Thought of here, Tang Luoling was even more worried about putting away the letters and said to Lin Niang, "Lin Niang, I have to go first. If there is anything important in Yile City, you can write to us again."

"Miss, don’t worry, I know how to do it."
Lin Niang nodded and sent Tang Luoling away with the spring breeze.
After Tang Luoling left, she returned to the night mansion and told Guan Geng about the situation and told him that she would take Guan Qilin back to the night palace. Guan Geng knew that the situation was serious and did not stop them from leaving first, while he went back to Wugaozhou with the guards of Guan gens.
Tang Luoling and Guan Qilin rushed back to the night palace as quickly as possible.
It takes ten days to get from Yile City to Night Palace.
But this time, Tang Luoling rested for two hours every day, and the speed of two swift horses was also fast, so it was abruptly reduced to six days and reached the night palace.
When I got back to the night palace, Maxima was exhausted.
"Sister Lorraine, go to the palace master. I’ll take the horse to the stable."
Qilin urged her to go in first.
"Well, I’ll go in first for a while, and you can go in and join me."
Tang Luoling just turned around and went in and rushed all the way to Guiyuan.
Guiyuan is at the highest peak in the southeast. She is flying like a white ghost jumping on the mountain.
In a short time, she finally arrived at Guiyuan Tower as a child.
Outside the Guiyuan Tower, she accidentally saw a figure that was standing upside down outside the tower.
"Little teacher younger brother, why are you here?"
"I don’t want to be here either. What can I do when Master comes back?"
Chu Yejun was wronged. God knows how lucky he is. Finally, Yun Lietian was rescued from the Holy Liang State, but he was badly injured. He also sent a message in a hurry to let Tang Luoling hurry back to Yuan.
But he never thought that he had just returned to Guiyuan Tower only to find that he had been wandering around the mainland for a long time and the night emperor was in Guiyuan Tower!
So his grief turned into a night emperor’s anger.
I was beaten up and had to stand upside down outside the tower.
Fortunately, not everyone can come in to Guiyuan Tower, otherwise he doesn’t know where to put his face!
"The old man is back?"
Tang Luoling is pleasantly surprised that the night emperor is now in the night palace, so there will be no danger in the cloudy and fierce days here.
"Well, you go in and leave me alone!"
Chu Yejun saw that her eyes had been looking at the gate of Guiyuan Tower, so she said.
"Okay, I’ll go in."
Tang Luoling didn’t push anything and went directly to Guiyuan Tower.
Chu Yejun was left standing on his head outside the tower, and his tone was a little melancholy. "Linger, you won’t find that there has always been a big brother in your eyes, but when will you see it?"
Entering the tower, she flashed a bell as soon as she entered.
Before stepping on the tower ladder, someone appeared. "Who?"
See this white-haired night emperor Tang Luoling didn’t good the spirit spray way "the old man is me! You belong to Yuanta. Who else dares to trespass? Chapter 4 Bodyguard 3
"I’m just Chu Xiao disobeying the old man’s orders. Why are you like this?"
The night emperor looked at Tang Luoling’s dusty clothes with great interest, and his hair was messy and not combed.
He remembered Tang Luoling, but he was always calm and carefree.
And it’s often a little witch who annoys people and doesn’t want to die.
This appearance is really the first time for her!
Tang Luoling gave him a white look. "Where is the fierce day?"
The night emperor smiled and gave the answer.
Tang Luoling ignored his strange eyes and rushed directly to the second floor of Yuanta.
Guiyuan Tower is not only a holy place for healing, but also a holy place for practicing.