It is said that Zhang Shao is the most wild and unruly, and now he dares to take such a harsh bet. It is really crazy to drag and cool!

Mm-hmm It doesn’t matter whether we win in the end or whether Zhang Shao is in No.7 Middle School. This game is full of passion!
Hao Yu and Liang Ran looked at each other and listened to Ling Zhiwei. What he meant was that he won the first game, which means that the higher the tea, the higher the middle school, and the final victory? They didn’t know that they had made a bet before, but now when they heard this statement, they wondered if they had heard it wrong.
A few days ago, Ling Zhiwei and No.7 Middle School clashed in front of Hua Mao Square. They knew that Ling Zhiwei really should apologize, but the price of this apology was to win or lose the bet in this game. I have to say that Hao Yu and Liang Ran both felt that the bet was not reliable and that Zhang Shaotian was too confident.
But there was no objection from the seven middle school students, and the higher the tea, the more excited the students looked, as if they could not say anything more.
Zhang Shaotian smiled faintly and said, "Even if you don’t give everyone this reassurance, I won’t object to you. Am I as dishonest as you?"
LingZhiWei face relaxed and don’t care what Zhang Shaotian said at the moment. With extraordinary wisdom, Lao created a great chance for Ming Yue to win. Where can I care what you seven idiots say more? Don’t say it’s ironic. Apologize, even if it’s to keep singing the national anthem on stage!
Soon he stopped talking, and when he got to the point, he sprinted.
Seeing that the two people have been in the seventh bureau and a line of faces have brought up a point of concern.
Just now LingZhiWei this fellow and Zhang Shaotian made that bet, but they all know that although everyone knows that Zhang Shaotian’s strength should be better than LingZhiWei’s strength, this Xiaoqiang is not afraid of ten thousand and is afraid that if this first game really loses, do you really want to end the game like this?
Chapter 19 Flash blame real threat
In most road sections where springs appear, you should step on them.
However, Zhang Shaotian did not directly step on the two springs here, but directly glided on the two springs after jumping over the fault in front of the springs!
And here he has a little skill in gliding. It is well known that Nana’s gliding can only be triggered after the second jump. Often, players in gliding roles are accustomed to directly pressing the jump button to trigger the gliding effect after skipping the second jump. However, Nana, the witch in Zhang Shaotian’s hand, deliberately fell a little distance after jumping over the second jump before receiving the gliding effect …
Then Nana, the witch who didn’t choose to step on the spring, glided all the way to the front section with a spike at each end. This section of the road was so strange that he walked out of the flat without even pressing the slide button.
"It’s strange that Zhang Shao didn’t step on the spring top box. You know, in this case, he ate a whole gold coin line less." Everyone knows that the game is still a settlement. Now see Zhang Shaotian instead of choosing that gold coin line to lead the route, but he glided directly in the past. The higher the tea, the more the page talked about it.
The seven boys and girls have a good time, and most of them are generally not at a high level. At this moment, the more people talk about Zhang Shaotian’s running method, they all spit out, "You don’t understand the master style!"
Ming-Ming Yue people left the pie mouth, but they didn’t expect to lose in the seventh middle school. Many people know Zhang Shaotian. Although they all want to win in the higher middle school, even if they lose, it is called Zhang Shaotian. Now, although he is in the seventh middle school, he is always a native of Ming-Ming Yue, isn’t he? Even if the tea is lost to his team, it is not lost to outsiders.
Mo Tianyuan smiled and shook his head slightly. "He didn’t choose to step on the spring top box at that point just now, but he was actually taking the safest route …"
"The safest?" Everyone said that they don’t understand that walking along the gold coin line is generally the safest way.
Mo Tianyuan nodded and continued, "If you step on the spring, this point will definitely be bounced to the three star squares in the oblique direction, and then the squares will be pushed down by the elastic force. Usually, it would be fine if we met this kind of road section, but there is a route between the three adjacent star squares. I wonder if you have noticed that the number of springs there is not one but two?"
"Because the flash monster is close to the square star square, if you want to just walk from the square and the flash monster, you must step on the spring, otherwise it will be easy for the spring to bounce directly to the flash monster, but there is still a fault in front of the spring, and it is difficult to grasp it and then step on the spring perfectly. At this time, his reaction is very timely."
"He doesn’t step on the spring, but glides on the spring surface. I don’t know if you just thought about why he deliberately dropped his body before gliding?"
Beside Liu Xintong, he hurriedly raised his hand and said, "I know that I know that I fell so short because I was afraid of gliding too high and hitting the flash monster."
Mo Tianyuan was a little surprised. I didn’t think that Ni could see this. She gently rubbed her head with a little mess and left the sea and said, "Well, it’s good. Although the position of the flash monster is not low, because when he jumped over the fault, he jumped in two directions. If he didn’t fall a little, he would probably hit the flash monster."
"The gliding character can get the gliding skill even if he hasn’t landed after the second jump. Although he eats a line of gold coins less in this way, it’s better than taking the risk to break the shield, isn’t it?"
It was only after listening to his explanation that they suddenly realized.
Yeah, don’t say it’s a line of gold coins that gets extra points. Even a long line of monsters gets points when it’s not necessary. That protective cover is more expensive!
They have run ten thousand meters successively.
Creation team several people silently nodded a compliment in their hearts. No matter whether they are comrades-in-arms or adversaries, they can say that their strength is good. Although LingZhiwei doesn’t recruit many people, he can break tens of thousands of people at the moment, and he is somewhat surprised by Zhang Shaotian’s strength. They know that several people have been practicing together during this period. Although it is somewhat slim to run 20,000 meters, it is still possible to run to 17,000 meters.
After 10,000 meters, the difficulty of obstacles will increase a lot. Moreover, due to the acceleration superposition after the previous super prize, there is an average of 12 accelerations at this time. In many cases, players hang up on the 10,000-meter section not because of the increase of obstacles, but because the speed is too fast to react.
When several people were talking, Zhang Shaotian, the front display screen, turned over a fault with two closely connected flash monsters. In front of the fault, a flat surface with a length of two or three meters was placed behind the two Miki Sayaka flash monsters, and a baffle was hanging on the back edge of the flat surface.
At this time, two rows of pale linear light waves suddenly lit up in the rear, which were missile lines! At the back of everyone’s mind is a fault with a few stars in it, and at the same time, after passing this baffle, there is only a route where there is a strange stop.
"I wipe! There are no fewer obstacles at such a fast speed! " Some people in the crowd have been talking about it, but some low-level pages have never even been to this position
"Yes, it’s just killing people!"
Zhang Shaotian ignored the two pale missile lines, although he knew that the incoming missile would not only have two two rows of missile lines lit up at the same time, which meant that at least three groups of missiles would keep coming!
He also knows that there is no other pedal in the back fault except for two groups of squares with two stars each. If you are careless, you will fall into the pit …
However, this is not the point!
At this time, in Zhang Shaotian’s eyes, just staring at the flash missile in front of the baffle or the fault is not a deadly weapon in this section! Zhang Shaotian knows that there is a flash monster lying alone behind the baffle. Just now, this section is really a threat to the executioner!
Chapter 199 No zuono die!
If Zhang Shaotian can cross this section from the only route between the flash monster and the baffle, it will be more difficult, even if the rear missiles roar and the fault distance is long, it will not be a problem if they need to step and jump according to the routine!
Mo Tianyuan stared at the display screen tightly. Zhang Shaotian knew the situation at this time. There was only one route across the track, so he would live but die!
Screen driving flash leopard nana leaned over to slide towards the baffle …
It seems like a few seconds later …
Jump off the baffle!
That flash monster didn’t even touch Nana’s skirt!
"good! ! !”
Mo Tianyuan couldn’t help but order a compliment and put a heart hanging quietly.
Pastoral Yang suck up make clicks criticise "this little good didn’t let me down, otherwise I won’t spare him if he loses this game."
"Haven’t won yet?" Xia Qiu said coldly.