"Xia Tong, are you provocative?" Master Yi has a temper.

Sure enough, Xia Tong is always gentle and not easy to master’s temper. When Xia Tong’s little sister comes, her momentum will be weak and she will be spoiled and cute. "Look, we are all young. I will be embarrassed if you think so far now."
Yi Yichen’s proximity to Xia Tong’s warm breath makes Xia Tong feel itchy, and Xia Tong’s voice is softer. Now, "Yi Yichen-don’t tune me!"
Yi Haochen hooked her lips and smiled in a low voice. "Good is to make up for you by giving me a parting kiss."
"What’s the parting kiss day is about to meet?" Xia Pupil cooed, but he quickly said goodbye to Yi Haochen and the rabbit fled.
Yi Haochen is a Uber! ! ! If you want a look at her, Xia Pupil will really compromise. Will she never be able to turn over and make decisions? Although I think so, Xia Pupil still feels sweet.
She set off to see that her elders were reading the newspaper and wanted to sneak downstairs. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out. When Xia Tong was about to take off her home in high spirits, Xia Mu had already caught a glimpse of her daughter’s majestic female voice and sounded "Pupil Pupil".
As soon as Xia Tong became discouraged, she began to be a lady and walked with a lady’s pace. Well, she was calm and steady and came to Xia’s mother and called "Mom?"
Summer mother continued to read the newspaper and asked, "Why did you come back so late today?"
Is there? Is there? How is it possible that she is counting her time? How is it possible that she is late? Xia Tong quickly pulls out her Apple phone and looks at the time. ! Is the sky going to kill her? I cann’t believe it’s a minute late for the entrance guard-
What’s the matter with you for a minute
Xia Tong ingratiated himself with Xia Mu and smiled, "Isn’t Mom only a minute late?"
"One minute?" Summer mother cold hum Today, my mother is really wrong. Why did she suddenly pose for the cold temperament of the past? Summer pupil has a bad feeling.
Sure enough, a woman’s sixth sense is accurate, and Xia Tong is a little woman, so is her sixth sense.
Summer mother gave her daughter a sharp look after her cold hum. "How much is Bill Gates in one minute? How can I teach you to cherish time and talk back to me when you come back late?"
What’s wrong with talking back and cherishing time?
"Ahem!" Xia Fu gave a loving look at Xia Mu. "Well, isn’t Puppy back? You can’t be so hard on her if you look at her children a minute later."
"Difficult? What is difficult! " Summer mother remembered Chu’s cold words and became angry. "Puppy, I asked you if Chu Jiagong was looking for you today?"
"Mom is saying that Chu is also cold?" Xia Pupil didn’t expect Xia Mother to ask this question. Xia Pupil remembered that Chu Yi-han and Xia Jia had business, and Xia Mother warned Xia Pupil to be a little nicer to Chu Yi-han. Xia Mother herself was a little diffuseness to Chu Yi-han. Xia Mother should ask her this question for fear that she would offend Chu Yi-han. What a nuisance!
Why did she offend Chu Yihan? What did she offend when she was so good? Chu Yihan offended her almost inexplicably. She took her out and said something inexplicably. Is there anything that made Xia Tong feel unhappy? Chu Yihan is really terrible today.
"Mom, Chu Yihan and I just went out." Xia Tong reluctantly smiled. "I definitely didn’t offend Chu Yihan. I swear, I promise you, how dare I offend our big guest? Dad, don’t you think so?"
Summer pupil to his father for help eyes summer father immediately before the round words summer mother stopped to gas "is you! Longitudinal summer pupil all day long, you see what the children have become by you. You also know that Chu’s child is a good child who is kind and polite. Ask Xia pupil what he did to others today. "
Summer mother’s words made summer pupil stunned. What happened to her?
Chu Yi Han actually called her mother! Summer pupil was still very cheerful. What do you mean, she sank and went to Chu? Why did he call her mother like this? Did Chu Yihan get her permission? !
Summer pupil never thought chu also cold would be so angry stamp "mom chu also cold how amiable and polite, how do you toward him? Is he your own? You believe what he said. What did I do to him? "
"You talked back, and now you learn to talk back!" Summer mother came angry and pointed at summer father. "Look at your good daughter!"
Xia Fu knows that his wife has a strong and overbearing temper, but others refuse to let his daughter grow up under the oppression of his wife, which is bound to suffer. "Puppy, come and tell Dad if the Duke of Chu has offended you."
Summer pupil was about to open summer mother was angry with "chu home male what don’t you know? How many times has he talked to you? Is it worthwhile for a mature child like diffuseness to offend our Xia pupil? I think it is our summer pupil who is not sensible! "
Summer pupil is short of breath, but it’s just that it’s not easy to refute, so he is sulking.
Summer mother continued to criticize the summer pupil in every way. "This child is so old and still doesn’t understand the way of the world. Has she been growing up in our protection?" Xia Tong, I tell you that you will apologize to me every day. "
"What mother you!" It’s incredible that Xia Tong opened her eyes wide. What’s her fault? What is wrong with her! It’s all Chu Yi-han’s fault that he said he wanted to break up at that time, and now he’s bothering her, and he’s still complaining about being annoying. Why didn’t Chu Yi-han know that he was a bad bastard before?
Summer pupil to summer father said "dad-"
"I can’t manage your father’s cold. The child really didn’t have to say that he was mature, sensible and polite." Xia Fu was very impressed by Chu Yi’s cold. "He should also listen to your mother to apologize to others on a good day."
"Hum! I’m tired of knowing that "Xia Pupil was so angry that she was lying in bed. What do you mean? Why do you want her to apologize? Chu is too cold. My parents also admit that the mistakes are all in her body without asking clearly. I feel so sorry for Xia Pupil’s injustice.
14 Negotiate with Chu Yihan
Summer pupil tossed and turned in bed and scolded Chu Yi Han in his mind for 991 times before he fell asleep.
When I woke up the next day, I went to school and was listless. The teacher was also taking notes. Why didn’t Yi Haochen come to school? So annoying, so annoying, so annoying
Lan Feilin looked at Xia Pupil with a warm ai. "Xia Pupil truthfully attracted yesterday and how to be romantic with her boyfriend. Now she has no spirit at all."
"I’m tired of it." Summer pupil is prone on the table and hurts the brain.
LanFeiLin pushed the summer pupil "don’t play dumb with me. You and Master Yi must have a new spark again. It’s easy to send you a text message yesterday, isn’t it? He is so romantic. "
"It’s not him" Xia Tong flipped through the class and suddenly opened his mouth and said, "It’s not Yi Haochen who texted me yesterday."
"Not him?" LanFeiLin surprised and then looked at summer pupil hexagrams "not easy to master? Who’s that? Xia Tong, you won’t-have an affair? "
Summer pupil to cover your mouth LanFeiLin urgent color in a hurry and said "little LanFeiLin do you want to die? Who says I’m an affair? You’re an affair. "
"I want to have an affair, too. It’s a pity that I’m not an affair and there is no wall to go out." Lanfeilin grumbled and patted Xia Tong. "Hum, you told me where you went yesterday and which little fool around."
"You’re fooling around." Xia Tong was angry at the thought of yesterday’s incident. What makes you angry at the thought of the three words? How can this be too much, asshole, asshole.
Yeah, not only an asshole, but also mean, mean, mean
"Chu is also cold." Xia Pupil said impatiently that Chu is also cold and gnashed her teeth.
Lan Feilin was shocked. "You and Chu Yi Han are not reconciled. Why do you remember that he killed his father and your enemy now?"
"LanFeiLin you curse my dad! My dad is still alive and kicking. "Summer pupil aggrieved gave LanFeiLin a chestnut LanFeiLin covering her head is also very koo.
"The somebody else is a metaphor for a summer pupil. You have a boyfriend and forget me. Now you have no guilt and bully me." Lanfeilin grumbled discontentedly.
Summer pupil caught a glimpse of LanFeiLin again, and this LanFeiLin knew that the risks were all over the day. Let her slippers be all right, all right, let her leave the summer pupil. She said lazily, "Chu Yi-han is an asshole. He is too much-anyway, I was wrong to believe him before."
"aye? Where is Chu Yi-han an asshole? Xia Pupil, Xia Pupil, how come every handsome guy is not a good thing in your eyes? You really don’t know when you are well off. "Lanfeilin envies fingers crossed." If-if there is a handsome guy who takes a fancy to me, I don’t want to be easy or less, but I want him to take a fancy to me. I’m sure I’ll become the best girlfriend instead of a heartless and naive little girl like you. "
Xia Tong took it and smashed Lanfeilin. "Lanfeilin’s point is not this. Why don’t you ask me what to say? Lanfeilin, you are really."
"All right, all right, I’ll just ask." Lanfeilin was dissatisfied. "You’ve become more and more violent since you met Master Yi."
LanFeiLin to Yi Yichen summer pupil face a red with will continue to hit LanFeiLin "you this is slander me when I violence?"
"Okay, you don’t violence, you don’t lose my appetite. What happened to that Chu cold? You said," Lanfeilin was really aroused curiosity, let alone Xia pupil. It’s really weird today.
Xia Tong had a hard time finding someone to talk to, and immediately Barabara told Lanfeilin everything.
First of all, "…"
And then it’s like "⊙ ⊙"
Finally, it is like this! ! ! ! !”