This sentence of Zhu Yinzhen is very familiar. This is the second time that Shen Menglu heard this sentence of Zhu Yinzhen. When Zhu Yinzhen said this sentence to her, it was also in this grand palace. At that time, they had not yet married and had not yet confessed each other. At that time, Shen Menglu was still in a struggle to accept Zhu Yinzhen’s strong pursuit.

At that time, in the face of Shen Menglu’s righteous refusal to Zhu Yinzhen, she threw a word to her so forcefully and domineering. It’s no harm for you to take a big risk!
Shen Menglu suddenly remembered her mood at that time. She used to think that the overbearing and powerful man was too handsome, but now she is facing the affectionate Zhu Yinzhen. Shen Menglu came over in vain that day, which made her heart beat. It was not Zhu Yinzhen’s domineering at all, but his affection.
Shen Menglu’s beautiful eyes looked into Zhu Yinzhen’s heart. "Shiro, in that case, let’s go!" Stop surfing or the food will be cold. "
When Shen Menglu said this, Zhu Yinzhen felt a flock of crows flying over his head. "Mom doesn’t take you so hurtful!"
Although Zhu Yinzhen knew that Shen Menglu’s anger and sadness in front of him today was to step into the Zongren House, it was so sad that she made no secret of turning her face and denying people!
Although Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t expect Shen Menglu to respond to his tenderness with gratitude, he should at least show his due touch! Even if it’s a little touched!
"It’s not a good time for Shiro to be immersed in love." Shen Menglu was a little weak by Zhu Yinzhen’s sad eyes. She blushed slightly and approached Zhu Yinzhen’s small tunnel. "I’ll repay you after Shiro’s affectionate return to the office."
This is an invitation from Chiguoguo! This is burning passion! The smog in Zhu Yinzhen’s heart was swept away in an instant and replaced by the sun shining with birds and flowers.
"good! Then let’s go! " Zhu Yinzhen took Shen Menglu’s hand. "But you have to promise me that no matter what you hear, you will keep calm. Besides, you must follow your husband when he says to leave." Zhu Yinzhen positive color way
"good! I promise you! " Shen Menglu did not hesitate to answer Zhu Yinzhen’s exception and let her go in to see Zhu Yinqi in Zongren Mansion, which is considered an extra-legal grace. His request is not too much.
"And I know that my mother sent you here to ask for information, but there are some things that my father doesn’t want my mother to know for the time being. Can you know everything from heaven to earth?" Zhu Yinzhen put Shen Menglu into the Zongren House. Even if he reached Dezong’s ear, he naturally had a way to make Dezong feel relieved. However, if Shen Menglu let slip in front of Queen Ji and made Dezong unhappy, the consequences would be hard to say.
"Shiro, don’t worry, I am measured." Shen Menglu gently squeezed Zhu Yinzhen’s hand and gave him a calm and firm smile.
"good! Then let’s go! " Zhu Yinzhen took a deep breath and led Shen Menglu to the door of Zongren Mansion.
Zhu Yinqi has been sitting uneasily on a stone bench sorting chess since Zhu Yinzhen went out.
The chess scattered all over the place has been picked up by Zhu Yinqi without hesitation. He is sorting the word black and white into the chess box at the moment.
Empress Mufei is here! This sentence is like a curse, and Zhu Yinqi keeps circling in his mind. If it weren’t for his strong willpower, Zhu Yinqi would have rushed out of the door of the Zongren Mansion in desperation. He is eager to see Shen Menglu, and he is satisfied even at a glance.
But Zhu Yinqi didn’t take a step out of the courtyard without him, and he was eager for his reason again, and he was not allowed to do anything sorry for Zhu Yinzhen again. Shen Menglu was a princess of Zhu Yinzhen and a woman who loved Zhu Yinzhen deeply. I didn’t know that Zhu Yinzhen might be able to tell himself that Zhu Yinzhen had robbed his woman, but now Zhu Yinzhen can’t do it, and he has no such courage.
Don’t say that Shen Menglu has a heart for him. Even if they are two of a kind Zhu Yinqi, they don’t have the courage to compete with Zhu Yinzhen at the moment. Because he has sacrificed too much, he owes too much to Zhu Yinzhen.
Shen Menglu … What a beautiful girl when I think of Jiangbei when Shen Menglu once called him Yinqi’s brother Zhu Yinqi’s heart ached involuntarily! What a reluctant girl!
"Dream …" Looking at the desktop, Zhu Yinqi, who was consciously spelled into a dream word by his chess, stupefied and started to stay, even the footsteps outside the courtyard were not found.
Take the front guide to show Yang’s eyes and see the dazzling white dream words on the stone table. Show Yang’s heart is shocked and consciously blocked Zhu Yinzhen’s sight. Lang called out, "Your Majesty and Empress in the Taidian have brought you meals."
Zhu Yinqi woke up from a rude awakening and looked in the direction of Zhanyang and saw Shen Menglu around Zhu Yinzhen. The two of them shook hands tightly.
Zhu Yinqi got up and quietly upset the table chess, erasing that dazzling dream word and his self-control love for Shen Menglu.
"How did the old four and four siblings come in?" Zhu Yinqi didn’t expect to meet Shen Menglu, and he didn’t expect Zhu Yinzhen to bring Shen Menglu in. Dezong split the will. Zhu Yinzhen did this against the will!
"Mother is worried that you sent a dream to send a meal." Zhu Yinzhen grumpily replied that he ordered Zhanyang to close the table and put the box on the table.
"Lao mother is concerned about four siblings." Zhu Yinqi sideways made way for Shen Menglu to sit. He came to find Zhu Yinzhen unexpectedly …
Exhibition Yang and frost mo language put the food one by one and then left the courtyard waiting for Shen Menglu and others to leave an absolute privacy.
As always, the palace meals are exquisite, exquisite dishes, exquisite dishes and even exquisite wine.
No more wine glasses, no less three chopsticks, no more, no less three pairs.
Zhu Yinzhen and Zhu Yinqi saw these two people sink their eyes. It seems that Queen Ji has long recognized that Shen Menglu can break the defense and enter the department.
Shen Menglu personally poured the wine for the two brothers. "Please, Your Majesty!"
"Shiro!" Zhu Yinzhen was dissatisfied with Shen Menglu’s distant address and reached out and grabbed the hip flask from Shen Menglu’s hand and shouted "I’ll come!"
Shen Menglu smiled at Zhu Yinzhen’s reaction and sat down beside Zhu Yinzhen tenderly. He took care of the food "Shiro, you have worked hard."
A small movement that warms people’s hearts instantly doused Zhu Yinzhen’s small flame and made his heart blossom. "Thank you, Mom, you eat, too." Zhu Yinzhen felt twice as good * If he was surprised, he quickly helped Shen Menglu with food.
"Shiro!" It’s difficult to see Zhu Yinzhen picking up food for her, but Shen Menglu likes to eat food. The problem lies in the way Zhu Yinzhen picks up food. Shen Menglu put it in Zhu Yinzhen’s bowl, but Zhu Yinzhen sent it to Shen Menglu’s mouth.
"Shiro, don’t do this!" Shen Menglu glanced at Zhu Yinqi’s low mouth across the street and motioned Zhu Yinzhen not to go too far.
"Niang don’t like to eat this? The husband changed the same. "Zhu Yinzhen didn’t understand Shen Menglu’s suggestion that the old god sent the food into his mouth and re-clamped it to Shen Menglu’s mouth." Niang, this crystal shrimp, loves a mother to open her mouth! "
Is this ya going to repeat the old trick and deliberately show love before others? Shen Menglu raised his forehead with a headache, and he felt more strongly about Zhu Yinzhen’s childish behavior.
"Shiro! I can do it myself. "Show love depends on the occasion! Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t look at this place, who is sitting opposite them and what the situation is! Shen Menglu gave Zhu Yinzhen a white look and refused to open his mouth to eat shrimp sent to his mouth.
"Niang is don’t like this way of feeding? That husband is different! " It’s because Zhu Yinqi and Zhu Yinzhen are sitting opposite each other that it’s even more important to show his heart that Shen Menglu’s love has completely killed Zhu Yinqi!
Zhanyang, was he very obscure about Zhu Yin’s awakening just now? Don’t they he have long eyes? There is no exhibition in the sharp eye, and he can wear Yang Mu for a hundred miles! How can that dazzling dream word on the table escape Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes?
Zhu Yinqi still covets his wife, which makes Zhu Yinzhen suddenly angry! Shen Menglu won’t let him show his love. He insists on showing it! He has to show it thoroughly!
Zhu Yinzhen turned the chopsticks around and sent the shrimp into his mouth, then unexpectedly leaned over to aim at Shen Menglu’s deep red lips and kissed them.
Shen Menglu was suddenly magnified by Zhu Yinzhen’s handsome face, and she couldn’t figure out the situation at the moment. She was surprised and stared at her eyes. It was not until Zhu Yinzhen crossed the shrimp in her mouth that Shen Menglu reacted. Zhu Yinzhen tried to feed her in another way.
Shen Menglu’s face is as red as a braised prawn. This ya … This ya is so crazy!