"I really don’t know what the Inter players are so happy about … now they are at home without scoring a goal or drawing with Lazio, and Lazio has the advantage! Lazio scored ten goals at half time! Such horrible data Inter Milan players can still laugh when they are present! "

Caressa said with a frown
And what surprised him was that Mourinho didn’t seem to be dissatisfied at all. His face was calm and he didn’t get angry when he saw Montari and Sissoko talking and laughing.
This is really … strange.
Of course Caressa will be surprised.
He didn’t know that Mourinho strongly praised the team’s performance at halftime.
"You do well! Gentlemen! You did a great job! At half-time, they shot ten goals but didn’t score a goal! I can even see the anxious expression on Lazio players’ faces at the end of half-time. Gentlemen, we are 45 minutes away from success! Stick to it and we can beat them! "
Chang Sheng also encouraged his players in the locker room.
"It’s obvious that our opponents want to draw us and drag the two-round finals into penalty kicks. This is the only way they can beat us-hope for luck, but it’s ridiculous. Guys, they must not know how we usually train them or how long we have planned. I think this game is an excellent opportunity to tell everyone who thinks like Inter Milan how stupid it is …"
"At half-time, we" hurricane ",each of you should actively participate in the attack to benefit what we are best at to defeat their bodies and beliefs! Tell them that they will have no chance to return to our home in the second round! "
Winning combatively said
How could he be frightened by Mourinho’s tactics?
Because he just prepared such a corresponding plan.
Code name hurricane
It means that no matter what obstacles you encounter, you will push it like a hurricane and crush it directly!
Cann’t stick to it?
Then I will uproot it for you!
Chapter one hundred A storm is brewing
In fact, Chang Sheng thought of preparing a plan to deal with his death when he prepared various plans. It was an epiphany that Inter Milan played Barcelona in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final.
He was wondering if it was possible.
Although Mourinho was forced to stop the bus against Barcelona because Motta was punished at half-time, if he didn’t shrink, the defense would be blown up.
It is not impossible for Inter Milan to play Lazio.
However, Chang Sheng can’t rule out this possibility. In case of sudden changes in the game, a player from Inter Milan will be sent a red card. Why should Lazio play when their line shrinks?
In Barcelona, even if you had the top attack array, you couldn’t do anything about Inter Milan’s defensive formation
It was not until the last minute that Pique scored a goal, but it was too late.
What should I do if I encounter such a situation myself?
Changsheng didn’t bury his head and think he had a coaching staff. When is the coaching staff not available at this time?
So he put this situation out and asked the coaching staff to discuss it.
The final result is that if you really encounter this extreme situation, you will rely on the star’s personal flash performance and positioning.
Set-pieces don’t say that there will be set-pieces drills before every game, and training has always been a reserved item.
The key is the star’s personal flash
When it comes to the star’s personal flash, everyone will think that the star single-handedly crossed the other team’s entire defense line with the ball, or that the other team passed the goalkeeper twice and kicked the football into the door … A classic representative of personal heroism like this.
For example, Diego Maradona has connected five people.
For example, Ronaldo scored against Compostela in Barcelona.
These are classics in the history of football.
But how can a personal performance in an actual football match be that simple?
It seems that everyone can watch the play by giving the football to the star.
This may be true in the 1970s.
But in today’s football, this is almost impossible
Generally speaking, the development direction of modern football tends to be conservative
Pay more and more attention to defensive coaches’ research on defensive tactics has reached its peak.
It was also a defensive counterattack that made the coaches play well.
In the current defensive system, if you want to solve the game and fight by the stars themselves, especially the kind that will score less and less after five cuts.
Especially against a team that stick to its guns.
Football is a timely game, and it always needs time and time.
And sticking to it is to contain your time and peace
In the face of this kind of death, it needs the individual performance of the star, but it also needs the cooperation of the team
It is said that the star is dancing solo, and everyone is focusing on the player’s body, but at the same time, other teammates of a team are trying to do their own work where everyone can’t see it.
They may appear in the star’s forward route, he is the wall, and he cooperates to help him get rid of the defense in the ball state.
Or they are carrying out all kinds of opportunities to break through the restricted area when it seems meaningless for ordinary fans to run and pull each other’s defensive lines as stars.
In modern football, the individual performance of the stars has increasingly become a highly tacit cooperation show of the team.
Messi is always the brightest in the competition in Barcelona. The fans broke through and cheered again and again in the competition.
But who noticed the performance of other Barcelona players during his breakthrough?
Someone appeared at the front of the restricted area, and after Messi went, he made a two-to-one collision with Messi. It was simple to cooperate, but the explosive force and speed of cooperating with Messi were unexpectedly good.
In addition, there will be other players to help him pull the other defense, and he will come out.
So Messi’s breakthrough will be sharper.