Chang Geng seems to really want Qi Xiaer to release a colorful light behind Zilei. Looking closely, it seems that there are several colorful lightsabers in the light, and everyone knows that both sides may really want to turn against each other and hurry out to persuade them, but no one has to intercept them. They are not so easy to provoke, that is, they are just out.

For these words, Song Geng seemed not to hear. His purple thunder was intercepted by a wonderful lady, but the five-color brilliance was severely hit by Qi Xiaer’s protective magic weapon, splashing several Mars flames, and the great power of anti-shock immediately made SJGH spray one mouthful blood. Although she was a master at the early stage of Yuan Ying, she was seriously injured in the face of Song Changgeng’s immortal blow.
After injuring her, Song Chang put away the five lines of lightsaber and then called Xu Feiniang to come over and ask about the cause of the incident. Xu Feiniang recuperated for a while before saying, "Eldest brother, we really didn’t know you were here. We are also human beings. It is a sight of the magic treasure that was detonated here, and we went out to find Shuangying.
When they left, they stole away. Just after they got married, they were amazing. They wanted to come to the South Pole to find you. We tried many times and sent messages in various ways. They didn’t respond, but we didn’t know about it until we got here. We thought Shuangying was nearby, especially when we saw a girl brother from Admiralty Island.
Think of eldest brother, two female apprentices are also practicing in Admiralty, so I’m going to ask, but this JiXia son said what faction we are, and she wouldn’t let us go in and look for someone. She didn’t give us the results yet, but after two words, she turned over and called, and then Mrs. Miao and JiLingyun came to help her, and then you saw it. I don’t even know what happened to this girl today. "
Song Chang Gung-sik saw that there were more than a dozen people watching and resting, and they flew here one after another. It was near the Taixu evil fire group, and the whole big black fire group had been condensed and practiced. A large piece appeared more than a hundred miles deep, and a big depression was still a broken island. I think it was the 47th island at the beginning.
I saw that the island was broken and burned everywhere. The cave dwelling where the original owner lived had been cracked and the ceiling of the cave had been uncovered. Behind a cliff in the cave dwelling, there were hundreds of smaller and still alive trees. The rest of the trees on the island were broken and burned, not turned into ashes, but cut off by roots.
In the middle of the night, looking at the sprawling buildings and the messy trees is like a bustling scenic spot. After a great fire, the scenery is lost and desolate, and then looking back, Song Changgeng can’t help but accept the so-called concept of good and evil for a while. Is it interesting to hit me and I’ll hit you?
As a result, it was destroyed that when he was pregnant, he saw that Zhang Jiao was far away. He was accompanied by several monks and nuns and flew to the vicinity to meet Mrs. Miao. After that, he got a brief understanding of the situation. Seeing Mrs. Miao had been given medicine by Qi Xiaer. A real person, Qi Shuming, handed over to Song Changgeng and said, "Please forgive me for being offended, but please don’t mind if she is a junior."
At this time, Master You Shenni of Qi Xiaer next to him saw that his servant was beaten like this, and he couldn’t recover in a few years. He couldn’t help but feel distressed and angry. He said coldly, "Song’s master is really awesome. You are a fairy who has offended a younger generation. Please ask Song’s master not to teach the apprentice a chance to repent after he contains a lot of punishments."
"Ha ha ha ha old, you are dangerous? Your brother insulted me with a gift. Is it difficult to teach me a lesson? Do you really think I’m a bully? If you want to stand up for your undisciplined apprentice, just come. I, Song Changgeng, have never been afraid to scare you since I debuted. I will eat you if I say that I am so pitiful. " After being run by Jixiaer’s master Youshenni, Chang Geng got up and started talking a lot.
Of course, he knows that Qi Xiaer did this to himself because he has repeatedly attacked Emei’s younger brothers and resources, and he has taken the lead and robbed Emei’s younger brothers and magic weapons, which have directly weakened me, sent noodles and good fortune, which has increased many variables for Miao Yi’s real husband and wife to soar. Being a child naturally makes her angry, so she will have her own behavior.
And she dares to be so arrogant because her parents are all brothers and sisters. Her master is already a fairy figure, and her brother Yi Zhou and sister-in-law are all immortals. The power and strength behind her are very strong. She said something difficult to listen to, but Song Changgeng couldn’t help it, because he couldn’t help it. It was a matter of face.
Let Qi Xiaer do this by himself, and then everyone will be behind it.
I don’t respect my brother for myself, and someone will go out on the street, so he has to say cruel words after the fight. But when he said these words, everyone was silent. I didn’t think Song Changru was tough. This really made everyone don’t know how to persuade him.
At this time, the white-browed monk who came with Shenni said, "Song Daoyou, you are also an intensive Buddhist. After hearing Ye Daoyou say that you will meet her next time, you will give the [Bayleaf Buddhist Sutra] and the [Come to the Stars to Robbery Sutra] to each other. It can be seen that Qi Xiaer is also a broad-minded person. Please don’t be angry first. Things are so love-hate entanglements.
Now that Daoyou has punished and Qi Daoyou knows that the child has done something wrong, he has paid a tribute. Would Daoyou please show it for the sake of the old monk? Everyone is still trying to eliminate these false evil spirits. "Say that finish and even lower Song Chang answered that he knew that he could naturally handle this matter by relying on his prestige.
Song Chang saw him come forward, and a real couple didn’t say anything else. Obviously, they knew that they were indefensible. If they were unreasonable again, they would make everyone look down on them. So they gave the bridled monk a hand and said, "Since the master said something fair, I’ll let it go in your face, so how much will hinder everyone from getting down to business?"
As soon as he spoke, he heard a cold and charming woman say, "I’m poor, but I’m polite. The head of the Song Dynasty is really broad-minded. In that case, I wonder if the head of the Song Dynasty can leave me alone?"
Song Chang Gung looked up and saw a young woman among several monks and nuns talking to herself. He couldn’t help but frown again. This woman really knows how to catch up with this time and say that if she promises this thing, she will lose her abode of fairies and immortals. If she doesn’t promise it, she will be ill. What to do is to suffer. This woman is really not simple.
Hesitated, he laughed. "You built the magic wave pool, but when you entered the Buddha, you swore to give it to Li Yingqiong and Yi Jing. Now you are talking about this matter again. Now that you have given the abode of fairies and immortals out, don’t step in again. You have been practicing for so long, but the karma is too deep, but it’s almost digested these years, right?
Second, your dharma tactic is not high-level, and you want to practice to the highest level. You have been in since the enlightenment. I have two Buddhist scriptures here. If you are willing to give up the magic wave pool, I will argue with the Emei Sect on the merits. I will give you a set, and you will soar as soon as possible. In addition, choose some good clothes for you. "
This statement made everyone say that they didn’t see such a fairy and bribed people in front of them. At the same time, it also made the magic wave pool yoga very awkward, but it was also very exciting. Song Changgeng said that it was just right to the point. She really lacked multiplication and her strength was insufficient, so she never soared. If the other party really gave such a good condition, it would not be negotiable.
After thinking about it, she was about to answer when she heard an explosion in the distance, and saw that the whole fire was shaking and flowing. This fire is strange in nature. If you don’t move it, it will stop when it explodes, but once it has the power to shake it, it will explode with a strong force until it finally subsides. Everyone knows that this thing can’t stand the violent impulse.
In particular, the five elements of the thunderbolt slammed into each other in two miles. Look at this sample now. Obviously, someone wants to guide the fire here to flow and destroy the magic wave pool. Yoga quickly said, "I will make a long story short before there is a demon evil. If you two want me to have a magic wave pool, you can."
But it’s up to each pioneer to get rid of the evil spirits there and refine the corpse of Cui Ying. Even if the winner wins, but your two families are at war with each other, let Master Bai Mei see who is going to lose first. "
Song Chang Gung and Miao Yi looked at each other in tandem and said, "Good nun, this discussion is very good. We followed it." When they finished, they all smiled at each other and knew that the new competition was over again.
Things settled here and flew to the accident party. Far away, I saw Qian Kangzheng fighting with Xuanyuan French King, and several other couples were also fighting. From time to time, I saw a few large dark blue treasure lights thrown in the sea of fire, and the explosion immediately caused the whole Taixu evil fire group to violently oscillate.
However, someone is hiding in the thunder, but because everyone here is entangled in it, no one intercepts Song Changhe and everyone flies and sees that the dark blue thunder beads did not disappear after being fried, but actually turned into several sizes of blue and white starlight, which exploded in the dark flame. It is the unique yin thunder of the magic religion
The fifty-second volume competing magic wave Chapter five hundred and fifteen Hanshan bearer
Not only did he recognize it, but others also recognized it. The long surface of the Song Dynasty was exposed after everyone worked hard to be concise. The broken island was immediately collapsed by this bombing. Those who escaped the fire of the original owner and worked hard to build the fairy mountain scenery for many years were destroyed this time/
The huge impact of the continuous explosion was followed by a very strong tsunami. The sea water rushed like a pot, and the huge waves collided with each other. The sound was touching, because everyone wanted to condense these little girls in the fire place. The magic weapon’ Taiyi hookah Luo’ that was originally used to cover the whole fire group has been taken back.
As a result, now there is no way to stop the waves and the too-empty evil fire from surging around. At this time, we can see that personal adaptability is like Song Changgeng and others are still watching this situation. I don’t know where to start, and my temper has rushed to fight with the evil sects, and Emei Sect has dispatched people to do things in an orderly way.
Song Chang-geng didn’t want to admit it, but in the deepest part of his heart, he had to admit that he was not as good as the other party in this respect. He quickly took action to do what he could without asking, because everyone knew that if this empty fire group was cleaned up, everyone would get great merits, which would be of great help to the future practice.
Now, when the other party blows up the fire, it has already spread, and the demon teaches Yin Lei to explode one by one. If it is not stopped, I’m afraid everyone’s efforts will be in vain. Song Changgeng also knows that it is urgent. After a little consideration, he looks back for someone to see Ye Bin fighting with a master in the middle of Yuan Ying not far away.
He saw that the battle between the two men was flat. Although Ye Bin was slightly dominant, it was not easy for the master to meet eye-catching. The sea had been raging in the sea, and landslides seemed to rush in, and the fire was also impulsively flowing. He did not consider the rules. After lifting it, the five colors of light ran away like a wave.
The man also needless to hand by two people together immediately white oneself is not an opponent after a counterattack, and ran away in a hurry and shouted "the path of people licking shameless two make a revenge, I will get it back after five thunder reality NiuQingXu remembered" said, as he fled to the distance, others looked strangely at Song Changgeng and didn’t know what this guy meant.
Generally, fighting is a fight against a person. If his peers or skills are almost the same, no one will add their hands. However, Song Changgeng didn’t care about it. He smiled at Ye Bin. "It’s urgent. Don’t blame me. I have two magic weapons here that can control the fire. There is a person who can’t fuck and want to ask Taoist friends to help."
Say take out the’ green stork bottle’ and hand it over to Ye Bin, who is quiet, gentle and a little cold. People naturally won’t care about this little thing. They won’t think that Song Chang-geng rolled her face on purpose. After she took the’ green stork bottle’, she smiled, "Why don’t everyone eliminate the disaster as soon as possible and drive away these evil spirits?"
Song Chang Gung also didn’t say much, that is, after telling her how to make it, he asked her to help collect those flying too empty evil fires, while he released the nine Zi Long to let them devour the too empty evil fires. After he took them back for nine times, he has been ordering them to refine those too empty evil fires in the’ Nine Dingding’ and then spit them out to be absorbed by other monsters.
After he recovered his skill, Kowloon has absorbed the too-empty evil fire refining and finishing these days, and he released them all again and swallowed them up. This place has been activated by the explosion.
When he came out of Kowloon, he immediately alerted other dragons. Although he was a totem practitioner in Middle-earth, it was once said that immortals could resist dragons. But now there is a lack of aura in heaven and earth, and when the caves are closed, the dragons have already disappeared. Occasionally, dragon variants and dragons have appeared, and they have also been stripped of their skins, broken bones and refined treasures. The real dragons have disappeared for thousands of years, but they are real dragons.
Seeing the nine Zi Long roaring and burning with purple fire, the body grows up with each bite of the fire. Don’t say it’s the scene that the people in the right way are also the people in the evil school. When they look at this posture, they will know that things can’t be done, because the nine dragons spread out their power. Each one has the strength of Yuan Ying’s later period.
The most important thing is that the appearance of the dragon body has a psychological impact on them. After the evil sects retreat one after another, the people in the right path also divide their work to converge and condense those scattered evil fires. At this time, although the evil fire was fueled by the explosion, the flow became more and more fierce. However, with the retreat of the evil sects, no one threw any more thunder and lightning, and the explosive force was consumed, and the evil fire gradually calmed down.
Ji Lingyun has been silently watching Song Chang-geng holding’ Nine Dings’ and Lingli commanding nine Zi Long to devour the four.
The virtual evil spirit and blurred eyes have always paid attention to the emotional affairs of his daughter, the wonderful first lady, Qi Lingyun, and Song Changgeng. Everyone knows that Qi Xiaer and Song Changgeng provoked a lot of reasons, but in fact, his sister was not worth it.
However, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Men and women who are passionate about good and evil through the ages don’t know how many things are passionate about men and women of two opposing factions, and there are countless things. The accumulated experience of this matter is that it is not the right way to let nature take its course, whether it is to promote or obstruct it. The first lady and others also indulge her naively
Just as Ji Lingyun was watching Song Chang Gung, he saw his younger brother Ji Jinchan and a four-or five-year-old child carrying a flower that was tens of feet high like a treasure cover, and a faint fragrance floated with Qi Lingyun. "Brother Cicada and Brother Hong, why are you so disobedient? Didn’t I tell you that once you finished patrolling, you went to the Jade Que to rest and didn’t trespass?"
Four-or five-year-old children smiled before Qi Jinchan spoke. "Sister Yun, don’t be angry. I pulled Brother Cican out. My’ Xiangyun Bao Gai’ failed to refine the spiritual harmony of Tao because of borrowed treasure, so I have to subtract a lot of spiritual effects. I’m afraid I can’t host something at will when I really have something."
Say that finish a finger clouds pulling JiJinChan was too empty evil spirit fire to fly to the edge that looks like a ten-foot-high ceiling treasure cover prancing and shaking in the dark sea, although it is on the edge, but the amount of evil spirit fire from all over the world hits each other and rushes to the front to be popular. YunBaoGai is a block of maser, and hundreds of millions of golden flowers are raining.
Although it didn’t invade the situation, it was also scary. Qi Jinchan complained while watching the children driving the colorful clouds. "What are you afraid of, Hong Di? Why don’t you just tell Sister Yun that we are here to help Sister Xia?"
That child is a wonderful couple who loved Li Hong in the ninth century. He felt funny when he listened to Qi Jinchan’s words. He was about to explain when he suddenly felt the vigorous fluctuation around him. When he turned around, he saw that in the thousands of miles of big black air mass, like the sea and the stars, a tunnel flew as far away as a wishful shape. snuff’s green light was as big as a bucket, followed by a building with seven treasures of Buddhism, about three feet high, golden light and auspicious clouds.
There is a wonderful young girl in Guangzhong and a pair of girls with the same appearance, each wearing a white fairy dress, aged about 13 or 14. All three of them are beautiful and beautiful. If the fairy is supported by that golden light and auspicious clouds, it will become more and more solemn and graceful. It is strange to say that it is so intense and fierce that Fiona Fang is full of fire thousands of miles away.
Although they don’t flow, if they are contaminated, they will erode their bodies and destroy their vitality, which is so powerful. However, the snuff Road flying in front of the fingers of these three people turned out to be smooth and abnormal in the border black sea, and a large number of black, empty and evil fires were even close to each other, so they destroyed themselves and rushed to a fire road at that time.
By the time the evil fire was separated and merged, people had flown out of the evil fire group. Everyone had participated in the Emei school and immediately recognized that the two girls with the same appearance, each wearing a white fairy dress, were about thirteen or fourteen years old. They were the twin sisters Xie Lin and Xie Ying, the daughter of Xie Shan in Wuyishan, Xianxialing.
When Ye Bin saw it, he quickly stopped the work and flew over to meet the three people. He smiled and said a few words. When Xie Jia’s sisters saw her, they hugged her left and right, and chattered. A wonderful lady and master bridled also flew over. Just as soon as they flew near the master bridled, he said, "It’s a surprise that Master Amitabha didn’t want you to be a little cold mountain."
When the young woman saw the Taixu evil spirit fire group and Ye Bin saw the ceremony, she took back the snuff line on her head to see the arrival of Master Bridled Eyebrow and others, and saluted with both hands. When she saw each other’s questioning, she replied in a crisp voice, "Master Bridled Eyebrow didn’t want to meet here for many years. I was also ground by two children, and another thing came."
Next to the god Niyou Tan laughed, "Amitabha Buddha is poor and Niyou Tan is polite. I have heard for a long time that master Xiao Hanshan’s moral cultivation is extremely high. In the past years, an old relationship has not been able to soar. I don’t know what it is. If there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate."
Master Xiao Hanshan, a young woman, replied with his hands together, "It turns out that you are Youtan Shenni. I heard that you and Fentuo Shenni have met with two big monks in Central China today. It’s a great honor for you to be poor this time. One is that these two children are grinding the ground to help clear up the catastrophe, and the other is that you have come to see the Lord of the Antarctic light environment by the decree of the dancing world Buddha."
The fifty-second volume competing magic wave Chapter five hundred and sixteen Tathagata decree
Antarctic light Lord! "A listen to this sentence, everyone is one leng look. Although they all vaguely know that Song Chang-geng may have got a bright land, because this thing is too big, everyone didn’t have a chance to ask. When everyone came one after another, he was closed and recovered. When he came out, he gave birth to such a block. Things have never been asked (
Now, when you listen, the master of forbearance is actually coming under the command of the Buddha, the world of Hinayana Buddhism. In fact, when you are soaring, you have to choose to go to the paradise of the West, and you have to choose to go to the glass world, which is far away. In fact, the world of Hinayana Buddhism is actually human.
However, it is a cave, but that is to say, everyone will believe in Buddhism and practice at the same time. I have never heard of a few people who have been there. Everyone was stunned for a while. "Since Master Ren came to find Song Daoyou, I will lead you there. He is busy there."