Bourne scratched his head. "Psychologically speaking, a person’s potential is stimulated by two factors. The first is the ultimate survival ability; The second is a very strong subconscious desire. "

Lin Yu’s eyes lit up. "Shen An is the second kind."
"Yes!" Bourne nodded firmly.
Lin Yu "hissed". "Do you think this kid … is really interested in General Fu?"
Bowen’s eyes also shone with wisdom. "I think it’s a little bit, but it doesn’t matter what we say. Even if we can analyze his psychological motivation, he doesn’t know it himself, and we find it is equivalent to"! "
Lin Yu hey hey a smile "when I received the total fu, I got a fright. When was the total fu susceptible period like this ghost … his tongue was bitten by a large scar. If I don’t know his personality, he still can’t catch up with his wife and want to bite the tongue! Those two irons were as steady as each other, and the palms of their hands were stabbed with blood and nails … The whole body was bloody and damaged as if I had asked him how to do it. His answer made me laugh, so he threw me the word "self-denial" and I was about to faint! How did General Fu become a riddle man! "
Bourne’s eyes are almost falling out.
G … G self-denial?
In fact, it is not difficult to understand that Bourne "hissed" these four words. Bourne believes that Lin Yu didn’t think about it for a moment. He must have been thinking about it, so he took a slap on his thigh and suddenly realized.
And Bourne … Even before this great event happened, he almost understood the meaning of four words Fu Fengning said in seconds. "Ow! My emperor! Shetfark! It won’t be … I will pick a gift for Shen An to get into trouble! "
So he made a fool of himself and did a bad thing with good intentions, which made them have an iron will. Fu Zong’s "self-denial" pushed the susceptible period forward?
Bourne closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Shetland Falk! My virgin Mary! Is there any way to make General Fu lose his memory? I am afraid that after he comes out and knows everything … my year-end bonus will be gone! "
Two people were whispering timidly when they suddenly heard Shen An crying.
Look at each other heart move hurriedly toward Shen An.
The security and sealing of this floor are well done. When Shen An groped for the cable himself, they let Shen An go.
I can’t help but feel anxious when I hear him crying at the moment.
When I saw Shen An, Shen An came to the front door of the iceberg.
Shen An’s whole person seems to be trying to find out where the crack is.
He felt around the door while his thin shirt sleeve was smeared with red eyes, and he was still calling "Uncle Fu … open the door …"
Lin Yu couldn’t bear to go to Shen An’s side. "Shen Anfu is always here very well. Everything in the house is highly protective, well equipped, and there are places to eat, drink and rest."
Shen An lifted up his face piteously and his voice was hoarse. "I want Uncle Fu … I can help Uncle Fu with my pheromone … You can put me in!"
Bourne whispered, "Shen Anxian, come back with us. You call Chief Fu here. He can’t hear the sound insulation effect of the doors, walls, your head and the ground. We can’t hear the inside and we can’t hear the inside. It takes too many conditions for us to open this door. You can’t let it go. You listen."
Shen An’s eyes were puzzled and frightened. "You lied to me … you didn’t let me see if Uncle Fu had something wrong with him!"
Lin Yu "hissed" for a moment. I didn’t expect Shen to be so upset.
As soon as Bourne’s eyes narrowed, he once again judged that his anxiety and depression were not low by Shen An’s body movements, language and behavior, and the emotional expression in his eyes.
He felt that Shen An’s trip at this time seemed to be quite different from his usual cleverness and understanding, but it was actually revealed in extreme circumstances.
He was forced by the environment and began to show his usual paranoid side.
This is a good thing in a way.
Bourne took pains to answer all Shen An’s questions and enticed him for four or five hours.
It wasn’t until the sky gradually lit up that Shen Ancai shrank in the corner of the steel gate and slept with his knees in his arms.
You have something to say.
Not yet. Don’t worry. There will be a permanent mark, but not now! Then you will be satisfied!
Come to your arms in peace, don’t cry, don’t cry, everyone will hug you!
Uncle fu came out in a chapter. oh, sweet words are not abusive!
And the most important thing is, which cuties are going to take the college entrance examination? Duck! Go, go! Get me the most favorite admission notice when everything goes well with you!
Chapter 79 Chapter 79
Shen An woke up in a hospital bed.
Bowen told Shen An that he had found the curator’s contact information on his mobile phone and asked for a day off for him.
Shen An eyes hole nodded, the first sentence is "Uncle Fu out?"
"It’s still early. You’ve only slept for three hours. It will take him several days."
I didn’t know that Shen An got out of bed and went to Fu Fengning ‘an to squat outside.
Bourne tried every trick to coax Shen An back this time.