly, hoping Xiaoqi would respond.
Pushing this bully is a pity that he lost his strength. The man is like a mountain. Weasion Wei doesn’t move. Xiaoqi hesitates, but he also tries to respond to Lan Chen’s gently hooking his neck and deepening his kiss.
At this moment, Lan Chen bit Xiaoqi’s soft lip with a dumb voice, and his kiss rained down on Xiaoqi’s face in his way to declare his overflowing feelings.
At this time, Lan Chen couldn’t wait to stop at this moment, but he dared not expect more.