Ji Fan was calm after getting the news.

Shanyou and Huaqing have been well-behaved since the First World War, and many Shanyou have also sent more letters to Huaqing.
You also know that your strength alone is not enough to give JiFan a fatal blow.
The mountain deep and remote with Huaqing two people looking for help really let him find two people.
A man and a woman are brothers and sisters, and their swordsmanship is superior.
Although the male is not well proportioned, he is also a handsome and tall man named Zhou Zhen.
The female long is Liu Mei, almond eyes and a bright silver armor, which shows his figure incisively and vividly, and his chest is round and his arms are strong, making him a famous Zhou Jia.
Now Zhou Zhen, Zhou Jia and Hua Qing are going to test the strength of Shanyou once against Bianshan You.
Shan You and Zhou Zhen, Zhou Jia and Hua Qing are not talkative people, and their faces are very calm about this.
Mountain deep and remote with a bit of evil meaning smile slowly pulled out bloodthirsty blade hongming the tip of the tongue in the blade licked slowly said, "come on! Leave no strength. "
Zhou Zhen and Zhou Jia’s glances are indeed a little scary. A battle is vivid in my mind. Only the two of them are not opponents. They look at Huaqing only to find that Huaqing is frowning.
More nervous in my heart, but two people practicing is a sword, and you must never lose before you fight.
Two long swords danced and stabbed the mountain with sharp shock wave.
At this moment, a pike is also a gentle one. If Youlong pike shakes rapidly, it will stab into the heart of the mountain.
Mountain deep and remote with a sneer at the hands of the murderous blade Hongming unhurried gear box that pike after the blink oblique in the previous step.
Hung-ming, a murderous blade, cut at the two long swords that stabbed him with great potential.
Moment Zhou Zhen, Zhou Jia suddenly felt his arm numb and his sword fell to the ground.
Before the mountain is deep and remote, it is a murderous blade. Hongming aims at Huaqing and once again stabs the pike and gives it a hard knife, and then cuts it into Zhou Zhen with a stroke.
Zhou Jia hurriedly jiao drink a sword in one hand hurriedly stop barely up that a little strength when gear this recruit.
Zhou Jia’s arm was suddenly weak and had no strength at all. This sudden limp and numb feeling made her sell her sword.
The mountain is close to you again, and the long knife swings wave after wave at Zhou Zhen again.
Zhou Zhen barely worked as three strokes, but his right hand was already unconscious.
Mountain deep and remote a kick in the past will immediately Zhou Zhen kicked fly out.
Shan You looked at the three people lying on the ground and smiled wildly and said, "None of you have reached ninety. It’s too weak. It’s too weak. Let’s go to Jingzhou in one place. This time I must be very sure before I can make a move."
"Kill Ji Fan first and destroy Ji Shao"
Zhou Zhen suddenly frowned, revealing a kind of magnetism in his voice and saying, "JiFan? You want to kill Ji Fan? "
Mountain deep and remote eyebrows a wrinkly hands bloodthirsty blade hongming flash generally frame in Zhou Zhen neck asked "what’s the matter? Do you have an opinion? "
Zhou Zhen looked at the knife face and said, "It is not easy for Ji Fan to occupy Hebei and want to deal with him."
Mountain you put the knife, eyes flashing with strange light.
Zhou Zhen looked at Shanyou with a look on his face and said, "We need the help of other forces to recruit experts and get money and things for them."
Shanyou nodded and said, "So which force?"
Zhou Zhen blurted out, "Jingzhou is fighting at the moment."
Shanyou nodded and said, "Let’s go."
In the heart of the mountain, it is whispering that "it is the last time that you die or I die."
Jingzhou Jiangling
Cai Tianhua’s complexion is ruddy and he said to Xun Xiu, "The old guy is finally dead, so I will clean up the Jingzhou Department. I will clean up the old guy’s party department, and the mediocrity will also be removed. After taking control of Jingzhou, there are Guiyang and Ling left in the Jingnan Raiders to let them speed up."
Xun Xiu smiled and said, "The Nuo Shaozhu Yangzhou has been harassing my Jingzhou Jiangxia more and more frequently recently."
Cai Tianhua’s mouth was a bit confident and said, "Hum is overreaching. Jiangxia, I specially let Yuan, a pedantic old guy, be good at defending Fang Xiao, be sure to suffer."
Xun Xiu advised "it’s better not to be careless"
Cai Tianhua enthusiastically patted Xun Xiu on the shoulder and said, "Oh, no, I can guarantee this."
Xun Hugh nodded and said, "Since the young master is so confident, Hugh will be at ease."
Cai Tianhua looked at Xun Xiu and said, "For nearly two years, you are the only top adviser and civil servant around me, and I still believe in you."
Xun Xiu smiled faintly and said, "Thank you for your letter."
Cai Tianhua laughed and said, "By the way, where should we develop after we pacify Jingzhou?"
Xun Xiu said, "Take advantage of the geographical location to map Yangzhou and then re-enter Xuzhou, and then go straight to Yecheng and cross the heart."
Cai Tianhua shout "good! Then let’s outline a general plan for Yangzhou first and leave it to you. "
Xun Xiu was brought to life and drifted away.
Cai Tianhua frowned and didn’t know what was going on.
This Xunxiu is normal for almost two years, and it’s time for me to let him enter the real core.
Jia Wen, Wang Qiang and Fang Jin were summoned by Ji Wu.
Three people glances set a determined to gamble.
Three people entered Ji Wu’s room one after another.
Ji Wu still smiled and said, "Oh, that guy Yuan is going to attack Jingzhou recently, so when will we finish taking Jianye into the bag now?"
Jia Wen said, "I have already started to prepare for this matter. Please rest assured."
Ji Wu scratched his head and said, "It’s good that you are sure."
Jia Wen and smile.
Ji Wu suddenly said, "Mr. Wang Qiang, a few days ago, a military attache in Yuan’s hand captured two beauties. I have a tigress at home who gave it to Mr. Wang Qiang."
Wang Qiang jumped up and said, "I advocate equality and free love between men and women."
Jia Wen and I almost had a party. Who doesn’t know that Yan always likes direct aggression from Japanese sisters?
Ji Wu was dumbfounded.
I can’t help but be dumbfounded. I went to free love. What is it?
Wang Qiang said at this moment, "But since Gong values me so much, I will accept it."