Exquisite carving and jade carving, perfect features and elegance, a little paler than usual, and a little less aggressive.

But it looks particularly attractive.
Royi’s fingers are twisted together with his back behind him, which means he has just courage.
Tell her to be afraid to come over. Ling didn’t good the spirit with a snort.
"Love keeps a snake that can bite."
Who knows the story of the farmer snake? Royi knows that he is mocking himself and took two quick steps.
"I didn’t know it would be so serious. I hit you …"
Suddenly I feel that this explanation is not right. She always wants to hit him.
"violent tendency!"
Look at her. I want to punish her. She’s in no mood
Be agitated slippery body pointed to the head wrapped in gauze.
"I have a pain here."
"Shall I call the doctor?"
Royi also did not see the color in the gauze in anger with him, and his heart trembled through it.
Are they all bleeding?
"How to find a doctor, you are not responsible?"
Ling evil eyes wind to her.
It takes another person to beat him like this and still be in front of him.
Small white-eyed wolf
"It hurts here too."
Yi lazy pointed to the other side of the head.
Royi probably guessed his meaning.
Hold out your finger and gently rub it where he is not injured.
Finally, I am well-advised that a man is lazy and sleepy.
Royi’s eyebrows jumped.
Then another sickly tone said, "That’s it."
"point force"
"Well, a little further."
"Well, left"
"A little force is the same as tickling."
Royi mouth straight smoke silently turned supercilious look in my heart.
Does this mean that you are ill?
Didn’t you just hurt your head? She massaged him all over.
But no matter how hard it is to serve a good temper, Nan girl still smiles and is obedient and kneading.
Until …
Section 42
The girl is clean and white, her fingers are frozen, and her left is neither right nor right.
A little embarrassed, I secretly looked at Ling, and when I saw each other, it seemed calm, and my ears were slightly red.
I don’t believe in blinking. Royi withdrew his hand and said to himself, "I don’t like it. How can this man be shy?"?
It’s just the rhythm of the sun rising in the west.
"I’m not feeling well. Don’t think about that mess."
Royi is messy in the wind. What did she think?
"You sleep there today, and don’t try to defile me before I get well."
Someone has a serious problem
Royi felt that the little flame in his heart was about to ignite again, and he wanted to roar, where did he get confidence? !
She has no idea about him, okay? !
But in the end, Royi sipped his lips and smiled and said nothing.
Thank you for your hug.
☆ Chapter 52 Crazy Yuyang
Royi knew that Ling was worried about her going to see Yuyang, but she really didn’t have that idea.
Now she still blames herself for hurting Ling with her wrong hand.
This night, I complained that Miss Nan was sent by Ling.
Massage, dressing change, wiping the body, just waiting on him to urinate
The two people in the room are calm, but the people outside are not calm.
Your grandfather’s voice is too exciting for single dog.
Are you still so terrible when you are injured?
It is also not calm that Royi has been ringing in the next room all night
Lingtou was actually scratched by a horn, but he fainted because of slight dizziness.
That’s right. Sanshao, a serious patient with cleanliness, is actually dizzy. Otherwise, Royi could not have framed him so easily that night when he first met him.
The next day, the doctor examined and removed the gauze, and told him that it would be fine if he didn’t get wet for two days
"Three little you don’t dizzy?"
Royi yawned and was a little tired. It’s a little too fast to recover?
Ling’s eyelids sparkled and he was calm again at once. Besides exaggerating, it’s true that he was injured, isn’t it cheating?