Every game, whether it’s the national league or the Champions League, can attract 72,000 spectators. At the Rome Olympic Stadium, 50,000 Lazio fans flocked to watch the game and play side by side with the team.

Lazio has been ranked first in Serie A for three consecutive seasons.
It is precisely because of this number advantage that Lazio fans also have an imposing advantage at home, so Lazio’s home court seems to be the most difficult to conquer, and many teams can bow down here.
Just like cavani’s shock after scoring, Lazio fans are crazy now.
This kind of fanaticism is clearly felt in the closed box.
He excitedly asked his father, "Can I play football here later, Dad?"
Ji Leng smiled and nodded. "Of course, do you still say that?"
"hey! Come on Lazio! The blue eagle flies! "
Xiao Jiming excitedly waved his little fist and shouted in a childish voice, just like those crazy Lazio fans outside the box.
In the end, Lazio beat Lyon 41 at home, and finally got revenge for being drawn by Lyon in the first leg!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Winning strategic style
Ji Leng and Ji Ming stayed in Changsheng’s home for more than a week. After completing some formalities and rooms here at Lazio Club, they left Rome and returned to their homes in the sea.
This time, they went back mainly to do two things. One is naturally that Ji Leng resigned himself, and the other is that Ji Ming dropped out of school.
Ji Leng’s colleagues were surprised that Ji Leng had done a good job and suddenly resigned.
Ji Leng has been promoted and his salary has been raised because of his previous follow-up reports on Chang Sheng and Valencia’s outstanding performance. In the eyes of colleagues, Ji Leng has a bright future. Maybe he can take the position of deputy editor?
That’s middle management.
It’s completely different from the former front-line reporter who runs errands everywhere.
Ji Leng resigned!
No one knows exactly why he wants to resign, but it is vaguely heard that he is going abroad.
Since you’re going abroad, it must be a better job, right?
This is a promotion …
Colleagues think jealously
Then they watched with complicated eyes as they completed the resignation procedure and left the office in the cold season
At the same time, the company can’t ask Ji Leng why he wants to resign, but the school can’t help but ask Ji Ming’s parents why they want to drop him out.
Ji Leng didn’t tell anyone that he let his son drop out of school because he was going to play in Italy.
It’s telling the school that you’re moving, leaving the sea and going back to your hometown to get your son out of school.
My wife has long known about the cold season arrangement, and she has no objection.
But since her husband resigned, she certainly can’t resign.
It’s possible to be a teacher. Her income is the biggest source of income for her family …
In this way, she must endure a long separation from her husband.
Fortunately, she is a teacher and has three months paid vacation every year, and then the family can be reunited.
But parting is always necessary …
Wife can’t bear children, husband can’t bear wife.
If you have children, you are worried that the novelty is not over yet, and you have not thought about the past. What if you are a stranger in Rome and miss your mother?
He has uncle Changsheng’s words in his head now.
The dream is to bloom on the cliffs for the brave!
No matter how much he has to pay to pick this flower, how many difficulties and obstacles he has to go through!
The story of Ji Leng and Ji Ming pursuing their dreams comes to an end here.
The winning team is striding forward in the League and the Champions League.
In the league, Lazio has eleven wins, two draws and a negative product of thirty-five points and three points, leading Inter Milan and ranking first in the league.
In the Champions League, they are also in a very good situation.
After beating Lyon 41 at home, Lazio not only qualified for the previous group, but also qualified for the first group.
In the group stage, Lazio played five rounds, four wins, one draw and thirteen points.
Lyon ranked second with two wins, two draws and one loss.
Liverpool ranked third with two wins, one draw and two losses and seven points.
Debrecen, an unknown team, has been eliminated by the former team for a long time without winning a game.
With the last round left in the group stage, Lazio is five points ahead of Lyon, which must be the first in the group.
After the first qualifying in the first group, Lazio shifted its focus from the Champions League to the League.
This is actually the consistent style of Changsheng in strategy.
Playing in the Champions League is definitely to make efforts as soon as you come, and try your best to win the first place in the group before qualifying.
Although it will be a little harder after the league, it is also necessary to ensure the league results.
But that benefit are obvious.
After qualifying early, Lazio can temporarily give up the remaining matches in the Champions League group stage and shift its focus to the league, so that the performance in the league will be upgraded, and the league results will be more points ahead of the second place in the league, so that Lazio was already in a relatively favorable position in the league when the Champions League knockout resumed in February that year. They can lead the second place by more points.
In this way, the winning team can temporarily strategically give up the league choice and assist the Champions League.
At the very least, it is guaranteed that you can definitely make it through the first round of the Champions League knockout.
This will give the team a lot of room to maneuver.