A tall girl, only 14 or 15 years old, came shyly. She lowered her head and shouted, "Brother Qinglin."

Qing Lin smiled and said, "Sannier, are you coming to the election meeting?"
Sannier said wryly, "I didn’t want to attend, but brother sapphire forced me to come. He said that if I didn’t attend, he wouldn’t follow me in the future."
Qing Lin laughed. He reached out and patted Shao Qingyu on the forehead. "You are a muddy boy. When did you learn to threaten Sannier?"
Little sapphire touched the disciple who was photographed by Qing Lin, and hey hey smiled.
Qing Lin said, "Sanni, don’t worry. It’s also a good opportunity for you to attend the election meeting. You’ll know the benefits of being a true practitioner after you join the shocking school. In the future, when you become powerful, sapphire won’t dare to bully you. "
Sannier said, "Brother Qing Lin, I know the advantages of being an immortal, but I’m afraid I don’t have the ability to choose the new meeting. I heard that one out of a thousand people may not be able to choose." How can I be so lucky? "
Qing Lin smiled and said, "Sanni ‘er, don’t worry, as long as you really want to practice, you will be able to successfully pass the selection." If you want to be with sapphire in the future, you must work hard to join the shocking school. "
SanNi son or nodded, she understood at least a little, qing Lin is not opposed to her stay with less sapphire. "Thank you, Brother Qing Lin. I won’t let you hope."
While speaking, it’s time for a break, and Jin Rui’s voice rang again. "Those who haven’t been eliminated at the first level will enter immediately. The second level is about to begin. "
Little sapphire, little green phoenix and three Ni ‘er hurriedly ran back to the big square. Qing Lin looked around and soon found Fan Ruyu. He said, "Wait here, I’ll be right back."
Qing Lin went to Fan Ruyu’s side. "Elder Fan, I want to ask you something."
Fan Ruyu said quickly, "Please go ahead." There are many people around Fan Ruyu, and she dare not expose the identity of Qing Lin at the moment.
Qing Lin pointed to Sannier. "That’s Sannier, my former neighbor. If possible, please take care of her more in the future."
Fan Ruyu hurriedly said: "OK, master, I know, you can rest assured. Later, I’ll let her and your sister get together, and I’ll arrange the best teacher to guide them. "
Qing Lin put his fist in his hands and said, "Thank you very much, Elder Fan."
Looking at the back of Qinglin’s departure, one of Fan Ruyu’s disciples asked, "Master, who is he?" Why are you so polite when talking to him? "
Fan Ruyu stared at his apprentice. "Is this a problem you worry about? Talkative. "
YueXiaoQun grinning at qing Lin, "to enter through the back door again? Qing Lin, I’m really curious. You are also a master of Qingliang Mountain. Although you have made some achievements in the way of controlling animals, a person of your position should be a big one among the shocking schools. How can you go through the back door so smoothly? "
Qing Lin smiled and said, "Is there? Why don’t I think so? Miss Yue, I’m also curious. Why are you so interested in me? At the beginning, he did not hesitate to hide his name, quietly approached me, and claimed to create a brand-new way to control animals. I didn’t realize until yesterday that everything you said was false. I was almost fooled by you. "
"I’m not all of you. It’s always my wish to create a new way to control animals. I’m close to you, but I just see the hope of a breakthrough in you. Qing Lin, be careful in the future, or I’ll swallow you up with a belt and bones. " In the end, Lian Yue’s small group was amused by his words.
Qing Lin smiled and shook his head. "You can have fun in the future. Lives of three women, Miss Yue, Qingxia, Wan’er and Pinger are all enough to sing a play, and there is a shift, lively and lively. "
Wan’er pointed to Shao Qingyu in the square and said, "Look, son, it seems that the second son can’t hold on."
Green forest heart in a surprised, hurriedly look at the little sapphire. Sure enough, Shao sapphire doesn’t know what’s going on at the moment, but she seems to be shaking all over.
"Wan’er, what is the second level?" Qing Lin hurriedly asked.
Wan’er replied: "This level seems to examine people’s patience and perseverance. Listening to Elder Jin means artificially putting pressure on everyone who participates in the selection, whether physically or psychologically, they will be slowly increased."
Qing Lin shook his head. "This is a little troublesome. Jade’s physique is not very good. I’m afraid this level is a little troublesome."
Little sapphire is not the only one who shakes in the square. Many people who participate in the selection can’t hold on a little longer, and the pressure on their bodies is to say the least. The key is the kind of depression and fear imposed on them psychologically, which keeps them on the verge of collapse all the time.
Yue Xiaoqun said: "Qing Lin, it seems that your brother is going to hold on. According to his performance, he should be eliminated immediately. Do you want me to help him get through this?"
Qing Lin shook his head, "take a look again. If it really doesn’t work, let’s talk about it. "
Wan’er suddenly shouted: "Look, Son, Second Son, he’s not shaking. It’s all right."
A look at all, and sure enough, little sapphire stood straight in the square at the moment, and her shivering body also stabilized. Although the expression on her face was painful, it was still within the normal range.
"Who secretly helped sapphire?" Qing Lin doesn’t believe that his younger brother can survive the second level. Someone must have secretly helped Shao Qing Yu cheat. However, Qing Lin is too lazy to debunk, and it is good for Shao Qing Yu to practice. Besides, the greater the physical strength, the better. Sometimes the importance of spirit even far exceeds the physical strength.
About ten minutes later, Jin Rui’s voice rang again. "The second level is over. This is the end of the morning election. Let’s take a good rest at noon and continue in the afternoon. "
At this time, there were less than 20 thousand teenagers gathered in the square. They started to walk outside the square in an orderly manner under the organization of the shocking faction.
Shao Qingyu, Shao Qingfeng and Sannier pushed their way through the crowd and came to Qinglin. "Brother, we made it."
Qing Lin was just about to talk to Shao Qingyu and them when Wen Yihui rushed over. "Master, Granduncle Tai has come over. The head of the family asked us to go there and set off at once for the Animal Garden."
Qing Lin swallowed the words that slipped to his mouth again. He turned to Wan’er and said, "Wan’er, bring the storage bag."
Wan’er hurriedly took out three storage bags and gave them to Shao sapphire, Shao Qingfeng and Sannier respectively. Qing Lin said, "Each storage bag contains some defective spar, so you can use them to practice well in the future. I’m going out of the gate, and when I come back, I’ll check your practice. Remember, work hard and don’t let others look down on us. "
Shao Qingyu, Shao Qingfeng and Sannier nodded together. "Don’t worry, big brother, we won’t let you down."
Yue Xiaoqun said, "You three practice hard. After you step into the threshold of cultivating truth, I will give each of you an animal egg as a gift. You don’t have the real yuan yet. I’ll keep it for you for the time being. "