"What do you say?"

"Although Superwave failed, a new move was born by accident," Aaron continued. "Flash birds flash!"
Aaron immediately covered his eyes when he finished speaking. Even if he covered his eyes, Aaron could feel the transient light outside! When can Yu Flash open his eyes? Aaron also specially trained. It’s almost time for him to open his eyes. The bright light outside hasn’t completely disappeared, but he is barely in a state of being able to see. The flash bird flies very fast and then suddenly a black ball appears! Although the trajectory is very simple, it did hit in the direction of the flash bird and then suddenly stopped. The flash bird seemed to have known it before, bypassed it and then suddenly stopped at one place to make a flow! The flow seems to hit something in the middle, but it seems that a black fist suddenly hit the spot where the flow hit just now. Although the flash bird avoided the direct hit, the fist also turned in the middle. Although it seems that the damage is not particularly great, it did hit the flash bird. The flash bird seems to be very surprised to eat like this and immediately burst into a super current.
"Stop it! Flash bird! " Aaron shouted! Under such circumstances, if you dare to provoke the flash bird, you are ready for this trick! However, it seems that Aaron’s voice has been typed before it can reach the flash bird’s attack! Strongly hit the Chinese "gas"! One by one there was an explosion! And the horse flash bird also followed like an instant lost power and fell from it.
"Gengar Flash Bird lost its combat capability!" When the referee saw this situation, he said that although the preparation for the ghost was 10 thousand, Aaron had also thought about whether the flash bird would be provoked to attack when he knew that the other party was ready to achieve the same goal. I didn’t expect this to be really benefited by the other party at this time.
"Do you judge Gengar’s position by blurring the shadow after flashing? Although it’s not the first time you encounter it, it’s true that the speed and explosive force of flashing birds are superb. It’s better to avoid that shadow ball, or it’s difficult to avoid it at that speed. Then it’s true that it’s a new trick, which is actually a bluff!" Li Long withdrew the manifestation and Gengar said that Aaron heard it and smiled.
"I don’t really have a new move, but I didn’t. It’s a move that is suitable for Gengar. I didn’t say that I would recognize you in this game without authorization, and it really surprised me. I didn’t expect you to open your eyes before."
"I’m a national player, so it’s no problem," Li Long said confidently. "But in this case, who sent Poké mon first?"
"Is it my fault that caused the draw, and is it my illusion? No matter this time or this time, you in Gengar have not played the role of a world power. You should always fight by different routes."
"What’s the matter with this? Even so, this kid really knocked down your’ world-class powerhouse’ Poké mon once knocked down Chanel, and this time it was also successfully completed. The so-called Poké mon battle against Moltres is absolutely completed. I have always been very satisfied with it, "Li Long said. After thinking about it, Aaron also understood it.
"Then I am this guy in the end!" Aaron threw Poké Ball out. Although he said just now that he wouldn’t make the frozen birds, he finally got the frozen birds out!
"Or a frozen bird? Then I’m welcome, too, Flame Chicken! You called out the frozen bird after knowing that my trump card is the flaming chicken. It seems that you are fully confident that you can defeat me! " Li Long said, "Arrogant kids are not welcome."
"It’s really arrogant to say 100% of the words, but there are still 90% of them, and by the way, although I boast that I am still very popular," Aaron also replied that the horse started at last!
276 ice and snow! 90% victory method!
"Frozen light!"
"Jet flame!"
The skills of both sides began to spurt! The frozen bird obviously used a light blue light, even though it felt unnatural cold in this scorching sun. Browse 6% 78% 73% E% 63% 63 The flaming chicken sprayed flames on the ground and blocked such light! Frozen birds, ultra-low temperature light is not just a fire, Poké mon can resist it.
"It’s really amazing!" Aaron can come to this answer, although this is already known. On the contrary, for his own flame, he can’t suppress the attribute disadvantage. The frozen light Li Long seems a little surprised and laments whether it is the ice god!
"Big word explosion!" And no matter how physical the flame is, you can’t stop Li Long, right?
"Primitive power!"
The ground cracked, and then stones flew out and hit the flaming chicken. When the flaming chicken saw it, it jumped away immediately, but the horse followed with stones. Seeing that continuous jumping would increase the probability of being hit, the flaming chicken began to make fighting skills break the rocks! In the middle of the game, the frozen bird avoided losing the follow-up supply, and then flashed the frozen light at the flaming chicken again. Because the flaming chicken had been greeting the rocks, it chose to jump off the frozen light and hit the ground. The ground was coated with a thin layer of ice in an instant. If it hit directly, it would be frozen in an instant. Li Long thought so, but although the thin ice created by the frozen light covered the whole battle field, it did not overflow too much. Aaron took a step back and nothing happened.
"Continuous freezing of light!"
Now the ground has become a smooth and frozen ground. Although the flaming chicken seems to have been trained in this field, it can move freely even on the ice, but it is definitely lower than when it is on the ground. The flaming chicken is reluctant to hide from the freezing light, but it can still avoid the opponent’s skill in this situation. To be honest, it was before Aaron’s surprise that he said that he was fully confident of winning, but it was limited to making the frozen birds fight against the flaming chicken. Now, Aaron really thinks that if he chooses to make top cat class confront it head-on.
"Make a whirlpool of flames!" And Li Long is obviously not willing to have been suppressed. The flaming chicken maintains the posture of landing on all fours when it just evaded, and spits out a lot of flames on the ground with the intention of melting ice.
"Water fluctuates!" However, high above the frozen bird once again hit a blue ball flame. When the chicken saw that it could avoid the water polo and hit the ground, it burst into a lot of water flames. Something burned from the root, and the water washed away from the bottom and annihilated the flames. Li Long was dissatisfied. If it can be solved now,
"Hit the air boxing towards the ground!" Li Long suddenly had a flash of light in his head. Melting the ice is in the final analysis to regain the grip, so in fact, it is no problem not to melt the ice if it can regain the grip.
The flaming chicken punched at the ground and suddenly there was a "cracking" sound of ice and rocks! Then suddenly the ground broke apart! Aaron was scared because this is not a punch that can achieve the effect. A punch may break through the rock, but a punch can make the 100-square-meter field suddenly crack! How did you do it? Aaron feels that this is related to the further strength of his flaming chicken. To be honest, I really want to know the principle, but now I’d better concentrate on dealing with Li Long first.
"It’s my turn to fight back!" Li Long laughed.
"hail!" Aaron shouted
"It’s sunny, it’s not right!" For Aaron, he suddenly made Li Long realize that he wanted to fight against the weather skills, but isn’t it dead that Ma wanted to face the challenge of the ice god’s weather skills? I simply gave up the resistance to the freezing bird’s eyes. When it was sunny, the sky was overcast immediately. This time, the venue prepared an umbrella on the armrest of the seat, which was to cope with the rain and snow. Instead, the players immediately ran out and handed it to Aaron and Li Long. The flaming chicken began to drop one ice bead after another in the same place, and then it really accelerated instantly! The flaming chicken jumped and rushed directly to the frozen bird! Since Aaron unconsciously stepped into the ranks of the strong, this frontal attack is less than the other side, which makes Aaron feel a little strange, but the frontal attack means that all the movements are in his own eyes, which is a word, but because of this, this situation is generally a scam, and the other side must have left something behind …
A punch in the face! The flaming chicken is right in the chest of the frozen bird! Hit the frozen bird in the back! Everyone was surprised that it was possible to rush straight and punch straight, and many people began to cheer, because it was definitely a blow, and no matter what everyone thought, it was an exception that the flaming chicken was dominant in the competition! But instead, Li Long showed a strange expression and looked at Aaron
"Don’t show such an expression, because even if you avoid it, you have a subsequent hand. I won’t avoid it if I eat more harm."
"There is nothing more powerful in melee combat moves than positive air boxing! Isn’t it putting the cart before the horse in order to prevent subsequent attacks? " Li Long is really puzzled this time.
"Put the cart before the horse? I feel that if you hit the ground, the victory will be yours. Didn’t you see that? My frozen bird will stay in the middle position even if it eats you. "
"Because of the explosive power and instantaneous speed, you can’t beat the flaming chicken. Don’t you want to give up flying even if you eat and attack? Then you can have another punch! "
"Are you mistaken?" Aaron held an umbrella and then showed the invincible smile that he was afraid of. It seems that he can easily show this expression. Li Long was surprised at the time-not because of Aaron’s words, but because his own eyes saw the same face as himself and put this expression on himself.
"I said from the beginning that although one thousand one hundred percent may be arrogant, there is still a ninety percent chance of winning. Will I let you punch again? The game has already passed gaever, "Aaron said, and then Li Long also noticed that the hail was so heavy that the flaming chicken had to protect its head with both hands."
"It’s full of ice and snow, it’s hail, and then it’s just one short of a snowstorm!"
With a lot of hail, I can’t see where the frozen birds are, and then the wind is strong and several snowflakes are scattered! The intense low temperature made Aaron tremble, and he wanted to retreat away from the center of the snow, not to mention the frozen bird. Now it is a little difficult to see the location of the flaming chicken, but the horse was swallowed up by the snow from time to time!
"I’m sorry, my goal from the beginning was to win instead of’ head-on’ confrontation. The fire chicken is indeed a fire. The fire of Poké mon can reach several hundred degrees, but even one degree of freezing light is already very severe. However, one degree will instantly collapse in front of several hundred Baidu jet flames, losing the skill of low-temperature ice. Poké mon is also afraid of high temperature, and this situation will only happen. However, Poké mon is also afraid of low-temperature body fire. Poké mon’s physical strength is generally not particularly deep. Cold for physical deprivation for the body temperature is higher fire Poké mon is particularly obvious. If nothing is done, five minutes will be the limit in the snowstorm of frozen birds, which will shorten the skill. "Aaron said that this is not nonsense. This is the limit that Aaron Flame Chicken can stick to. It is better to say that except Moltres Aaron Fire Poké mon has not been able to break through this situation.
"Flame Chicken Fire Oath!" Aaron has already lost sight of Li Long. Yes, Li Long shouted in the past two or three seconds, and suddenly a large number of pillars of fire rushed out of the ground! However, in the snowstorm, "blowing" is also teetering.
"Then burst and burn!" A more powerful flame was emitted from the center of the pillar! A wide range. The whole thing is to attack the venue on a large scale! The flame with extremely high temperature dispersed the snowstorm in an instant and burned in the past! However, the appearance of several blue water balloons immediately stopped the flame from moving forward. The water balloons exploded and a large amount of water poured out from the sky. Finally, the flame was extinguished because the other side’s strength was exhausted, and the frozen birds also stopped the hail and snowstorm.
"Flame chicken lose combat capability! The winner is the dragon player! " Finally, the referee announced that the audience broke into warm cheers after approaching the confirmation, as if the cold had disappeared at this moment. In the final analysis, it was the feeling of Aaron at home, but the body temperature was normal, and a lot of physical exertion was excessive and the fire chicken was soaked!
277 Aaron wins! A game?
"I didn’t expect Aaron to really knock down that Li Long." Sitting in the first row of the audience, DuDu said that for DuDu, Li Long is also a self-recognized opponent. In the long time when DuDu became a world champion, all the world’s masters had challenges to DuDu, but all the departments were knocked down by DuDu, and Li Long was among them, but Li Long was one of the few people who gave up the sixth Poké mon, that is to say, he was a real strong man! Although Du knew that Aaron was growing rapidly, he still didn’t think that Aaron could win Li Long, but now the fact is here.
"Aaron has really grown up," Dawu said beside him. "Just after the last battle, it was a tactical victory. Or is it possible for a frozen bird with an ice god to complete the tactics? Freezing the light, freezing the ground, changing the weather to hail and snowstorm will transform this place into a snowy mountain! In that environment, there is no other pokemon in the base except the ice pokemon and other cold-resistant pokemon, which is even more fatal to the fire pokemon, and it is difficult for the flaming chicken to pose a threat to the frozen bird in the absence of vision. This is because I guessed that the other party will definitely send the flaming chicken to make a choice, that is, to win the tactical victory, and it is more important. Dawu continued, "In this game, Aaron injected more will than I expected." In normal times, because his opponent is a super-strong person, he will probably choose to fight even if he loses. This is what happened to us in front, not to mention that his opponent is also making the flaming chicken players fight the flaming chicken. It will definitely be very interesting, but this time he won the battle and chose the safer frozen bird to fight. That is to say, for this competition, he fought with the mentality of absolutely winning. Aaron is just more competitive. Now he is really curious. It’s what will happen when I meet him. "Mr. Dawu said that although his expression has not changed much, Mr. Mi Keli’s words can tell that Mr. Dawu is very excited now.
"That’s true. In normal times, Aaron will definitely have a flaming chicken battle. But this time, Aaron’s goal is not to fight happily, but to return to his heart. Because the vision of the world series has widened a lot, everyone will be at a loss when he meets a lot of strongmen who are stronger than himself. Because of this, Aaron seems to be at a loss, but now he has begun to return to his heart. Because he won many different things in the previous period, his ambition has begun to slowly recover. This is not a joke. This time, Aaron is really heading for the championship," said Mr. Wu Song,
"Oh, Wusong, you’re here," Mr. Du said and looked at the venue again.
"So that’s it. So I’m also in Aaron’s sniper range this time. It seems that there are already countermeasures against me?"
"No, not yet."
"Hey, hey, you should say yes when you cheat me at this time."
"It’s better to play tricks on you than to say that if Aaron didn’t say’ absolutely no problem’, I wouldn’t agree with him. If Li Long didn’t end up with a flaming chicken and made some other poké mon, it would never be so smooth. I believed him this time because Aaron couldn’t make such a positive word," Wu Song continued. "And why do you have to pose as a challenger?"
"Hey?" I was stunned to hear this.
"Are you really so sure you can win Aaron? Or have you finished your countermeasures? Countermeasures for overthrowing Super Dream Lugia and Celebi! " With a smile on his face, Mr. Wusong said frankly that it was Mr. Watanabe, Mr. Dawu, Mr. Mi Keli, Mr. Genji, Mr. Sen, and Miss Nazi, after hearing this sentence from Mr. Wusong, everyone’s heart suddenly turned upside down!
"Maybe none of you thought of this? It’s a bit interesting, "Mr. Wusong continued with a smile." Although Aaron wanted to bring the giant dragon and the giant stinging jellyfish, it’s a pity that because of the venue, it was possible to stop Aaron, but he really planned to contribute to the championship title in this competition. He didn’t let go of his plan at all. "Mr. Wusong then turned and left this time, but Mr. Wusong didn’t discuss it with Aaron. It is natural that Aaron should not know about it.
"I can help you get here," murmured Mr. Wusong. How much attention can this sentence distract the strong people? Or how much impact will it have on their spirit? Although these people are not only famous in one country, they are also very famous in the world if they are in the field of trainers, so their psychological quality must be excellent, and they can’t expect how much effect they can get from a few words, but it is better to have an effect than to do nothing. This time, Mr. Wusong has done everything he can in the Dragon Cup, and the Aaron state can be said to be ten thousand. Now he can do it himself, which is probably to play tricks in front of these strong people