And Bai Yanxin seems to have been hit by something-he likes Liu Qing?

It’s just that she occasionally appreciates her actions. If she likes it … It’s unlikely, right?
Think of this white rock mood is more and more complicated, and look at Liu Qing’s back, and his eyes are somewhat erratic!
Later, when Liu Qing spoke to him, he tried to avoid her eyes!
Liu Qing seems to have found something and couldn’t help laughing. "You won’t take what Xiaojin said as a child seriously, will you? I don’t think you are so naive. "
"How can … seriously …" Bai Yanlian stuttered and suddenly hitched a heart!
No! This is impossible!
Liu Qing looked at him solemnly and said, "I like Nan Haochen alone in my life. I will accompany him when he is born and when he dies!"
Then she turned her head and walked forward. I hope everything is oversensitive!
-dividing line-
It’s hard to get to the valley, which is surrounded by more than a dozen mountains like a disk center!
There are a lot of people from all over the world who come to the mercenary group to stare at the very center!
See the scene long royal to them immediately respectfully salute "master scene-"
There is a bold doubt at Jing Changyu. "Master Jing, didn’t you say earlier that you weren’t interested in this beast?"
Jing Changyu raised his eyebrows and the ground shook three times. "I was not interested in my existing interests. Can’t I?"
The mercenary group head repeatedly hand "is! Master Jing, this beast must be you! "
Having said that, although these mercenary groups have retreated a few miles away, they are still eyeing this beast!
The joke is won by the beast. God, who can resist such a huge temptation?
Besides, even Jing Changyu may lose both sides after the beast fights. They just got this opportunity to steal the beast!
Everyone is not stupid, so they retreat not far away and wait for the opportunity!
Zhuge Yue naturally felt the sight not far away, watching them one by one, and almost scored them with the sight!
"This …" She hesitated!
Jing Changyu reminded the dreamer in a word, "I have never been married by others, but by others!"
Zhuge Yue immediately smiled at night like a stranger and laughed at these people. It’s really silly to say who will take advantage of it in the end!
-dividing line-
A group of people jumped into the valley, and the miasma and fog made people almost blind!
Everyone held their breath and waited for the super beast to be born …
Suddenly heard rumbling footsteps just like dinosaurs to shock the footsteps of heaven and earth!
Zhuge Yue hurriedly released Nanyue Obsidian and told him to stand by!
Finally, I saw what that thing looked like!
It’s a nine-claw rake saber-toothed tiger!