"You shout a fart. If you annoy the bodhi old zu, just wait for her daylights out." This time, the sound is clearer, and Xia Man can hear it clearly. This is exactly what the imprisoned monty sound in Tong Soul Jade suddenly rejoiced and hurriedly took out Tong Soul Jade’s hand. "Are you serious? Really can save her. "

Xia Man’s voice was excited, holding the palm of his hand, and his eyes became hotter than at this time. Monty in the soul jade had become his last glimmer of hope, just like the dying man caught a lifeline, and his heart seemed to be afraid that all this would become illusory in an instant.
No one can withstand this kind of torture.
Xia Man spoke very slowly, as if afraid that the monty couldn’t hear clearly inside, and once again asked in a low voice, "Can you really save her?"
"Bullshit. Why else would the bodhi old zu call you?" Monty this direct shout out even the distant officer fly and XuanYuanTie clearly heard the weather, but also heard a real heart jump and stared at Xia Man’s things intensely.
"Pass the soul jade?" God was slightly surprised that it turned out to be a soul jade. "So what’s the sound?" There was a flash in God’s eyes. Monty and human beings are mortal enemies, but they are holy in the temple of the body and spirit. He is more righteous in killing demons and removing demons.
I saw Sophie’s serene face still with a smile, and even if she died, she didn’t feel pain. She was about to say a spell and stop in her throat.
"Come on, let the bodhi old zu out and suffocate me." Monty was impatient with the sound, and Xia Man gnashed his teeth and said, "You lied to me, right? You tricked me into letting you out, and you couldn’t save her. "
The sound is cold, and even the complexion becomes extremely gloomy and chilly. Xia Man’s center spreads. At this moment, even the monty who is imprisoned in the soul jade feels this kind of thorough heart cold. He can’t help but whisper that "there is no bodhi old zu who is not like that". Later, it seems that he can’t understand why he will become low-spirited, and suddenly he becomes angry. "You have been in it for nearly a thousand years, but you will stay for hundreds of years."
Xia Man’s slight move on Monty’s words has a fatal temptation to him. Even when he was dying against Nightmare just now, he didn’t want to benefit Monty, but at this time he could choose to believe that he had no other way but this only hope.
"Good, but if you can’t bring her back to life, you must survive and not beg for death." Xia Man said with a gnashing of his teeth, which made people immediately believe that he absolutely said that he could do it. Monty also shuddered and whispered, "Well, the bodhi old zu must try his best to see her once."
"No, he can succeed." Xia Man interrupted Monty’s words for a moment. A spiritual force rushed into the soul jade in his hand, and it was forbidden to be easily broken by identification. It turned out to be a huge but gray thing.
"Hey, hey, bodhi old zu, since I promised you, I will try my best." The ever-changing white fog suddenly gathered to show a human figure as tall as Xia Man, but Xia Man knew that this monty was just a soul form.
"If I take you out?" The first time I met Monty Xia Man, I was not surprised at all. I asked coldly, although he can break the ban on identification, it can also allow him to enter Monty alone. It is a problem to go out like this.
"This" Monty stamped his foot in the white fog, and after a while, he shook his teeth and made a decision. He clapped his hands and said, "Let the bodhi old zu know your Lord for the time being, but you must promise to help the bodhi old zu regain his strength and help me find a skin at the right time, otherwise the bodhi old zu will never help you even if he is trapped inside."
The Monty clan is absorbed by the demon ancestor’s consciousness, and the demon spirit of heaven and earth can penetrate into the air to lure the monks. The Monty clan is eager to pay attention to spiritual cultivation in body law when practicing, but its spirit will never stop. Since then, it can invade all kinds of creatures. It is said that the Monty clan can easily invade the spirit of the God King and know the sea to induce the demons to kill the masters of the God King. Most of them are possessed by monty monsters in human practice, but this is because their minds are not strong. After all, Monty can guide from spiritual temptation and cannot actively harm human beings.
"Anything to save her" Xia Man can’t consider herself at the moment, hoping to hurry up and get Monty out to save Sophie.
"Well, that’s it." Monty’s voice fell from his eyebrows and a green six-pointed star pattern floated to Xia Man. He was no stranger to this monty’s recognition of Xia Man. He played several times in previous games. At this time, seeing Monty really forced the soul mark out would be reassuring. It seems that this monty is not lying. Maybe he is really sure to save Sophie and immediately absorb the green six-pointed star with a wave of his hand.
In this way, Monty and Xia Man formed a contract.
Xia Man’s heart was glad to quit Tong Soul Jade and immediately released Monty in the scorching sun. Monty’s body looked a little ethereal and dark green, and it was faintly visible that the change of Monty was not ugly.
"Come on, if you are late, you should know the consequences." Summer is pretty low and worried about whether Sophie can be resurrected. At this time, Monty is capable even if he wants to resist.
"Ah" Monty’s eyes flashed a sharp look, which was printed by thick white fog, and no one saw it floating past Sophie and looked for a moment with a sigh.
This immediately let Xia Man tighten his heartstrings.
"What’s the matter? If something goes wrong, the old man will destroy you. "Xia Man is angry and nervous. Make room for two flames in his eyes and stare at Monty intensely. Ask him to say something bad and destroy Monty immediately.
"Mom, you’re arrogant, my ass." Monty’s big mouth is not so sneering. "Don’t be a bodhi old zu. You hold the soft persimmon and tell you to cut off her vitality. Hurry up and find a piece of cold jade to protect her rotting bodhi old zu. You can wait for her soul to grow to the realm of the magic emperor before returning to the flesh. Don’t rot your body then. You are a beautiful woman as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, and you can be with us."
"Ten thousand years of cold jade where there is ten thousand years of cold jade, no matter he is even the old man at the bottom of the North Ghost Sea, he will find it." The excited tone in Xia Man’s heart has become a little quivering. "If you don’t hurry up, evocation will destroy you."
Chapter 13 Evocation
"All right, all right, hurry up!" Monty muttered impatiently. A light mist gradually spread out to reveal the dark green body inside.
He is about the same height as Xia Man, and his face is more handsome than Xia Man. Many eyes turn round and round, and you will know that he is not a law-abiding person. However, this appearance is made by Monty, and it is really meaningless. What is Monty like at the moment? They are all staring at him, hoping for a miracle.
God clasped his hands and once again let loose the sight of Monty showing his body. At that moment, there was an anger burning in his heart. If it hadn’t been for the nightmare to change into his body, this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened. For the inferno, he always rejected him and couldn’t help showing a trace of disgust. After lying on Sophie, his eyes eventually became soft.
"Hum, if she makes any mistake, I won’t let you live." God said quietly, everyone can hear it and deliberately suppress their anger
Xia Man’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. This weather is really arrogant, but at this time, she glanced at Monty and urged, "Your grandfather hurry up."
Monty nai said with a long sigh and impatience, "Okay, okay, if you don’t stop coming, she’s really in danger." After that, Xia Man and God looked at each other, all of them were friendly and shut up, and a few people around him dared not say anything, but quietly watched the changes here.
"Get the fuck away!" Monty probed carefully and suddenly binged. Seeing Xia Man and God are like swords, staring at him and hitting his lips, he explained, "Her soul has broken up and the bodhi old zu is sure to take back half of it. If you delay the bodhi old zu’s success here, I don’t care what goes wrong."
This words really tube Xia Man and God are silent for a moment, and then they go out without saying a word. Three meters away, their eyes are tense and they stare at Monty and the Iraqis lying on the green flag.
A quarter of an hour ago, there was a sea of people, and the arena was full of excitement and boiling. At this moment, there were only a few people and it was surprisingly quiet. Monty kept wandering and pacing. This pace seemed extremely strange as if it contained some wonderful trajectory, but no one could understand it. Even Xia Man, who had several experiences, couldn’t help frowning. This pace is really similar to the secret method of evocation of the Monty clan in the game, but can it be successful with the help of Monty cultivation? After all, the secret method of evocation in the game is that no more than two people can make even a large monty tribe, and both of them are senior monty with strength reaching Mundus level.
Identity and lineage are extremely important in the inferno. Only with higher inferno lineage can the inferno be advanced continuously and be crowned. Mundus is not a powerful person in front of him. Monty Xia Man can’t see through his strength. Naturally, there are some doubts about his strength, but this time is a delay. If you want to pull Sophie back from the brink of death, you can take a chance.
Monty’s figure became more and more hazy, and gradually a layer of dark green light came out of his body generate. As soon as this monty’s hand was led, the dark green light came out of the body, just like a thin line, which was skillfully pulled by him. One step out of Sophie’s figure, leaving a dark green spot. This dark green spot fluorescent flashing turned out to be like a searchlight, urging beams of light to shine on Sophie.
Monty didn’t stay behind this light, and she was relieved.
"Hey, hey, my girl’s soul is finally not lost, but how much can be recovered depends on her nature." Monty finally smiled and said that the hand movement did not stop, and the dark green thin line in his hand kept drawing strange patterns in vain. After a while, Sophie’s body had drawn seven points and two points, which turned out to be like the Big Dipper. It looked weird and abnormal.
Xia Man’s eyes finally showed a glimmer of joy, and it was not necessary for Monty to explain that he was also white. This was the first step in the occult technique of evocation-‘Soul leads nine deep and remote seven stars to renew the soul lamp’, so that Sophie’s three souls and seven spirits could be influenced by the magic circle and slowly gathered until the magic circle was completed by lighting seven soul lamps. I didn’t expect this monty to be so powerful. It seems that Sophie was really saved this time.
"Hey, hey, seven stars continue to collect souls. The magic circle has been established in how many residual souls can be recovered, but it depends on her nature." Monty didn’t blather. If it’s really the daylights out, it’s impossible to recall the soul even if the occult technique is severe. Sophie’s highest secret method is that the soul sacrifice is not immediately daylights out. It’s a lucky thing.
For the first time, Xia Man’s eyes showed hot light and stared at the suspended Sophie’s seven stars. The nails were deeply immersed in the meat, but they seemed to be anxious but a little uneasy in the hot eyes.
Is this really possible?
Xia Man feels that this generation has never been so nervous. He has experienced several life-and-death duels. The king of the game has found a chance for his beloved to come back to life, but he is extremely uneasy. He is afraid that even this last glimmer of hope will be extinguished again like burning candle light.
"Come alive, you must come alive." Xia Man muttered to himself that there was such an idea in his heart. He was eager and extremely worried. He stared at the green light shining in the torment. The circle of evocation was just a moment. His eyes were bloodshot, like a driven crazy beast, but he was quietly crawling. He was constantly using secret methods to help Sophie regain her soul. Monty was suddenly stared at by Xia Man with such strange eyes. He shook his head and smiled bitterly. He stepped up his pace. The dark green light in his hand was like a ribbon, flying around three meters. A little bit of lost souls would be recovered by him.
At the beginning of the month, when a bright moon appears in a dark night, the two brightest stars in the sky actually shine brightly, which corresponds to the ground array far away.