But fortunately, their souls have been sucked away by the nine babies, and they can’t afford to lift any storms without mind.

Taotao and Yuantian glances at each other. They respectively walk along the walls on both sides to Jiuyingyuan, intending to bypass the four motionless siren in the middle and smash it.
Qing Qingming sees that there is no big problem now, sitting on the ground and taking it out to recite it.
The light yellow light that the Nangong dust stares at hangs in the middle stems from the sudden awareness of a very light but extremely dangerous breath in calm.
He said, "Taotao Xiaotian, don’t move."
Tao Tao and Yuan Tian listened to his words and immediately stopped. They saw four gorgeous lights spraying out from the nine-baby source and landed on the other side. The four monster bodies just closed their eyes and didn’t move. The demon slowly opened his eyes.
Jiao Ren’s eyes are black. Medusa has no pupils in her eyes. The banshee opened it, and the mussel jellyfish lit up in gorgeous colors.
These soul monsters, which were swallowed up by nine babies, are alive.
Taotao and Yuan Tian hurriedly retreated to the Nangong dust and cleared their names.
The scene before us can be terrifying. All four demons here feel better, let alone wake up at the same time.
The nangongshan dust low said, "Their consciousness has been manipulated by Nine Babies. The protection source will definitely find a way to kill you. We should have a fighting force when we make moves."
Clear name stare big eyes "are you kidding? How to fight this? "
Nangong dust "The jellyfish demon body has the sacred purification property of highly toxic peaches, which can restrain the toxins. It is given to you, so don’t let it spray body fluids. Once the toxic gas evaporates, it will be sealed here and pollute the gas."
Taotao pulls out Taoyao "white"
Nangong Dust looked at the Mirage. "Mirage’s talent is a corrosive liquid in Mirage Dan. I can find a way to restrain it before I move my soul power."
Yuan Tian licked his lips. "It seems that people who see Medusa’s eyes are petrified in western mythology, so I choose it."
Before he took it out, he modified goggles when dealing with the doll teacher. It was with goggles that he didn’t have the doll teacher’s move, and he must have restrained Medusa’s petrochemical ability.
The enchanted Jiao Ren was left to Kuang Qingming. He took out his multiplier and killed the flag by wind. He said with no confidence, "Hurry up, I don’t think I can beat this ugly thing …"
The nangongshan dust will fall on his shoulder and fly out with wealth to Jiuyingyuan, pecking at the yellow light and shadow with his mouth.
Since the monster is controlled by Nine Babies, the source that interferes with it should also interfere with the monster.
Allocate each opponent’s peach and peach swords and run towards the jellyfish. She was just about to chop at its huge body when she suddenly saw that its colorful body was full of water and stopped.
Nangong dust says it is poisonous and there is much water, so it must not let the water flow out.
Taotao takes back Taoyao, but it can be brute force if it can’t be hurt by a sword.
She released the spirit pulse to urge the sacred purification spirit force to be placed in her hands, and then grabbed the jellyfish umbrella cover. Suddenly, the sacred purification element gushed out along her palm and wrapped the whole jellyfish body. Peach gritted her teeth and swung the jellyfish’s huge body, which was half the size of a football field.
Aside wearing goggles yuan day froze.
One side was about to face Jiao Ren Qing Ming and froze.
Even the nangongshan dust froze.
I always knew Taotao was strong, but I really didn’t know she was so strong.
Nangong Dust made a deal with Lin Quan earlier. He crossed Lin Quan’s soul to die, but Lin Quan’s body and part of his memory belong to him. He knows something about the world now. In Lin Quan’s memory, he seems to have seen a word called domestic violence in contemporary human society.
I’m afraid no one in the world can stand it if the queen peach punches, right?
Taotao ran didn’t know that she was being watched. She threw the jellyfish’s huge body on the wall and sent a boom.
The mother liquid was smashed out of the gravel water with its head facing away, but it was all wrapped in sacred purification elements. As soon as the liquid with toxin emerged from the body, it was purified by the peach-peach property force and flowed to the ground to leave pure water.
Peach, peach, jellyfish, water again
A few years later, the huge jellyfish shrank by a circle, and a large pool of clear water stains accumulated on the ground.
"Niu Wow" Yuan Tian praised "Brother Nangong, did you tell the boss that you can kill jellyfish like this?"
Nangong Chen said, "I want her to be sacred and purify, restrain jellyfish toxin, and then the younger brother will prepare an omen for her to deal with it."
But who knew the peach way was so simple and rude?
In fact, Taotao’s ability to fight back the jellyfish is not because her spiritual master is strong enough to make a jellyfish demon, but because she is restrained from making enemies by toxins, not strong fighting capacity, and Taotao has the ability to purify and restrain the jellyfish demon in front of her.
Just when Taotao violently killed jellyfish, he looked almost like a human being. Medusa threw a cold stare at Yuantian. Fortunately, Medusa wore goggles before Yuantian, and her petrified gaze crashed into the mirror of his goggles. The gaze rebounded and petrified itself in place.
Yuan Tian took out a double gun or shot at it.
Kuang Qingming also greeted the demonized Jiao Ren. There are three sections of the wind-killing flag in his hand, one is called wind, the other is air supply, and the third is wind-killing.
He himself is the wind attribute, and he can manipulate the wind easily.
Wave the wind to kill the flag to summon the wind, and the wind will surround him with sand and water. Wave the air supply and manipulate the wind to repel the evil spirits. Wave the wind to turn the sword around the evil spirits into the evil spirits.
After three paragraphs, if it weren’t for his strength and too many evil spirits, he would be seriously injured.
But this demonization of Jiao Ren is obviously better than that of Qing Ming. When Qing Ming waved the wind-killing flag in his hand, Jiao Ren had a premonition of something. It twisted the fish’s tail and retreated to avoid the wind-killing flag. One paragraph missed, two paragraphs missed and three paragraphs failed, so Qing Ming celebrated the flag and chased Jiao Ren.
Among all the battles, the calmest ones are Nangong Dust and Stork Demon.
The snake body is a clam shell, which can open the clam mouth when it moves by other methods, and Dan spits corrosive liquid at him.
Nangong Dust raised his hand and there was a red light as hot as magma in his palm, but the liquid was melted by the magma when it burst into him.
The mirage-covered Nangong dust smiled, but the picture was still a snowy night that year. He didn’t look at the scene in the dreamland until Yuan Tianhe screamed and cleared his name.
Although Yuan Tian settled on Medusa, the sorcery of petrochemical industry couldn’t trap itself. Medusa’s head was full of snakes, and she vomited a letter ferociously. For a moment, her body was tattooed and her eyes were broken, and she looked at Yuan Tian again without pupils.
This time, it learned its lesson and didn’t stare again. Instead, it somehow made the snake hair on its head suddenly grow and extend several times, and it was surrounded by Yuan Tian from all directions.
Those snakeheads shot in Yuan Dynasty, and the fire attribute and light attribute ofuda, the spell ball took turns to hit and cut off more than a dozen snakeheads in Medusa.
The snakehead fell to the ground and shed dark green blood drop by drop.
Yuan day took the chance to catch a sigh of relief and was about to continue to play with the stuffed paper in the gun and suddenly realized that it was wrong.
Although he interrupted the Medusa snakehead, as its blood splashed on the ground, every drop of blood Hwa-Sung Do spat a letter and the poison tongue was standing up and looking at him coldly.
He is surrounded by hundreds of poisonous snakes, and not far away, Medusa’s head snake is slowly reborn. His attack can’t afford this banshee.
For an instant, Yuan Tian felt that things were getting scary.
On the other side, Qing Ming ran after Jiao Ren, and he heard a sad song.
How can anyone sing in this tomb of nine babies? The original name was Taotao hitting jellyfish and singing for fun, but after listening to it, I found that it was wrong. Although the line looked like a woman, it was heavier than Taotao’s tone, and his head began to faint as the song sounded.