Lonely natural heart snickered but excited, "I will help the God of War to seize the throne of God if I want to take the paradise of the Western Heaven!"

Hercules looked smug when he read the speech. Ares sighed and drank silently. Ares was brainless. Isn’t he so easy to get every Buddhist in his brain? Secretly decided to say nothing to accompany Ares to die!
The banquet was over, and Ares was arranged by himself. Only then did he come to the harem clause. Sun Wu, Bai Maoxian, Sirius Jun, Zhen Gong and Dali Ghost Wang, the important officials, followed him to the room and sat down. Only then did he say with smile, "What do you think?"
Bai Maoxian took the lead in laughing. "This move is really a brilliant move!"
Vigorously the prince of the devils doubt way "strategist this meaning? Even if Ares wants to fight Buddhism, he won’t be stupid enough to talk to the creative world at this time. How can it be called a disaster? "
Bai Maoxian smiled without saying a word, and looked at the lonely man with a smile. "Does the ghost king know the Ares?"
The powerful ghost king shook his head and said, "Please come!"
Gu Tiansheng sneered, "The Ares naturally always think that they are clever and resourceful, but in fact they are nothing more than a straw bag, and they are extremely good. When they go there, they are bound to be cleaned up by Buddhism, and they will definitely refuse to give up and lead the troops to fight again. Buddhism can be patient once, but over and over again. Do you really think that Buddhism belongs to a tortoise?"
"When the time comes, we will keep it for thirty-three days, and they will play with real fire. Will you remember who provoked Ares, that idiot? We drink, eat meat, have fun, and sometimes help Ares to order food and grass. Don’t they like to eat cattle and sheep? If you have nothing to do, just go to Xi Niu He Zhou to kill Ah San and then let the hell department turn into the animal road and give it to them! "
"We can’t always be negative. When we have nothing to do, we can send a general to’ help’ Ares run away when things are bad. Just don’t expose his identity. Naturally, the soldiers and horses won’t be assigned to wait for them to lose both sides. Wouldn’t it be nice to take advantage of it?"
Everyone is crazy. This guy can kill people and become animals. This kind of thing can be imagined. It is worthy of being the first animal in the world. Everyone here is impressed!
After the incident, everyone dispersed separately, leaving Sun Wu to close his eyes and meditate for a moment. "What do you think?"
Sun Wu also put away the monkey face. "There is something wrong with Buddhism!"
Lonely born nodded, "Maitreya since deliberately take the Buddha’s position should be like a tiger, how can a white tiger day play so long didn’t call? When we unify the 33 celestial realms, he can’t retreat immediately. There must be something wrong with it! "
"So you took the opportunity to let Ares explore?" Sun Wu wondered, "But I don’t think that Ares really has no brain. Besides, Hercules has always claimed that Ares is both civil and military. Can he not see it?"
Lonely naturally lit a cigar and threw it to Sun Wu. "I naturally know. Don’t you think Ares’s visit this time is a bit of a coincidence?"
Sun Wu thought for a moment, and his eyes lit up. "Big Brother means … that Chuangshen has been united with Buddhism?"
"It should be so, although I don’t know their plan yet. It’s almost the same if you don’t want to come!" Lonely born nodded his head.
Sun Wu was puzzled. "But why do they want Ares? Isn’t it too obvious? "
Gu Tiansheng smiled at the corner of his mouth. "Do you remember how our square-inch mountain rabbit escaped our capture?"
Although Sun Wu didn’t know what the orphan was born to say this, he nodded, "Remember!"
Lonely naturally laughed. "Then tell me!"
Sun Wunai shrugged and said, "Those rabbits pretend to be injured first, as if to induce us to leave one of its nests-we must look at the young rabbits in that nest according to ordinary rabbits. Who knows that there is nothing left to find the injured rabbits? These rabbits are much more intelligent than other rabbits because of the aura in the mountains …"
Lonely born laughed. "In my eyes, the people in the Western Heaven are rabbits with high intelligence …"
Sun Wu suddenly realized, "I see. Big Brother is saying that the Western Heaven deliberately let us see that their tricks are actually covering up other tricks?" Seeing that the orphan was born to nod, Sun Wu added, "Then what tricks do they have?"
Lonely born wanted to think, "I’m afraid the silly B who created the celestial world was also calculated by the Buddhist paradise …"
"Maitreya is really cruel-"Sun Wu wry smile way.
"Maitreya?" Lonely naturally laughed. "I don’t think Maitreya is a real idiot!"
"What do you mean?" Sun Wu asked puzzled.
Lonely naturally looked at Sun Wu and sighed, "Did you read the letter that my second brother gave you when he lit the lamp?"
"Not yet?" Sun Wu shook his head and said, "There has been no handwriting!"
Lonely born frown way "now play and see …"
When Sun Wu listened and took out the letter from Gan Kun’s bag, his face really showed handwriting. When he saw it, he couldn’t help but gasp and write four big characters: "Think, look, vote, vote!" "
Chapter VI Guanyin Taimei Color Deng Jiugong Helps Others
Let’s talk about Sun Wu’s words. When he took the letter out of Gankun’s bag and typed it, his face really showed handwriting. At first glance, he gasped and wrote four words: "Tathagata is not dead!"
"This … how did this happen?" Sun Wu busy pass solitary born the paper.
I took a look at it and then a magic fire burned the paper clean and smiled. "It was exactly as I guessed!" "
At this time, Sun Wu turned pale and didn’t know what to think. He shook his head and patted Sun Wu on the shoulder. "If an idiot Guanyin is an accomplice, I won’t see it?"
Sun Wu’s face lit up at once and he didn’t know what to say. He scratched his head and giggled!
Gu Tiansheng laughed. "Tathagata really hides his strength. Even the master didn’t count that he was still here. I still think that he was beaten to death by Maitreya, so he didn’t have a soul."
Sun Wu also recovered his IQ at this time and frowned. "Eldest brother, do you think it will be a light to lie to us?"
Gu Tiansheng shook his head and said, "Although the man who lit the lamp has a stubborn temper, the whole Lingshan, that is, he is still a figure. I once learned in Master’s room that the word’ reading words and distinguishing thoughts’ is smooth and smooth, and my heart is absolutely true!"
Sun Wudao said, "So where is the Tathagata? We don’t count? No matter how powerful he is, can’t he get rid of the man of god? "
Lonely born laughed. "It’s impossible. I estimate that the Tathagata must be something, baby. Go and call your sister in law and ask …"
Sun Wu frowned and squinted at the orphan. "You didn’t call Yinyin as if you wanted to kill someone, did you?"
Born alone, I kicked Sun Wu out of the door and scolded him, "Fuck you, I’ll give you a stick of incense when you can’t come back. I’ll kill your family of three …"
Guanyin and Sun Wu came to the room when the lonely man was born with lewdness and pitiful enlightenment, and when there was no fragrance, Guanyin rolled up his sleeves and shouted, "Is that mixed novel going to destroy my mother?"
Lonely born with a cold sweat, then look aside and wink at Guanyin. Sun Wu sighed in his heart, "Emphasis on color over friends!" Face is all smiles before saying, "Sister in law … don’t be angry. I apologize to you for his old man’s house. In fact, his old man didn’t mean to say that he would destroy you with her …"
"Shame!" Sun Wu looked at the lonely born with contempt and silently mourned the fate of Bai Maoxian!
"Is that what the white-haired monkey said?" Guanyin turned to ask Sun Wu that although she was still a superior person in front of people … this kind of bird!
Sun Wu looked at the lonely and murderous eyes and nodded, "The land is really a strategist!"
Guanyin nodded and pretended nothing. "What can I do for you, Big Brother?" It seems that it’s all right, but everyone knows that Bai Maoxian is doomed. Whether she will be named a god depends on her mood!
Lonely born smiled and wiped a cold sweat before saying, "Sister in law, do you know if there is any treasure in the Buddhist paradise that can hide the breath so that the outside world can’t count on the caster?"
Guanyin nodded. "How do you know?"
Lonely born nodded, "I just asked if there is such a thing?"