"You said before that Chen Shaobai’s talent and strength are good. If everything is true, he may even be ranked in the top ten of the Xianbang."

Ling Wei’s voice is sold from the white Se rose, and the consciousness is eavesdropped in the distance. Chen Shaobai’s mind is fiercely gathering the will of God J and NG into a shape, and the relics and hatred are hidden without revealing half a point.
Beiju Luzhou Dongsheng Shenzhou is hundreds of millions of miles apart. If the other party can do it in real time, it may not be impossible to kill people by law. Now it is even more difficult to find a lover again after revealing his identity and intention prematurely.
Chen Shaobai’s convergence mind does not see or smell the fragrance of Se. By coincidence, it is falling into a state of "five aggregates". The Buddha’s light and Zhan Ran are suppressed in chaos clock, and the fragments of Zhuang Wang suddenly shake, attracting a number of incense believers. The strength is in harmony, like a fire cooking oil and flowers.
The brilliant Buddha’s light gradually spread from his whole body and spread around warmly, and the wave range was as far as a hundred miles.
At this moment, many good men and women who believe in "Dream Qin Xian Zun Jiu Jian Xian" have seen his figure in their minds. Although his body hasn’t changed much, he has been depressed in his heart and met with injustice in his life. He was moved to tears one by one and knelt down in the direction of autumn magic Qian Shan to pay homage, becoming more and more pious.
Some people who have seen miracles many times are not only pious to Chen Shaobai, but also have undisguised fanaticism in their eyes. Chen Shaobai has no doubt that those fanatics will be willing to die for an idea.
"Hey? The growth rate is much faster! "
The Buddha’s light in the whole body gradually turned into the essence. Chen Shaobai consciously realized a lot about Xuanfo Gong, while the foundation was extremely positive, and the speed of growth was visible to the naked eye. The original difference seemed to be that Xuany and N were suppressed.
The powerful gold Se flame surrounded the purple Se y and n fire and carefully cared for this "fragile" brother.
At the moment, he believes in incense, believes in Taoism and practices rapidly, but I don’t know that he has cultivated several devout "saints" in his consciousness. If it is to let Nan Ming leave the state and spend a lot of lingshi investment every year to cultivate dozens of saints for ten years, Taishilin knows that I’m afraid I even have a heart to kill.
Of course, because of the official month, even if you don’t know this, you have to have a chance to kill Chen Shaobai. Taishilin will never be soft.
The human heart is the most impenetrable thing. The more elusive and mysterious it is, the more attractive it is. Worship is not just a favor and magical power, but it can bring Chen Shaobai. These Ri’s are also a shadow of the heart.
Suddenly, Chen Shaobai felt a burst of Pei Mo’s imperial spirit force sweeping from heaven and earth to Nabao Cave Y and N in the chest sandalwood, and Yang chaos clock seemed to have sensed the danger and went deeper into the flesh and blood as if he had finished his body fusion.
Even so, the spirit force has made Chen Shaobai see through and see through, and now he feels like he is naked in front of people without any dignity.
"Power is power. If I have a perfect strength of quenching gas, how dare I spy on this spirit EU in a fairyland? !”
Chen Shaobai gave an angry roar from the bottom of his heart, and the Buddha’s light disappeared in a moment. He knew that a statue was strong and inexplicable in the depths of the sea
This taxiing person is not tall, but he is very powerful. He walks with lotus roots, wears a golden lock, wears a phoenix wing and a purple crown, and holds a golden cudgel of wishful thinking. The fire is extremely yang-like, and the magic gas is wrapped around his body, and he goes straight to the nine thoughts for thirty-three days. If you want to poke a hole in the sky,
It’s Chen Shaobai’s psychic ability that sustains Sun Wu, the Great Sage of Qi Tian!
"I don’t know which senior expert can’t visit!" Chen Shaobai terrier neck know perfectly well past ask ten counterparts posture.
An ordinary small flower that had been suspended in front of the light suddenly turned into light and came to Chen Shaobai to turn into a fairy.
Her face is elegant and plain, but her beauty is erratic, like a dragon palace dragon lady, and the dress of Chang ‘e in the middle of the month like liquid jasper adds a lot of charm to her, making her look like a ten-year-old girl and a thirty-year-old, which makes people unable to see how old she is.
But her self-centered and overbearing dual temperament can make people forget her appearance involuntarily.
It’s Lingwei!
PS: Ow, ow, ow. Recently, I saw a comment on the code word of Nanwu. So let’s go there together. Today, Ri continues to add more! to be continued
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Tao fragments
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Tao fragments
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Tao fragments
Appearing in front of Chen Shaobai, Lingwei is a pure mana polymer, and even the legal power is not too much, but he always feels that he can kill himself if he wants the other party to be willing to have an idea.
Chen Shaobai know this is by no means a psychological y and n shadow, but that’s the truth.
"Today, Ri, I can easily defeat ten swordsmen in the middle of the realm without making mana with the same physical quality. The gap between Ling Wei and me is so big."
Once again, I realized the strength of the other party. Chen Shaobai’s hatred became deeper and deeper. Looking at each other’s eyes seemed extremely indifferent, just like a talented and proud young Toshihiko.
Where do you know that Lingwei’s first sentence almost made him lose his heart?
"It’s just that a triple-tempered monk has an interesting little Taoist."
Say she one hand a hook Chen Shaobai felt chest tanzhong nabao hole inside a magic weapon and involuntarily want to fly out.
"Absolutely absolutely not!"
Y and n Yang chaos clock’s secret is too big, and even behind it, it is involved in the division of the five halls of ghosts and gods. Once it is seen by the other party, there will never be any good fruit to eat.
The so-called ordinary man’s crime is guilty of carrying a bag. Once chaos clock is alive, even if Lingwei can’t put her figure on her face to rob Ri, there will be several fairy lists. The strong are like sharks smelling blood.