The gentleman grinned as if telling others another person’s secret would make him very happy. "Because it’s interesting," he said, "Ling doesn’t allow his sister to touch living things except himself."

What does it mean to say that Ji Jie is "not allowed to touch living things"? Is Ye Xin going to put Ye Zhouzhou under house arrest to keep her from contacting the outside world?
That’s unlikely. After all, she still needs to learn.
The gentleman said, "isn’t it interesting?" He doesn’t allow his sister to have good friends at school, nor does he allow her to be exposed to others in the game. In reality, he can threaten his sister’s classmates to kill her sister who likes cats, while in the game, he can directly kill people who are close to his sister. "
"Do you know what is the thorn bird and illegal? It was because the vice president of the illegal society leaned against the building and listened to the wind approaching the boat and leaving the shallow water that Ling almost went crazy … He loved his sister so much, but you and your friends knew that he was a cat abuser. How could he not be afraid? If his sister knows, hehe … "
Ji Jie understood that the mysterious organization must have discovered this before threatening Ling’s work.
In fact, there is still one thing that Ji Jie didn’t expect, that is, the organization has no threat, and they just need to arrange people to contact Ye Zhouzhou when she appears in the Second World.
Ling can’t stand that her sister is friendly with others, and it’s not illegal to hurt and kill people in the second world. Now that she hasn’t come out in accordance with the law, Ling will naturally be reckless and slide into the abyss of depravity again and again.
It’s been several hours since the 100-member team entered the auxiliary team, and everyone’s backpack is limited
Ji Jie’s knife is limited, and so is the gentleman’s knife. After several battles, large and small, the two of them have already reached a spent force. Finally, the knife was almost exhausted at the same time. Ji Jie took out his sword again, and the gentleman changed his white gloves into a pair of gloves.
"Can’t you see that you can fight?" Ji Jie is a little surprised.
The gentleman’s black gloves don’t match his weak temperament at all, but if you look closely at his eyes, you will find that the ferocity is chilling.
A four-man battle was inseparable, and several opponents were exchanged with the change of distance.
"Li Wei, where are you now!" Ji Jie stared at Wu Gou’s frosty eyes. "What’s the handle of Wang Neng, who is high on the white horse, in those hands? Did you do that to your mother?"
Wu Gou Frost and Snow never said a word, and kept fighting, fighting and fighting like a lost soul puppet.
"You fucking say something!" Ji Jie was so angry that "why didn’t your company tell my grandpa something?" Afraid of shame? Is it important to face or life at this time? Aren’t you ashamed of what you are doing now? !”
"Do you know that in the summer, I saw you being bombed by your crazy people in the second world, and there are many fucking children in the store! Do you know that she cried for a long time? !”
"Do you know how the summer nurse number disappeared? It’s not because of you!"
Ji Jie said more and more angry. If it weren’t for Wu Gou’s frost and snow still holding the ink soul sword in his hand, he really wanted to throw it away and give him a good fight.
Ji Jie said that these Wu Gou frosts and snows are not motionless, but they are also limited to this sword, which still stings people and is a machine without feelings.
Just in the summer, when they were playing in the game, the white-haired boy suddenly sat up straight in a small hotel in J city, staring at the bed head tightly.
No one knows when angelo came to J, and no one knows that he stayed in this small hotel that doesn’t need an ID card for a few days. At this time, he sat cross-legged on the ground in a game shirt and put it on the edge of the bed, constantly changing the monitoring screen.
Angelo quickly pressed a few times on the keyboard, and the surveillance screen was enlarged and displayed at the entrance of rosa multiflora Children’s Welfare Institute.
Huang Xiaoyi is working overtime these days, and it’s almost the same when he comes back from work every day. After he entered the welfare home, several people appeared from the other side, cooing and talking.
They have been staring here for several days, but they don’t know where they can’t see. angelo also stared at them for many days. A few days ago, they all left this time after Huang Xiaoyi came back, but they were discussing something.
Who are they and what do they want? Angelo’s white hair blocked the pink pupil and seemed to ignite a small flame of excitement.
Chapter two hundred and five Summer decisive battle
"Gollum" is fighting with a gentleman in the frost and snow in Wu Gou, and a bubble suddenly appears in the summer field of vision.
Xia ignored this private chat. Anyway, everyone who knows her well knows that she is in the final battle and should not bother her.
Gollum is another bubble, followed by Gollum, Gollum and Gollum … More and more bubbles soon occupy the summer vision.
Xia is very angry. This is not the new method of madness, is it? That’s why bubbles want to affect her. Fuck? That’s too underestimate her.
The gentleman is already a spent force. In the summer, seize the opportunity to prepare a set of big tricks to harvest him. HP didn’t expect Wu Gou frost and snow to come to the rescue like being instructed. In the summer, he watched the gentleman leave a trace of blood but escaped from her attack range. Ji Jie anxiously shouted that he wanted to kill the gentleman.
That cry reminded Xia of a sentence in Li’s letter to her: "And can you stop playing with Ji Jie all the time?" She was flushed at that time.
She thinks this is jealousy, right? But now she shouted Ji Jie and fought side by side with Ji Jie, but there was no response from Wu Gou Frost and Snow? This makes the summer heart more sad.
It’s hard to see Wu Gou Frost and Snow. She wants to ask him what happened. Everyone can find a way to help him together, but he doesn’t give her a chance to speak. The attack is getting closer and closer, as if she is in a hurry to end the battle.
In the summer vision, there are three names left in the original list of 100 people, namely, Shang Yuzou Yin and Grandpa. How is it possible? The gentleman looks at the gentleman HP and has a little left. She knows that the other party has already eaten up the blood medicine.
However, HP in the age group is also declining and has not recovered. Xia knows that there is no potion in the age group.
If only she were still a rose in Xia Xia in the summer, she could add blood to her and Ji Jie, but now she can watch their HP drop a little, but there is nothing she can do.
Fortunately, the frost and snow HP in Wu Gou has not been repeated, but has dropped to about the same position as summer, about 4%
Finally, Xia heard a groan from the gentleman, and the name in the team list was grayed out again. Before Xia saw the gentleman’s appearance, he quickly "resurrected" the mosaic and disappeared.
Ji Jie breathed a sigh of relief but locked his brow. Although it was a moment, he saw the gentleman’s appearance. He was sure that he didn’t know the man, but he felt that he was familiar. He felt that he must have seen him somewhere, but he couldn’t remember when and where at the moment.
Ji Jie thought for a moment. What he wants to do now is to beat Wu Gou’s frost and snow and then interrogate him well. He wants to do something that worries everyone as much as thunder. However, he was just about to go over and suddenly his neck suddenly cooled down, and then the blue sky and white clouds lost their color. He was killed by Wu Gou’s frost and snow.
"What’s the matter …" Ji Jie’s words have not been said, and there has been a unified display in front of him.
I fell to the ground and saw Xia running like a madman, almost through the dagger dancing in her hand, and the ghosting caused by the attack was almost in a line.
At this time, Ji Jie saw another bubble in his field of vision. Although he was already a "dead body", he could do exercises in his field of vision, including typing and poking bubbles.
"(whispering) Contact me when Angelo is finished."
The spirit of Ji Jie was shocked. Did this guy finally get the information of the mysterious people? He immediately gave Angelo a private chat.
"(whisper) how can I hang up! what’s up Did you find them? "
Angelo’s private chat came soon, but Ji Jie didn’t understand it
"(whispering) Angelo line to J downtown hospital, don’t tell Xia"
Ji Jie’s heart suddenly sank. The hospital is not a good place. Angelo also emphasized not to tell Xia. Is it because something happened to her relatives and friends?