Dong Fengling looked at Dong Hanxuan to see that he was not abnormal. This was a relief. He had already taken a shower and cleaned up, and he became the handsome and elegant Dong Erdi. And this dress is new. It seems that I saw Dong Lan doing it two days ago.

"I naturally know that I was in the next wing when the case was tried." Dong Yulan and Dong Xiaosi didn’t know what Dong Yuling was doing, but they didn’t know what she was doing when she went to Shengjing. She also attended the case.
I helped my sister buy something and let people send the ingredients to the kitchen. Dong Hanxuan wondered, "Sister is next door?"
"Yes, the world asked me to listen to you this time. The world has helped a lot of sisters and should thank the world for coming back." Dong Yuling resolutely refused to admit that she was attracted by hexagrams until she said it almost.
"Is it time to thank you? What can I do?" Dong Hanxuan looked at his sister and thought the world was fine, but it was a bit strange. He thought for a long time but didn’t come up with anything.
After all, he is only twelve years old, and many things Dong Hanxuan has never experienced are unexpected. Besides, his status with Wangfu World is too poor. He never thought that some world was playing tricks on his sister, otherwise he would be sure to be alert before going on the rampage.
"You just have a good rest and take care of yourself. It’s not a good place." Dong Yuling laughed. "I went into the mountains to find something that happened to be needed by the world. Just consider it our reward."
"The mountains? What is hard to find? " Dong Hanxuan frowned and still felt that it was too dangerous for his sister to go into the mountains. In those days, Dong Fu left an indelible shadow in his young mind.
The last thing Dong Hanxuan wants now is for Dong Yongling to go into the mountains and their family is not short of money. Do they have to go to the mountains to make a living?
"Don’t worry, I have seen what I know before, and I suddenly remembered when I need to find the world." Dong Yuling comforted.
Just then Dong Jilan ran in. "Sister, you’re back!"
Dong Han Xiao followed Dong Wei Lan like a small tail and walked over to watch his brother and elder sister finally return home.
"Come back, I took a lot of good food and meat and came back to Yuzryha to cook a table of good food. Let’s four brothers and sisters have a good meal." Dong Wei is still a family that is harmonious and harmonious.
"Eat well." Dong Hanxiao swallowed the swallow channel happily for a while. "Sister, can you drink the peach blossom brewed in the backyard?"
"Poof … my younger brother is chanting about your wine!" Dong Wei Lan said funny and rubbed his head half taller than her Dong Han Xiao hair.
"When did our little brother become an alcoholic?" Dong Fengling sighed.
"No, I just want to try it." Dong Han Xiao said loudly, "Who made elder sister make wine so well?"
"Dig an altar and bury it three years ago so that our younger brother can drink enough, okay?" Everyone laughed when Dong Fengling said it.
Dong Hanxiao has always been the heart of the family.
While waiting for cooking, the four brothers and sisters in the village chatted together. Some said that Dong Hanxuan had been wronged in prison this time, and some said that Dong Yulan had cleaned up the interesting things of the people who peeped at Butterfly Love Villa.
"Speaking of which, my brother brought a big bag of things back. I don’t know if my brother went to study abroad. Where is he going to jail?" Dong Wei Lan said with great emotion
"What a big bag of things?" Dong Yuling wondered if he was going home to buy it.
"That’s the big sister, you see." Dong Han Xiao is happy to point to Dong Yuling and seems to be very interested in these things.
Dong Yuling turned to look at it and suddenly embarrassed her. What did she see?
It’s normal to forget about a bundle of books, but where do toys like jigsaw puzzles, interlocking buttons and so on come from?
"Hey, isn’t this my sister’s pleasure? The prison is surrounded by walls, and there is nothing to talk about. "It is an accident to see Dong Hanxuan’s reaction to Dong Ling."
Because of his sister’s kindness, he was reluctant to throw it back. Even Xiao Si Dong clamored for him and didn’t give it to him to play.
"…" Dong Yuling was slightly sad. "Actually, I just asked the world to send you something to relieve boredom and didn’t specify what to send!"
Oh, my God, are you raising a child? Just throw a bunch of toys in?
Smell speech Dong Hanxuan also a little sad, unless he is smaller than Dong Xiaosi in the eyes of the world? He said, why did his sister send him these things? After all, it’s not your own kiddo style.
"I think it’s good. It’s fun!" Dong Han Xiao blinks, but his brother and sister are so disgusted.
"Small four like to take it back to play well" Dong Hanxuan or since it’s not my sister who sent him, I don’t care.
"Really? Brother, it’s very kind of you. "Dong Han Xiao was so excited that he quickly pulled the toys together and packed them for people to send to his room. Just now, he let go, and he had to put them away quickly, so his brother went back on his word.
Looking at some toys with very modern characteristics, Dong Yuling felt that she was a little incompetent as an elder sister. It seems that she never thought about what toys to buy for her younger brothers and sisters. Don’t all children like these?
Look at those toy marks. Dong Hanxuan must have had a good time in the prison.
I secretly thought that when I came back from going to Haitao for some toys, Dong Yongling must have crossed the toy store, just like those puppets always made her feel compelled to cross her compatriots later.