She felt that the explosion made the whole array of light environment run behind, and a bold idea came to her heart. She felt that the demon woman’s life force was fleeing to the edge. She vaguely knew that the demon was going to escape after the demon detonated the light environment barrier, and she also roared and blew herself up in an instant.

I saw a violent shock, followed by the demon Ling detonating Dan twice just now, and the shock raged in the light again. Song Chang-geng just got up to help Baoding before he was born in vain. When he was shocked by the next two explosions, he became the master of the light environment, but he didn’t expect that it would be so troublesome to collect a demon in his own house.
See with the sound of explosion, one side of the mountain was blown up in the number of flesh and blood dancing, and a red Dan was wrapped in a fire and flew to the break of Yaoling just now, and then flew out before the mouth closed. After Dan flew out, it seemed to be delayed. She didn’t expect that it was her own attribute power outside that was wrong in the world of ice and snow.
However, she couldn’t fly away quickly. When she tried to fly away, the break in the light was automatically closed. Song Changgeng couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He picked up the nine-setting tripod and confiscated the demon body refining institute before he finished. He pinched the delivery tactic and sent himself back to the hall.
After seeing several damages caused by the meeting of the neutral light ball, he knew that things were in trouble, so he put Jiu Ning Ding in the center of Yutai, sat down behind Mixed Yuan Zhen, and returned the subject consciousness to the mixed Yuan Zhen’s body to run. He knew the method to repair the damaged place, but the light condition had been repaired by him as a whole, and the array method had the ability to recover itself.
If Yao Ling was put aside as the master, the law here has been destroyed, and the 16th and 17th institutes have lost their ability of self-recovery, but now it’s different. Yao Ling and the underground hidden demon didn’t destroy the light. It’s easy for Song Changgeng to repair it, and it’s already four months after he finishes the repair and adjustment.
Song Chang Gung was very unhappy that he had just got such a place desperately, and it had become a cave, but he was so plagued by two Uber evils that he had to find them sooner or later. But now, since there is nothing, it is lucky that he caught a glimpse of it and put it on the tripod, only to remember that it was put there when he was in a hurry to repair the light.
He picked up the nine-setting tripod and looked at it and knew that it had finished refining the enchanting flesh captive, and because of the nine-setting tripod, he actually decomposed the demon’s three connected bodies to form three independent bodies and then turned them into three Venus. Song Chang-geng repeatedly stared at it in the ups and downs of Baoding, and he was ready to leave after seeing that there was nothing unusual in the situation.
Suddenly, his heart moved, and he pinched his hand and saw the light flash, and a colorful light mass emerged in it. It was the remains of flesh and blood that Song Chang-geng put away when he repaired the light after the underground hidden demon exploded and fled. He put this flesh and blood into the nine-coagulation tripod and then operated himself to realize the refining method. He wanted to see if he could restore this uber’s body.
I saw that after the flesh and blood went in, Venus and red silk scattered around it for a turn, but the chaotic pearl in the center was very strange. I saw that the chaotic pearl suddenly changed from upside down to vertical, and then the blue and white brilliance was immediately divided into green light and white light, as if it were heaven and earth.
After a while, there will be a number of stars, clouds and thunderstorms, and half of the sky will show mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, and the belly of the diving plant will be similar, but all kinds of things in it seem to be alive and slow.
This little pill contains a lot of things that are supposedly ugly and real, but in fact, no matter how you look at it, everything inside is just the right size, and it seems that it is really a world, and their position is symmetrical, and it is difficult to tell its variety from its variety.
Although Song Chang Gung has refined this tripod, he didn’t study it deeply. At the beginning, he lent the chaotic pearl to Yang Jin in Jiang, but she gave it back to herself in Emei Mansion, saying that she realized what she understood so quickly. Now, after watching it carefully for a while, he feels as if he is in it, and everything he sees is true.
In an instant, I felt that I was a humble citizen, and then I experienced life and death, sadness, fear and shock, and then I died, and then I turned into a beast. I experienced a different life process again, and everything was so real, but it was so embarrassing, but it was going to flow away, because if I lived, I would multiply.
In Song Chang Gung’s consciousness when they were circulating in it, it was in the chaotic yuan bead.
One green, one white, two twisted strands of light shone on the flesh and blood, and it seemed to be activated, so it crawled automatically and suddenly became a whole meat ball and then moved regularly as if it had given birth to life.
Then the blue and white light was taken back from the chaotic pearl, and then the pearl itself changed from standing upright to upside down, and the scene inside was heavy and chaotic, and Song Chang-geng’s consciousness was excluded. It was not until after the consciousness came out that it was white for a long time that he gradually realized that he was in the pearl for a while, but he had already turned around for several times.
Now Song Chang-geng feels that his mind seems to have undergone wonderful changes, and his mind seems to be in an open-minded and peaceful state because of his reincarnation and different life processes. Now, what does Bai Yangjin realize so quickly? This thing makes people experience so real several times in a blink of an eye. Everyone will understand the situation of life theory. Yang Jin’s practice of Buddhism is the most important.
A boy, a young monk, can build a golden statue with the help of Buddhist dharma when he realizes that he has lost his body, and his body will automatically emit clean protective light when he enters the great meditation. Even the demon can’t resist it, so it can be seen that the Buddhist dharma tactic is wonderful. Of course, it is not that the Buddhist dharma tactic is higher than Taoism and magic religion, but that their emphasis and starting point are different.
After Song Chang-geng regained his mental state, he looked at the tripod and saw that the meat ball had been beating more and more urgently until the end,’ Bang!’ As soon as the earth exploded, a monster flew out of it. Before it stretched out, it saw a number of red silk Venus coming in to suppress its roots, and then it was penetrated into a red ball by several red silk.
Finally, it was refined into a Venus. Song Changgeng watched the monster from birth to being refined into Venus. He actually had a feeling of overlooking the whole life. He seemed to know the pain when the monster was refined, but he was not tempted. After the monster was refined, he regained consciousness and gradually came back to taste white. His mind has been very different. Obviously, the experience in chaos has changed him a little.
In fact, he didn’t study this treasure tripod deeply before. This experience made him know that every treasure can be called treasure. The mystery contained in it can make people realize the truth, but he didn’t pay attention to it. They didn’t explore it. Among all the magic weapons, the nine-setting tripod and the science mirror are the most mysterious.
If the’ Nine Doubts Ding’ tripod is started, the light of the monster statue flashes, and a black smoke flies out from the monster’s mouth to form a monster head more than ten meters.
The beast’s huge mouth is a vortex composed of several Venus and red lines. As soon as the beast’s head appears, it sucks all the monsters nearby, as if it were eaten by the beast’s head composed of black smoke.
In the center of Jiu Ning Ding Li is an egg big crystal ball with a diameter of about five centimeters. The blue-white and two-color halo flows in a blink of an eye, and then it becomes crystal clear as if it were transparent. This is the most mysterious treasure. Song Changgeng knows that this treasure is the congenital yuan of Jiu Ning Ding, and it is especially wonderful that things are not big enough to contain everything in the dust as if it has a world of its own.
This’ chaos meta-embryo’ is the core of the whole’ Nine Doubts tripod’. It is an ancient treasure that has no ability to attack and defend, but it has many wonderful functions. The three main functions are to hide information from heaven and earth. All the information that this’ chaos meta-embryo’ can receive is in it. If the crystal ball is turned upside down, the chaotic state can be lifted.
Then, in the crystal ball, there will be blue and white phosgene flowing, and then it will be divided into two parts, just like heaven and earth, and then there will be the sun, the moon and the stars, and then everything will appear on the earth, and then the crystal ball will be reversed like a reflection, and everything will turn around again, and the stars will disappear, and then the two will be merged into chaos, and finally the color will be revealed.
Song Chang-geng looked at the chaotic embryo in the tripod and thought for a moment. Finally, he suppressed the tripod with a cruel celestial mirror, then took it out and put it in his left hand. He attached his consciousness to the surface from left hand to hand and then from right hand to left hand, so he could pour the chaotic embryo in his hand. Song Chang-geng’s consciousness has changed from upside-down chaos to the evolution of all things, and it has gone through several cycles.
When he can turn the chaotic tire back to his left hand, and at the same time, return it from the upright position to the inverted position, his consciousness will be rejected. He quietly appreciates his own life experiences, infers right and wrong, absorbs lessons and strengthens his mind. So Song Chang-geng feels more spiritual and seems to grasp everything more.
The forty-ninth volume Light new master Chapter four hundred and fifteen Island news
Years later, Song Changgeng stopped this feeling, because he is now in a bottleneck, and he can’t learn anything just because of this feeling. When he came out for so long, he actually stayed in the light for more than two years. He didn’t know what it was like outside, and he felt that he should go back and see it, and at the same time, he should move a group of people to live here, otherwise it would be too cold and lonely to update the latest novel chapter.
So he put the chaotic fetus in his hand back into the tripod and looked at it. A vortex consisting of Venus and red line at the center of the chaotic fetus filled the whole tripod except for some. He caught those monsters and was directly involved in the vortex as if they were not there.
However, Song Chang-geng knew that those monsters did not disappear, but turned into one of several Venus. Song Chang-geng observed that this red line should be a mixed force, and those rune-forming forces should be included in it. All absorbed monsters with sealing ability will be entangled when they touch the red line.
Then it goes directly into its body and soul, then gradually covers itself, and finally becomes a Venus floating and sinking in the tripod, waiting for the master’s call at any time, but the tripod is not absorbing the vitality, and these vitality are absorbed by the Venus monster, which not only nourishes them but also strengthens their bodies.
These primordial qi are transformed in their bodies and spit out, and some of them are absorbed by the tripod body and circulated in the tripod body, and then become red lines and merged into the vortex. These monsters are like machines. This wonderful transformation cycle process makes Song Changgeng realize a lot every time he sees it. In fact, everything is circular. Once there is a problem in the cycle, it will show various situations.
In Song Chang-geng’s nine-setting tripod, except that the original owner Xuanyuan Huangdi left some monsters for one third, and he caught monsters in the mysterious pasture of the Arctic for one third, and the remaining one third was made up of some special life, such as ten’ golden corpses’ cultivated by blood slaves, which were equivalent in strength to the golden corpses in Yuan’s infancy.
There is also a corpse where the old man sent 100,000′ Asura doll warriors’. These early Asura doll warriors are all made by human bodies. The method similar to Song Chang-geng’s method of refining resin is just magic, and it is more unified and perfect. Other three bodies, such as’ Chinese Emperor Juejian’ and Demon Ling, are not the most, but they are relatively strong.
Since he decided to go back, he had to close the whole light field, so he put the mixed element into a deep sleep after casting the closing spell, and his subjective consciousness returned to the physical body. After putting away the’ Jiu Ning Ding’, he ran a special method and left the light field through cumbersome methods. After all, he had no experience in managing the cave and left out many things.
He doesn’t know that in fact, ancient caves can be sent to each other, and they can all be connected with each other and communicate with each other. Although they are closed to the outside world, it doesn’t mean that they completely close themselves. Different people have been in contact with each other. In fact, they have been in contact with each other all the time, mainly through the law of sending land and other laws to know the situation of each other’s caves and connect with each other.
Before the light scene, the cave was abandoned because it was destroyed, but Song Changgeng didn’t start the array sending after the restoration, but other caves already knew that the light scene was restored to the cave, but the light scene was not sent to the place, so out of curiosity and other factors, many caves sent people to join the WTO to inquire about the news and see if they could connect the light scene from the outside.
And all this Song Chang Gung didn’t know that he appeared in the Antarctic ice and snow world after leaving the light. After he came out, he read his mind and knew his approximate position. Then he waved his hand and the five elements of Jian Danwei took him away with a five-color brilliance.
Shortly after he flew away, a stunning woman emerged from the ice and snow. She looked at Song Chang-geng’s face with hatred and muttered a few words to herself, and then she sank into the ice and snow. She escaped from the light. Although she was weakened, she was free. During this time, she has been practicing near here, which is just near the source of her broken mouth.
Although she also wants to take revenge, she has no ability. Now, although she still has more than ten thousand years of capability, she dare not touch it. Because she is away from the light, she will rob herself at any time. She can clearly feel that if she robs herself, because her capability is too high, there is no magic weapon. It is estimated that 90% will be destroyed, and she has always been hidden here and dare not move.
Song Chang-geng certainly didn’t know that she was here. He went all the way back to his hometown to escape the light and flew out of the Antarctic continent. After that, he entered the Antarctic offshore. There were many small islands and his aura was very abundant. Song Chang-geng didn’t know them.
However, seeing that there are many people flying up and down here, all of them have achieved something in practice, he guessed that this should mean that the land is very small.
He remembered that Ye Bin lived in this area, but he didn’t know where to live. He was not in the mood to visit, but flew all the way. After flying over the islands on the edge of this archipelago, it was already a vast sea in front of the islands and the aura was thin. At the same time, the water was full of vitality. At this time, Song Changgeng suddenly flew over high. He felt a wonderful yearning, and there seemed to be something familiar nearby.
This makes him curious to know that he is in this small Antarctic, but how can outsiders have familiar people here? Unless you have two female apprentices? Curious, he turned around this area several times and then landed on a desolate island. When he observed this island, there was a small vein, and it was nothing strange, but the familiar feeling appeared here, which made him very strange.
After a careful look at everything here, Song Chang-geng felt a quiver at the sight of this flying sword. Of course, he knew that this sword was one of the’ Taiyi Qingniu Jiujian’ made by seven female middle school teachers in Wudang, and this’ Taiyi Qingniu Jiujian’ was taught by Wudang female palm.
Every female brother has a bite. Although I dare not say that the sword is lost in the sword, I don’t doubt the significance and importance of flying the sword to practice. Now that the sword is here, I say that someone has an accident. He grabbed the sword from the underground vein as soon as he grabbed it. Song Changgeng read it in his hand, and now there is a yuan god and an elixir in it.
Look carefully, it turns out that this Yuan God, who is already on the verge of collapse, turned out to be the female Kunlun Yuzhu, who knew Wudang seven girls, and saw the other person’s confusion from knowing why she was so? There is no good way for Song Chang Gung to cast spells. First, seal this sword and let Shi Yuzhu’s chaotic Yuan Shen fall asleep to stop her Yuan Shen from escaping.
He is going to send the flying sword back to Wudang to see if there is any way for Lao Ni to fly. Without flying, he will see the sky flying three times. Song Changgeng will hide his body because he doesn’t want to see people. He wants to wait for the other party to leave and he doesn’t want the other party to rush to the island. After landing, a woman, two men and three young people will appear.
Song Chang-geng saw that the beautiful figure of the woman was hot, and she wore an exposed manner with spring scenery. At first glance, she knew that she was a slut, and she should be an evil female practitioner. She went astray because of other reasons such as low dharma skills or lust for sex. The woman who lived for fun looked at her as if she was about strength and skill in the early days of then.
The two men are both ruddy and handsome, but although they are well-groomed, the evil light that flashes from time to time in their eyes betrays their minds and thoughts, and they can know what they are thinking by looking at that female breast often.
After the three men landed, they looked around and found out the spell. Now there is no one nearby. One of the young men grabbed the female hand and put it into her clothes. The female mouth was full of waves and laughter. They refused to welcome the two men’s skills, that is, the mid-term sample of then. Of course, they could not find out that Song Chang-geng would cover the meeting after no one was there.
Song Chang Gung saw that another man had hugged the woman from the other side and stretched out his hand to untie her clothes. He couldn’t help sighing that he was unlucky enough to encounter such a thing. He was just about to fly away from the air and listen to the woman laughing while saying, "You two lechers are more impatient than I am, lest I give it to you. But I have long heard that you are famous for sinking into the Golden Island with two guns."
I’ve long wanted to taste it. I’m lucky to meet you today. What’s the hurry? We’ll live here for a month. Let’s have a good time and let me have a good taste of your double guns. Dead people don’t want small peas. Ouch! What a surprise! Double guns are so powerful! Gently hiss. "
At this time, the man who hugged her for the first time laughed. "Although everyone has seen and known you before, you were a young woman in mullet island. We can’t get our hands on it now. Now that mullet island is young, we are married to Baisha island. That’s a pity that Luo Cha let all of you women go. It’s a pity that our brothers should have fun when they meet nature."
The woman one leng casually asked "what things! Oh, yeah, can’t you just have to go back? It’s rare for everyone to be in a hurry when they have a chance to play ~ "
The forty-ninth volume The new light Lord Chapter four hundred and sixteen The clown buffoon
A man has already solved the problem of women’s clothes and sighed, "We don’t want to go back, but we can’t do it if we don’t go back. It’s a big deal this time. I heard that because a female brother in wu-tang clan, China, was killed in our small South Pole, it was led by the old man on the Wudang side and led by Ye Bin, the owner of Admiralty Island, who joined up with Qian Kang, the main fairy of the city that never sleeps, to clear the small South Pole.
Now, all the 47 islands in the small Antarctic should be United. Our brother Shen Jindao has been ordered to send letters everywhere. If we don’t go back in seven days, we will be punished. We can play for three or five days and then go back. "Speaking of which, he has already squatted his hand from the female body to stick out his tongue.
The woman a listen to can’t help but pack up a surprised smile and asked, "this news is serious? Why didn’t I hear about it? Listen, but is there really a fairy coming to clear us up? "
She licked her body for a while without answering, and then got up. She untied her clothes and put a gun into the tunnel. She stirred up and said, "Of course it’s true. The news came from mullet island. You know the power of mullet island. What they said is of course true, and I heard that it came from Zhu Luan, the owner of Admiralty Island. She married Shangwu, a civil island, and naturally she will go to her husband’s house."