It has been in the cold wind for a long time and has not been shot.

It is Taotao who says that she lives and dies.
After knowing the truth, I’m afraid it will make her even more disgusted.
But in the end, the law still sits idly by.
The nangongshan dust was about to stop evil precious peach before it raised a green defense.
Looking at the woman coming out of the door behind Taotao, Nangong Dust released his hand. He looked for a while and turned to leave.
This time wealth didn’t go with him.
It fluttered its wings in the cold wind and slowly flew to the place where Taotao was.
Taotao will die, but the door leading to the ground behind her suddenly opened.
An elderly woman is at the door.
She wore an indigo cheongsam with white hair and pulled out a low bun at the back of her head.
A woman’s skin is very white, and although she has many wrinkles, she can still see the beauty of her youth.
She erected a barrier in front of Taotao and looked at the mess in the hall.
The hall was filled with thick blood fog.
The goblins struggled and rolled in the ground, and it seemed that they had suffered a great deal. Some of them had collapsed and disintegrated. Although they had not dissipated, they also struggled with their bodies.
Although the demon who is not weak has not finished losing its combat power, it is also seriously injured and growls furiously towards the green barrier in front of Taotao.
Then Hui looked at the girl who was covered in blood and her skin was as white as snow. "Did you do all this?"
Excessive bleeding leads to cold body, and Taotao is almost unconscious.
But she knew that the person in front of her was Wang Debao, the head of the southwest area, and Master Zehui.
She didn’t get up, but she still called a teacher politely.
In any case, she almost became her grandparent’s wife and woman. This courtesy still needs to be there. I didn’t expect her to go out at this time
The dark one frowned. "Who is this wife?"
The evil spirit beside it should "never mind who killed it together."
Hui looked at the scene in front of her and soon recovered from extreme shock.
She sneered, "A group of evil people who are not allowed to stand on the table are clamoring here. Do you really think that I am a chaotic tomb?"
Behind her, five green wood attribute veins emerged.
At the same time, dozens of ofuda rose from behind her and flew to the evil hall.
Five spiritual teachers?
Taotao remembers listening to Zhuang Xiaomeng in the cordate telosma class once upon a time, saying that there are four spiritual teachers in charge of the southwest. It seems that it is wise to close these years, not only to avoid people’s practice, but also to increase a lot.
"There are five spiritual teachers here!" At this time, the dark one realized that the old woman in front of him was by no means something they could cope with and shouted, "Run-"
It’s already late.
It is by no means an easy task for even five spiritual masters to face so many evil spirits, but when the wisdom ofuda falls on the evil spirits, the low-level evil spirits are instantly gone, and the high-level evil spirits are like yin insects that are scalded by fire and rolled to the ground, screaming painfully, even the song The Dark Devil is no exception.
Zehui wears a red cornus bracelet on her wrist.
She unfolded her wrist and threw the beaded hands out one by one to cover the evil head.
A rich smell of vegetation spread all over the hall.
Those demons, ghosts, and demons were trapped in a cage in cornus and could not move.
In an instant, all evil spirits kneel on the ground and become trapped animals in cages.
Hui frowned. She was aware of the huge evil spirits, but these evil spirits were too fragile.
She looked at the girl again. She was almost soaked with blood, but her face was as cool as if she were muddy and not afraid of death. She was quietly watching what was happening in front of her.
It’s not the smell of blood that permeates her body, but the cold and holy taste like ice and snow.
Hui realized that it was not evil and fragile, but that the girl’s blood was weird.
She went to Taotao and put a few hemostatic symbols on Taotao’s wound to isolate the smell of her blood.
She is a spiritual master of wood attributes, and wood attributes have rejuvenation effect.
Although Taotao’s wound didn’t heal, she felt a gentle breath, and the force loss caused by excessive blood loss from the wound was better.
Then Hui looked at Taotao with a pair of pale eyes. "Whose child are you?"
Taotao remembered the past events that Wang Debao told her, but she still said honestly, "Family teacher Li Sanjiu."
"That’s small." Hui’s eyes froze as if remembering something. "After so many years, he has been someone else’s master."