Zhao Xiulan and Comrade Xu Daguang lit a fire and cooked, talking and laughing.

Xu Taotao suddenly dared that the couple were acting just now, and nothing happened when they left.
But Xu Daguang and his wife told Xu Taotao not to take Xu’s wife’s words to heart. It is absolutely impossible for them to let her act as matchmaker.
Chapter 29 Sister doomed love
"By the way, where’s Lily? Jia Qiang, their security department is working the night shift today. Lily, I remember it’s not worth the night shift this month. Why hasn’t she seen anyone?"
It’s so late that the eldest daughter hasn’t come back yet. Xu Daguang has some concerns and asked
Xu Taotao put the bag and just heard this sentence, thinking of today’s Ansheng words, Xu Taotao helped her forehead.
Do you remember to eat or hit guys?
Thinking that Xu Lili was beaten so badly by Zhao Xiulan, she didn’t intend to disturb her mother this time, so she got up and said, "I think I went to find Sister Jinhua. I’ll call her home for dinner."
Yao Jinhua is a’ flower in the family courtyard’, and she is beautiful. In the eyes of the family courtyard boys, she also belongs to the white swan. Many people like her.
It’s their family’s high spirits that they dream of her marrying a factory leader, and they can’t see the family members’ hospital.
Zhao Xiulan doesn’t like Yao Jinhua, and she doesn’t like Yao Jinhua’s mother Wu Yuequn.
The cold face frowned and said, "What was that Yao Jinhua taught by her mother? Your sister is a fool to be a green leaf!"
Xu Taotao saw that she was so angry that she dared not delay going out and looking for someone.
It’s so dark outside that Xu Daguang is worried about her little girl "Guohua, you go with your sister"
Xu Guohua should be busy to recover "little sister! Wait for me! "
They walked all the way to Xu Guohua and saw Xu Taotao go in one direction. He quickly shouted, "Little sister, you are going in the wrong direction. Jinhua’s house is here."
Xu Taotao turned to look at him. Xu Guohua was guilty by his little sister.
It’s too dark to see blushing, pointing in one direction, Baba said, "Kim and Jinhua are here."
Oh, it turns out that my honest brother is also an admirer of’ a flower in the family courtyard’
Xu Taotao didn’t expose his brother, thinking carefully, "I just tricked Mom into not going to Jinhua’s house. I suspect she went to Wang Li."
Wang Li!’
Xu Guohua’s face was shy, and the sound faded suddenly.
He was full of anger. "Big sister went to see Wang Li again? ! How could she be cheated by Wang Li so foolishly? "
When I heard Wang Li’s name, Xu Guohua felt that his big fist was crunched by him.
When I arrived near Wang Lijia, I happened to bump into Xu Lili and Wang Li in the corner. Xu Lili seemed to be pushing Wang Li away.
A fart fell to the ground and then she cried, "Wang Li, you bastard!" "
Just to see this scene, Xu Dage’s eyes are splitting. "I grass/your mother Wang Li! Dare to bully my sister! "
Before Xu Taotao reacted, Xu Guohua rushed over and gave Wang Li a punch.
"One punch", "Two punches" and "Three punches"
"You crazy who bully her! It’s your sister who has no shame to pester me! "
Wang Li was beaten to react, clutching his bleeding mouth and angrily denounced.
He cried when he said nothing, but Xu Lili cried even worse.
Xu Taotao helped Xu Lili really don’t know what to say to this sister.
Xu Guohua tingbude Wang Li scold his sister’ shameless’ hand again a few minutes.
Bang bang bang’ fist to the meat!
The root of Wang Li’s small arm and calf is not his opponent, and he can finally be beaten unilaterally by Xu Guohua.
Xu Taotao frown "eldest brother, don’t fight"
Fight again and you’ll die.
Chapter 30 Break off clearly
Xu Taotao smiled and walked up to a little boy, who was Wang Li’s eldest brother. His dark face was covered with pastry crumbs.
"Is the child walnut crisp delicious?"
The little boy turned away and hid behind the adults. He made a face at Xu Taotao and shouted, "No food for you!" "
Xu Taotao straightened up and didn’t care about the child’s behavior. One-way said
"As luck would have it, our family just bought walnut cakes and lost a catty yesterday. My mother scolded for a long time in the yard and didn’t scold any wicked person for stealing cakes."
"Today, it happened that my walnut cake was lost in your house, but I ate it." She looked at her eyes and dodged Mrs. Wang Li. "Why don’t I go to the police station and ask them to help me find out which greedy fool stole cakes!"
Li-li xu was a stiff bowed their heads and didn’t look at little sister.
"You fart!"
Zhang Qiaopo spitefully sprayed Xu Taotao with "What makes you say that my family stole your walnut cake and lost our fart matter! There are many people who eat walnut cakes in the western province. Is it difficult for everyone to steal your face? "
"I don’t know if others stole it, but your walnut cake just stole my house!"
"It’s quite familiar to steal dirty water at an early age when you say it’s stolen. If something happens, you can take out evidence. If there is no evidence, I’ll rip your mouth off!"
"Hum evidence?"
Xu Taotao hooked his lips and smiled, and quickly ticked out something like a "small handkerchief" from the pocket of a child’s clothes and displayed it in front of everyone.