Because some senior medical experts can identify the thousands of feathers of men and women by pulse, she has been given medicine in advance to make her pulse show male signs.

What she cares about
All kinds of doctors are still shaking their heads one by one.
can find no way out
It’s Zhang Shuo’s turn
Zhang Shuo looked at neon spirit slowly before.
Neon spirit looked at the ground in front of her, and her nose and lips became more and more red and swollen.
That was to see Zhang Shuo eyes light a quiver.
Twisting his sleeves gently, he stretched out his fingers and gently took a neon pulse.
When it was as slow, urgent and fierce as Ajie, Zhang Shuo finally affirmed his conjecture again.
It was indeed that Ajie’s blood was used to make himself equally poisoned.
At that moment, I couldn’t say how I felt.
There is shock, this willingness to sacrifice, great fear and shock.
I also feel sorry for my misunderstanding and injury.
More ups and downs
Upset and downs
He doesn’t know what it is either.
Maybe I didn’t expect that there was another man besides him who was willing to save Ajie’s life. Maybe he was jealous, maybe he had a sense of crisis, or maybe he admired his sincerity.
In this world, he has never admired the second person so much except Feng Ying Mo.
When you are in a big mood, you can’t help but call out the "Night Fang Master …"
Neon spirit that slowly lift eye looked Zhang Shuo.
The night away ahead naturally sees all this in the eye.
Maybe she didn’t understand before, but now she knows that one thing is the most uncontrollable thing, and she is worried that neon spirit will do something out of control on purpose.
"Does Doctor Zhang have a good plan?"
Zhang Shuo’s eyes flashed slightly and bowed. "Please forgive me for not being able to do it for the time being."
"Even you don’t seem to be a general poison!"
This time, the man was an emperor devoted to thousands of feathers, and suddenly he remembered something: "By the way, the king is also good at medicine, so he might as well try it for the night."
Wang qian Zhang Shuo was forced to step back.
After some serious probing, Wang Zhen found the clue.
"Back to the Emperor’s Night Square, it should be that the’ Seven Veins Hidden’ has long been lost in the Jianghu."
"Seven hidden veins?" Mo Qian Yu raises eyebrows
Everyone was shocked.
At night, I bent my lips in an unobservable way.
On the spot, the doctors were in a low voice, and thousands of feathers couldn’t wait to ask, "Does the king know this’ seven-pulse hidden’ solution?"
"I once knew a thing or two in a doctor’s office. In fact, a good combination of seven-pulse hidden antidote is hard to find." Duan Wang looked dignified
"What drug introduction?"
"Snow Mountain Purple Lotus"
"Thank you, Emperor!"
When all the people dispersed in Longyin Palace, Night Away got up and knelt down.
Mo Qianyu didn’t immediately make her stand up, but asked her, "Thank me for what?"
"Many thanks to the emperor!"
Bow down at night
She doesn’t want to count them one by one. She knows he understands.
She knows better, and he knows better.