"It’s absolutely appropriate that all the future troubles have disappeared without leaving a trace. Please rest assured, big brother!" Green month immediately understand green xuan question look more respectful, but the eyes have a little more difficult to detect alert color.

Qing Xuan slowly walked behind Qing Yue and put out his hand. He patted his shoulder slightly on Qing Yue’s shoulder and felt that his body trembled slightly. He immediately laughed. "Teacher younger brother Qing Yue really is a talent. It is absolutely indispensable for you to follow me well, and I will definitely make you more beautiful than following Qing Yue."
Qingyue felt a slight cold sweat on her forehead and respectfully said, "May the master elder brother share the troubles."
"Ha-ha, it’s good. After we hit a mountain in this new world of America, I will never treat you badly. Everything you get must be yours."
Qing Xuan was satisfied and went out. Qing Yue was shivering and wiped her forehead. Cold sweat said that if you say something like a tiger and a person like Qing Xuan makes him feel unhappy, it is possible to insert a flying sword from behind you.
Being killed by a sneak attack on Qinghai by Qingyue is a living example. I didn’t make any big mistakes, but my words slightly violated Qingxuan and I fell to a tragic end.
Doug Grafkar, the largest cathedral in new york, sits on the purple luxury sofa, holding a beautiful glass in his hand, slowly tasting the red wine shining like amber in the glass, and listening to a senior judge reporting on the progress.
Suddenly Carl seemed to hear something unwilling to listen, and his brow wrinkled up, and his eyes flashed with cold light to report to the senior referee. At once, his words became a little stuttering, but Carl’s brow wrinkled even tighter.
"What did you say? I’ve given it to you for two days, but you haven’t found those damn dark criminals’ nests yet. Isn’t there news that they are also near new york? Don’t you have the ability to do this little thing well? " It can be seen from the tone that Carl is very unhappy
"I’m sorry, young master, we’ve searched all the nearby towns, but there is no sign of these dark creatures. They seem to have never moved. You know, if they hide their breath and don’t come out to hunt, it’s hard to find them without the help of sacred objects." The senior referee trembled slightly while explaining his body nervously.
Suddenly, a sword with a strong cold breath wrapped in the holy light flew out of Carl’s palm and directly passed through the chest of the senior referee. In the expressions of other referees, the sword gave off a strong sacred flame and directly burned the senior referee to ashes, even the soul became empty.
No expression Carl slowly pulled out his long sword, and the holy light flashed a long sword slightly, and he sat down in his body again. He said coldly, "What a complete waste! If you can’t do such a thing well, I’ll send you directly to the emperor!" Strong murderous look makes everyone around you tremble.
It is important to note that if friends can’t type the old domain name, they can access it by visiting the backup domain name.
Even a bronze knight sitting not far away flashed a strange expression and muttered in his heart, "Since the injury was cured, the young master’s temper has become more and more big. This month, he has killed three referees. It’s not a way to go like this. Did the original injury leave any hidden dangers? How come? Is there anything that can’t be restored when you personally perform the big blessing? "
"Keep looking for me. I must find out these damn dark creatures. If new york can’t find them, then you can expand them to the whole of new york. If you can’t find them, then you can continue to expand them to nearby States. Anyway, I must find this crime and accept the most severe punishment from the emperor."
Carl yelled at several senior referees crazily, and several of them were fairly strong in the past. The senior referees dared not have a trace of dissatisfaction and did not stop, shaking and flying out, so they quickly went to look for it, or the senior referee in front of them would be an example.
Seeing Carl angry is more strange than sitting back on the sofa not far from the bronze knight. Carl is now very different from the holy power he showed before, but since the injury, his body has become more cold and feminine. Perhaps it has a lot in common with the holy power that the priestesses in the Vatican have shown.
Bronze knight’s heart is full of doubts and he can’t help but calmly ask, "Master, although they are judges, it’s also my referee’s office. Is it a pity to kill them like this? Even if you are cannon fodder, there is still a little bit of such reckless killing, which will definitely bring a lot of negative effects to your campaign in the family?"
Hearing these words, Carl seemed to think of something again. His eyes were full of anger. Cold light slammed the red wine in his glass and said coldly, "Waste should die. No one will stay. It will be a drag to kill them all." The body went to his room.
The bronze knight looked a little strange. Carl was no different from before, but there was always a strange idea in his heart that Carl was no longer the former Carl.
Chapter 12 Qiangqiang Girl
Chapter 12 Qiangqiang Girl
The night is full and the moon is full
Jinyang, Yichen and The Hunger, the tallest classical tower in the center of St George’s Cathedral, the largest cathedral in new york, are suspended in the darkest place in the whole building complex. The place chosen is just the place where the moonlight method reaches the number of places. When the guardian church priests fly by not far from them, they don’t realize that they are there.
Three ErLi are first-class Carl puzzling instantaneous killing process was heard by them, ears feel Carl returned to his room alone Jinyang low faint said "? That emissary energy is called holy power. Haven’t you seen it? I have seen strong lethality. "
A dust with a full face of contempt said, "They didn’t practice their own body energy, either body armor or hand weapons. Although these monks have good fighting strength, their own strength is extremely low, and they don’t seek their own liberation and seek strength. This kind of cultivation is not worth it."
The Hunger also muttered, "If you can’t, take the armor of the oldest old man’s body. The energy contained in it has reached at least the sixth order, but he has aged into this appearance. I, the friar of the Central Plains, will never age again after being repaired into the elixir. Although the old man really fights, his blood will not live for a hundred years without a trace of energy roots."
Jinyang looked at it with disdain. Two people were about to say something when they suddenly felt a group of powerful energy fluctuations coming from not far away, especially the energy fluctuations. A large part of them turned out to be the unique breath of The Hunger Gate. Jinyang looked at The Hunger old ghost’s body and hurriedly disappeared into the air, making a quick escape.
A wave of Jinyang three people appeared in a few miles away, and their bodies were all hidden in the virtual reality. Seeing the dozens of figures on the ground, Jinyang immediately laughed and looked at a face of black The Hunger old ghost behind him.
The black fox with dozens of brothers in the aisle of the two makeup buildings actually surrounded two men, two women and four Chinese. A trace of doubt suddenly rose in Jinyang’s heart and he thought to himself, "Do you want to rob girls in the street?"
But Jinyang on second thought, although the black fox and others are like hooligans, they have never touched the Chinese when they arrived in new york for a week.
God read a little induction Jinyang suddenly smiled with relief. It turned out to be the younger brother of Shu Shan Sword Sect. This is nothing strange. The hatred between Shu Shan Sword Sect and The Hunger Gate can solve this big night. These brothers of Shu Shan came out to have fun instead of practicing. Isn’t this a death? But also hit the black fox and a group of people
With a bottle of red wine in one hand, Black Fox smiled and said to his brothers around him, "Brothers, look who this is? Haha, the master of the Shushan Sword School, we can even meet old friends and brothers in new york. Tell us what we should do with our old friends today? "
A wretched little man with a face hurriedly grimaced and said, "The two little kills of the black fox boss are a magic weapon, and there will certainly not be too many SIRS. The number of brothers is too large, so it won’t matter if you and Zhan Long boss take one or two pieces by themselves. However, we have to catch these two little girls back and enjoy them for your brothers. I dream that one day I can enjoy a little girl from Shushan Sword Sect."
The black fox looked at each other coldly, and the four of them smiled and said, "Go to twenty people, five to one, and now we are all rich people with different identities. In the past, our lives were more expensive than those of the Shushan Sword Sect. Everyone gave me a bright move. Don’t be careless and get hurt, but you can’t play with women and men and directly kill women and bring them back alive."
As soon as this was said, the four brothers of the Shushan Sword School suddenly changed their colors. They all followed Qing Xuan to new york, where they wanted to meet The Hunger Gate. When the detective heard the words of the black fox, he immediately hated to grind his teeth. Four or green or purple flying swords flew out of their mouths, and all of them were aimed at the black fox who had just spoken.
Four people in the mind also white eyes dozens of people, each person’s strength is not in their four people, and they are not prepared to say anything to the death. One is a four-sword direct black fox alongside of.seem.
Behind the black fox sneered, he immediately flew out a dozen bloody flying swords and turned them into dozens of lotus flowers. After a symphony of pure iron in front of the black fox, the four or green or purple sword lights suddenly lost their luster and became the iron that fell to the ground. Although the quality of the four flying swords is good, the black fox side is more expensive.
Just when the four brothers in Shushan were terrified, two bloody swords suddenly appeared at the side of the two male brothers. When they reacted, lotus flower had been stabbed from their natural spirit, and instantly the two brothers’ bodies shrank into mummies, and all the blood departments were absorbed by two flying swords.
Looking at the shriveled corpse in front of me, the two female brothers of shushan suddenly screamed and looked at each other, and they wanted to blow themselves up. The black fox’s eyes were eager and the competitors immediately noticed that two black lights were shot into the hands of two girls. The black light on their foreheads rushed straight into the abdomen from the two girls’ natural spirits, and a somersault occurred. The two girls immediately fainted.
Black fox hey hey smiled and said, "It’s a good thing that I brought a unique secret magic weapon, or I blew myself up successfully for these two bitches. Today, there would be a lot less fun for the two of them to carry these two shushan bitches back and have a good time in China. This opportunity is absolutely impossible for everyone to seize the opportunity."
At this time, two yellow lights suddenly shot out of the mummies and flew out into the sky. When the black fox reacted, two to the light had already flown far away.
The black fox sighed slightly and said, "It’s a pity that if these two swords are caught, they can be refined into two elixirs, and then there will be two brothers among us who will gain a lot in strength."
Day Jinyang raised a pale yellow sword slightly with one hand and suspended it in his palm. He struggled violently and watched another yellow sword fly out rapidly. He smiled strangely and said in a low voice, "I’m worried that no one will go back and report that those monks suffered heavy losses. If I heard that a younger brother of The Hunger’s master appeared in new york, I should have brought enough troops!"
Chapter 121 Bait
Chapter 121 Bait
Because of the numerous sects in the manor, it is absolutely impossible to accommodate so many people. It is unanimously recognized that Kunlun is the originator of Taoism. All the disciples of Kunlun are controversial about living in the villa. Although the people of Shushan Sword Sect are very unhappy, it is acceptable in the general trend.
Besides, this time, the whole Central Plains Gate was almost physically dispatched, but it was still under the banner of helping the Shushan Sword Sect regain the’ Haotianjing’. Kunlun not only sent a large number of people to his own sect, but also ordered the major sects of Tiandaomen to send some disciples more or less.