However, I don’t know why the golden sunshine has become slightly a little bit. Wyndell Dichinson should be big red, but now it has become dark red. Red is a bit too much. The smell of blood in Fiona Fang is also very pungent.

A faint blood gas is swaying in the sky and the earth, and the sun scatters strong golden sunlight, but it can’t be washed away. This blood gas is getting stronger and thicker as time goes on.
In the blood, ghosts and wolves howl endlessly, and the evil wind overflows, and several tragic souls swim rapidly, struggling hard and trying to break free from the bondage of blood gas, but the more they struggle, the more bound they are.
Jinyang body is slowly suspended to the middle like a weight, and’ Blood Armor’ sends out bursts of lotus flower, and the smell of blood around it is immediately excluded to a hundred feet away.
The murders in the blood gas are also like seeing a spectre, and they suddenly quit thousands of miles away and dare not harass Jinyang. I am secretly surprised that this blood armor is refined. It is really amazing that not only the immortal light and Buddha power can be eliminated, but also the murders and filth can be removed.
Looked up and looked around at the lotus flower in the sky and whispered, "The hapless ghost of Luo Cha in The Hunger Gate once said that the" The Hunger Corpse Sutra "seems to be the" Great The Hunger Heart Method "in heaven. It seems that The Hunger Gate can not only be a vertical and horizontal person in heaven, but also has some influence. I wonder if the bodhi old zu in The Hunger is the high disciple who cut off education and became a leader in heaven?"
Jinyang’s whole body is protected by the’ Blood Armor’, and the lotus flower does not invade the ghosts. It also automatically avoids harassing.
But more than ten people in Jin Lie can’t have Jinyang so carefree. One by one, they all let out the shock wave of protective body and nine lotus shock waves of pale blue, forcibly expelling all the blood gas murders.
All of a sudden, the red light flashed and a wave of travel-stained dust suddenly appeared in front of everyone. A bunch of people such as Jin Lie were suddenly frightened, and their hearts were white. This young man is the elder of Jiulian Jianzong who really holds the palm in the forbidden area.
More than 10 people did not dare to neglect, and hurriedly knelt in vain and saluted respectfully, saying, "Visit the elder."
A dust root is lazy to look at them, casually waved and said flatly, "Don’t give the old story."
Ignoring Jin Lie, a bunch of people turned around with a full face of surprise and looked respectfully at Jinyang’s side and said, "It has been handled properly. Your master elder brother Jin Peng will bring his master brother to invite friends to come and watch the game together. At the right time, he will stop Kunlun and other factions from sending reinforcements and wait for us to kill all the puppies in shushan when we make room."
Hearing the words Jin Peng, Jinyang’s face was slightly unnatural, but then he smiled and his face became slightly ferocious. Like a real murderous look, it was crazy to roll up the cold and cold, which made Jin Lie and others all tremble
Looking at the sky, Jinyang said coldly, "If the dog of Shushan doesn’t kill you, my realm is estimated to have been stagnant. This can’t be done. Will it wait until the day? In order to get revenge, your parents are sworn enemies. You bald donkeys kill my parents, and I will destroy you in Jinyang. "
Jin Lie, a bunch of people and so on, suddenly all looked frightened for two reasons.
As a result, the elder Yijiulian Jianzong, the real palm-bearer, was so respectful to Jinyang, but Jinyang was ungrateful and responded to him coldly and lightly, and Yichen didn’t care, which really made people puzzled.
I haven’t seen Jinyang in the past two or ten years. At first glance, the most docile senior brother in the whole golden generation has not changed at all. But now it seems that the murderous look has almost been condensed into a liquid state, even if it is compared with some famous demons in the fix-true world.
Suddenly there was a flash of lotus flower in The Hunger, and the old ghost with Hades suddenly flashed to the summit of Jinyang. "Everything in Jinyang is ready. I want more than three thousand people to rush over and kill the living at once."
Jinyang licked his lips slightly and said coldly, "Haha, finally wait for me until today. I want you to make trouble. Are the other big forces ready?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
The Hunger’s old ghost evolved into a blood cloud floating slowly in the middle, and from time to time, he gave a Jie Jie grimace and said, "They sent a total of 3,000 people to gather in the country and asked me to release water so that several dogs from Shushan could flee back to Lushan, so that we could kill the past. Then, the main forces of other forces just sent a field to encircle and annihilate Shushan in one fell swoop."
"Okay, let’s go and kill them off guard."
By this time, Jinyang became more calm and the tone was more cold, as if it were chilling to come out of hell.
Looked at Hades three Jinyang said slowly, "I heard Hades say that your strength has been greatly improved recently, and you took the lead to lead the The Hunger Gate. There are probably hundreds of people in the youngest bloody generation led by you, who will directly nullify the past and will definitely come out in a down-and-out way."
Suddenly, I was ecstatic and pulled out the huge tomahawk axe hanging behind my back and slapped it hard on my arm. I even gave a loud steel noise and growled, "Tell the boss to wait and see the drama."
A burst of blood gas churned, and he took hundreds of young brothers with magic weapons to fly swords and ran away. Before that, he followed Hades to kill, not only because of his great strength, but also because of his increasing lethality.
Looking at the rush away, Jinyang smiled and said, "Hades, you take Kilo and secretly follow each other. You have the strength of purple and blue swords. Don’t underestimate it."
Since the reconstruction of the’ Ghost Legion’ to Hades, the character has become more and more dark. There is no reply. Behind it, the dark black wings are fierce and Zhang Wei incites the body to suddenly shoot out like a flash and chase it in the direction of running, and then disappear instantly.
"Bastard, wait for me!" Kilo hurriedly let out a yell and automatically drilled out a ghost bone horse, which was shrouded in the nether world. Hellfire stepped on the evil wind and quickly chased it.
As soon as the three disappeared, Jinyang became cold again, and said coldly, "If you walk fast, you must not only fight down a peg or two, but also have too many casualties to kill Shushan puppies."
Chapter 244 Sneak attack
Chapter 244 Sneak attack
These hundreds of low-ranking disciples of the Sword Sect of Shushan have just reached the’ second order’ and are still in the stage of needing to eat whole grains to make a living. It is really not worth it to cultivate the Yuan God until the then stage to avoid the valley, so that they will no longer eat whole grains and defile the flesh end to end.
The strength is strong. Later, according to Jinyang’s command, I followed Hades to slaughter the ball power. Those unlucky ghosts’ blood, bone blood and qi and blood were refined by Asura people to make up for it.
Such benefits, of course, didn’t take up less of his undead mage Kilo. After absorbing hundreds of personal essences, both of them finally advanced to the’ tenth order’ and spent a time in Lei Jie’s strength realm.
Er is a werewolf. After the promotion of the Magic Blood Corpse Sutra, his mind has also made great progress, and his potential has been stimulated. Suddenly, the secrets of the big werewolf clan are also realized in the form.
Looking at hundreds of young brothers from The Hunger Gate flying out like locusts, my mind slowly covers them like running water. There are some low-ranking masters in these valleys. This time, compared with hundreds of The Hunger masters, their strength is too different, and they are not in the same grade.
Seeing this, I slowly felt relieved to put my body on a vertical foot and suddenly gave birth to a bleeding cloud mixed with a little black light, giving off a dark cold light and flying rapidly to the top of the mountain.
You know in your heart that the real masters should all stay in the palace and be in a state of concentration. If you can enter the palace with great interest and kill a few masters by sneak attack, you will make a lot of money.
"What person?"
Before I could fly to the top of the mountain and get a big drink from the foothills, I quickly stopped my mind and leaned out quickly.
Seeing a man and a woman in a hidden place in the mountain forest, two young masters were disheveled. Suddenly, they were frightened and quickly put on their robes and flew.