"According to their symptoms, I have some doubts." Without those students in Beijing, they don’t know that thing, and they haven’t smoked it. How can they have such symptoms? Liancheng frowned and said, "Poppy is a poisonous plant. Its poison can make people addicted, thus eliminating their will. No matter how great you are, you will gradually become a cripple if you touch it."

HuangFuYi suddenly way "rice bag? You said that this poppy and rice bag have similar consequences to people. "A few years ago, he deliberately turned over an ancient face and said something to the book of rice bags, which can cure diseases and save lives with drugs, but it is also toxic and toxic …
"Yes, it’s a rice bag. It’s just another name for poppy." A flash of light flashed through my mind and I thought that poppy is a rice bag. It just called the cat Mi. "Tell me where you have seen this plant?"
"I haven’t seen it with my own eyes and I haven’t heard where it is." Huangfuyi shook her head.
Liancheng said, "Then how do you know?"
"I saw it from Yigu a few years ago," replied Huangfuyi.
"Since there are records in ancient times, it seems that someone is really going to make a big move on Da Zhou!" Said Liancheng eyes suddenly sleepy eyes clear sharp way "must find out where there are poppy cultivation at the same time as soon as possible to find out where there are poppy harm in Beijing and must let those contaminated …"
When I finished the topic of poppy in one breath, I saw that the man listened carefully and nodded in recognition. She paused and talked about Gu Ning taking a fool back to the house. "I went back to Houfu. As far as the man was dressed, it should come from a rich family. If he really had a head problem, it was mostly caused by a heavy blow to his head."
"He has martial arts. As far as I’m concerned, my pulse estimation ability should be strong. When I ask where I live and what my name is, I answer the word" Muer ".And then I stick to Third Sister and scream at her mother."
Huangfuyi thought for a moment and said, "It seems nothing suspicious, but it’s still a bit too coincidental to ponder things carefully."
"Yes, I consulted with my eldest brother and might as well leave people in the house. If that person simply doesn’t remember the past because of amnesia, his family will find the capital sooner or later; He will probably move after a while, and then let’s catch a glimpse of what else he can play. "Liancheng’s eyes are slightly narrowed and his tone is cold." He’d better be the former, or it’s only a matter of time before he reveals himself. "
Huangfuyi nodded and kissed her hair. "Third sister, Juner and Mrs. Hou’s mother are well. Have you ever told Ning Yuanhou?"
"Well, I told my brother," said jane doe, whispering to the man’s arms. "When someone doesn’t know, we will solve the problem completely this time."
"That’s what I’m thinking" Huangfuyi black eyes folded mans flash across lips and teeth gently overflow sentence.
Since I called Muer Silly to live in Ningyuan Houfu, there has been a follower behind Gu Ning ever since.
Every day except sleeping at night, he never leaves his "mother" for a moment.
Perhaps it was because of the dream that the whole Hou Fu was the best for Muer in Gu Ning because Xiao Zhan was missing outside.
Tell people not to bully him and arrange maids to wait on him. This is only a child of five or six years old. The IQ man accidentally had an accident.
The warm sunshine shines into the pavilion, and Gu Ning leans against the railing and stands staring at the distant sky.
Suddenly, a magnetic but childish voice sounded behind her, "Mother eats …"
Turning her head, she saw Muer holding a cake and smiling and handing it to her.
And he has a lot of cake crumbs on his mouth. It seems that he has eaten himself and has not forgotten to leave her a piece at the same time.
Looking at the pastry tray in the pavilion, Gu Ning felt funny. Just after lunch, it didn’t take long for the child and two men to follow her to the garden for a rest. They also ate so many cakes in one breath and were not afraid of their stomachs.
Soft and warm in the sun, he wore a crimson robe, and his black hair and clothes danced gently with the cool wind, which made his figure more slender and tall.
If you don’t look at his ignorant and clear eyes, if you don’t look at his face and reveal a pure smile, he is just a good man.
It’s that his eyes are very clear and his smile is pure without any impurities. Even if Gu Ning is depressed because of missing Xiao Zhan, he can’t help laughing consciously when he sees his eyes and smiles at this moment.
She smiled a little, but it was extremely rare for her after Xiao Zhan’s accident.
"I’m not hungry, you eat!" Raising her hand, she gently pinched the silk handkerchief and wiped the cake crumbs from her mouth. "I choked after drinking a cup of tea."
Looking at him with a smile like sunny eyes Gu Ning light said a sentence.
Muer winked but shook her head and stuffed the cake obstinately into her hand.
No way. Gu Ning is good. Take it.
She looked at his eyes and quietly felt that they were purer and clearer than her consciousness.
Even a casual eye contact will convince those who see them to believe in this fairy in the world.