Chen Sixuan smiled and said, "I didn’t expect us to go out for a turn and finally go back to the college." Standing in the wind, the breeze blows her skirt and long hair. Seeing Ji Dong can’t help but be in a daze. His male compatriots don’t look away for fear of seeing too much. "Xuan Si, you still cover your face."

Chen Sixuan slightly took out a veil to cover the stunning face, and even Ji Dong was secretly relieved. He had just prepared himself for the holy king’s armor.
From this mountain range to blazing city, it’s the closest thing. Without causing civil unrest, everyone changed their mounts and walked ten miles away from blazing city.
There is not much difference between Chihuo City and Ji Dong. Everything is as important to the saints in Ji Dong and Tiangan in the old days. Although they haven’t been to the city for a year, they didn’t linger much and went directly to Chihuo College.
"Are you back, vice president? Your hair? " The gatekeeper magic division saw Ji Dong’s surprise and quickly rushed out and said excitedly.
Ji Dong smiled and said, "It’s just back to normal. Are there two prestigious colleges?"
The gatekeeper magic division was surprised that "the vice president was really fierce and didn’t come back for so long, and he even knew that two bronze crowns were in our college."
"Thank you" Ji Dong smiled. The gatekeeper magic teacher felt that Ji Dong and his ten people had disappeared like ghosts at the moment, and then looked into the distance. They had lost their trace a hundred meters away.
"I won’t be daydreaming?" As he spoke, he also severely pinched his thigh.
When you reach the realm of heavenly saints, all the ordinary people are completely different. They seem to take a step out of magic and push forward a few tens of meters, which is nothing, but in the eyes of ordinary people, it is almost a miracle.
Soon they came to the playground of Chihuo College. At this time, the playground was very lively. There were at least 300 students here. Every ten people were in a circle. Thirty circles were spinning. The fluctuations of the strong magic elements were so clear. Moreover, these magicians were uneven in age, and they looked very old. They were as young as 60 or 70 years old, but they were all different in their teens. But each group of magicians was different.
Ji Dong’s eyes shifted from these people in the field to the high platform on the other side of the playground. Suddenly, he was overjoyed that he was looking for someone. This is not Yin Chaoyang, Yin Zhaorong’s brother and sister Zhu Rong, and Zhu Yan’s two brothers. They are also noting that these magic teachers in the field are practicing the infinite doubt. At present, these magic teachers are two fires and the strong guide Ji Dong to create a five-element cycle array.
There are also top strong Ji Dong eleven people who immediately attracted their sunlight when they saw that the bearer was a heavenly saint. Even the indifferent face of Yin Chaoyang could not help but show a smile, and others could not conceal the excitement in their eyes.
In a flash of brilliance, Ji Dong’s body has crossed the playground to the high platform, and his luck is not inferior to that of the snake. He has been stung by the blood transformation of Di Longzu Nazulong.
"Brother Ji Dong visits grandmaster, master, teacher’s mother and uncle", no matter what his status is, no matter how he is facing the teacher Ji Dong, his brother will not hesitate to kneel down and worship.
Yin Zhaorong pulled him up directly in the previous step. "Why don’t you kneel down and give me this rule?"
As she spoke, Yin Zhaorong pulled him up and carefully looked at Ji Dong’s face-to-face smile, which suddenly became more intense. "Good, good, and more energetic than when I saw it. This hair has also recovered its color. It seems that you have recovered a little."
Rabbit, Ji Dong, took a slow step and climbed the platform. He also went to Yin Zhaorong’s attention, but Ji started or Zhu Rong motioned for Frey to get up.
Fury smiled and gathered around Ji Dong and said to Yin Zhaorong, "Jenny, you can’t be partial!"
Yin Zhaorong snorted. "Are you small and recovered? I want to slap you when I think of your two brothers. "Even she laughed at this sentence, but both Frey and Ji Dong saw from Jenny’s eyes that they were distressed by Yin Zhaorong and Zhu Rong. She didn’t have children. She treated Frey and Ji Dong as her own children and looked at Yin Chaoyang." How did you come to Ji Dong? I was just looking for you. "
Ji Dong was more respectful to Yin Chaoyang and asked, "What’s the master’s command?" Vaguely, he could feel that something was wrong with the look of Yin Chaoyang.
On the penultimate day of the month, keep the monthly ticket again, but it will be abolished. Brothers, see you. Five hundred and sixty. Victory crown support.
Yin Chaoyang eyebrows slightly pick way "I heard that you went to the east wood empire? Is it true that the Imperial Palace of Dongmu was turned upside down? "
Ji Dong’s face turned red. "My brother went to the Imperial Palace of Dongmu, and our heavenly saints, Chen Sixuan, the heavenly saint of Yimu, are the Princess of Dongmu. She has an engagement and we have been practicing together against the enemy and my brother accompanied her back to break off an engagement."
Yin Chaoyang snorted, and the temperature seemed to drop instantly. The conformal pressure directly enveloped Ji Dong’s body. Facing grandmaster Ji Dong, naturally, he didn’t dare to resist, but he could also release the pressure from grandmaster to oppress himself.
"Is it voluntary or is it forced by you, the holy king?" Yin Chaoyang’s voice sank, and no one dared to say anything when Yin Chaoyang spoke.
Ji Dong quickly said, "Xuan Si volunteered."
Aside, Fred couldn’t help laughing when he heard Yin Chaoyang asking.
Yin Chaoyang turned to Fury. "What are you laughing at?"
Frey said, "Grandmaster, you don’t know that Xuan Si fell in love with Ji Dong at first sight. How can you marry someone else?"? This time, Ji Dong accompanied her back to break off an engagement, which was also her initiative.
"Oh?" After listening to Frey’s words, Yin Chaoyang’s face suddenly became weird. "So I heard the news is true. She moved and robbed people of her love and made a scene. The Imperial Palace of Dongmu hit Cao Mian Lin Yi Lei and scared off Tai Chong Mian Lin Qing. You are really a good thing! "Ji Dong low head without his own defense.