Gu Boqi saw that she was so cold that she couldn’t help but be angry. She turned to her front and sneered, "What? Isn’t your daughter very kind to you? Now you are throwing yourself at your son. No wonder you have developed your daughter into that virtue! "

He kept saying that "your daughter" and "your son" made Wang feel cold and angry and couldn’t help but retort, "Don’t be a godfather! Don’t say that there is nothing wrong with Aman. Even if there is something wrong, it is because the beam is crooked. "
I’ve never seen such a sharp mouth. Wang Gu Boqi was in a daze first, and then he became more irritable and roared, "What do you call this?"
Wang turned around and asked him, "What did Aman do wrong?" If the master wants to talk, he really doesn’t want to talk. Then I’ll wait until she comes back and ask the master. You don’t have to take it out on me. She’s my daughter, right? Isn’t it your daughter? This is not chilling, so don’t let Zhao and Aman hear it. "
"I’m afraid they’ll hear me?" Gu Boqi sneered, "Your daughter has already practiced invulnerability and is bolder than the sky. Do you know what terrible things she did today?"
Wang saw that he said so solemnly that he took the baggage and take the journey. "Sir, I’m all ears."
Gu Boqi wished that she would embellish this sentence and embellish it with a finger from Xu Zhiyuan today.
In the end, he added, "I really don’t know where I learned to be vicious. It makes people shudder to think of it! She’s only nine years old, and she dares to take a knife to chop off someone’s hand! "
Wang didn’t expect such a thing to happen today. When she heard him say this, she remembered that in the afternoon, it seemed that a member of the Wang family had reported that Gu Man and Gu Zhao had met Wang Tingran halfway and diverted to Wangfu.
Now think about it.
She asked Gu Boqi when she thought of Gu Man’s sexuality. "Aman doesn’t hurt people indiscriminately. Aman wouldn’t start work if it wasn’t for the little Sir Alex Ferguson’s insult! Surely there are many things that the master has not said? "
Gu Boqi naturally refused to take out those things with Xu Zhiyuan and bask in them, so he "said these things! Your daughter dares to hurt people with a knife now, and she doesn’t know what immoral and shocking evil she has done! Get used to it. I know your family is amazing! "
Wang listened to his stomach full of anger and anger and sneered, "My family is terrible? No matter how severe it is, where is the master? If it is really severe, can you still hold the beauties one by one at home? "
Wang doesn’t quarrel with people easily. Every word he says hurts people.
Gu Boqi blushed and yelled at her "bitch! Bitch! "
Wang turned to stare at him "master or talk well is not also a reader? I heard that I went to the poetry meeting yesterday. Why are you still so rude? "
Nanny arms little guy timely tearing voice wail aloud, wang face love dearly took him to coax turned and rushed Gu Boqi way "I this room noisy master stay uncomfortable or go somewhere else!" When Aman comes back, I will ask her if Aman is not that careless child. Since she dares to know what the consequences will be, don’t bother your master. "
Gu Boqi felt that she was unreasonable, and her anger and hate sneered, "Good! Ok! Ok! Now it’s true that mother and daughter are connected to each other. One by one, they are red eyebrows and green eyes. Do you and I want you? If your family is good, you can go back! "
After he finished, he was a little afraid that if Wang really went away, he would be stabbed in the spine by the old lady Gu and the Wangs, and he wouldn’t wait for Wang to react and turn around, and he wouldn’t be rushed out without a curtain.
When he left, Wang looked back and couldn’t help sighing deeply and sitting on the couch staring blankly with the child in his arms.
She was a little scared and didn’t know whether Gu Man actually dared to cut off people’s fingers.
This is simply horrible and incredible to her.
However, I heard that Wang Tingran was there and both of them received the Wangfu, and she comforted herself. It must not be a big deal. Otherwise, there would be such a simple Gu Boqi and she would not come back to scold her.
Gu Boqi rampaged around and unconsciously went to the arch bridge next to the Yuege Pavilion.
Looking at the scattered courtyards and refreshing willows in the pavilion on the moon, he felt a little less bored and couldn’t help but think of Liu Liuniang’s gentleness.
92 lost jade
Wang Tingran personally sent Gu Man and Gu Zhao back to Hou Fu and specially explained some reasons in detail in front of Gu Old Lady.
Gu old lady was scared to death. I heard that Gu Man dared to use a knife on the spot. Her first reaction was that this girl was a scourge after all. She was thinking of coming back, such as cleaning up her. Who knows, Wang Tingran brought them back in time and told all the ins and outs one by one. In the end, even she had to chime in. "It’s really cruel! Is it true that we are Hou Fu people? !”
Wang Tingran put the tea lamp in his hand on the table and took a glance. Gu Zhao and Gu Man laughed. "It’s not a big deal. I remember that there was a dude in the previous dynasty who just wanted to harass the main carriage in Tokugawa County. The owner of Tokugawa County killed Aman on the spot. This is already a small punishment."
The old lady Gu took one look at Gu Man and symbolically comforted her with a few words. Finally, she didn’t know whether it was self-mockery or meaningful sneer. "Fortunately, you didn’t lose our Hou Fu face. Even if the villain was killed on the spot, it would not be enough!"
I don’t know if this is a compliment.
Gu Man knows that even pretending to be naive to care for the old lady will think she is hypocritical, so she will smile very frankly. "Thank you for your praise. If it weren’t for the fact that everyone was present that day, I wouldn’t dare to be so bold."
The old lady Gu snorted at her and said, "Although it is reasonable for you to do so, he is a Lord after all. You are always in trouble this time. Since your father is close, let your father intercede for you."
A sermon?
Or let Gu Boqi go? Gu Man almost had to. When Xu Zhiyuan met Gu Boqi, he didn’t know if he would be killed by excitement!
Just then, a girl outside sent fresh Li Jinlai to the old lady Gu, who glanced at it and asked coldly, "Where did this come from?"
Jane, the maid in the old lady’s room, was just waiting to see the question when she rushed back and said, "It’s from the second wife! I heard that the second wife’s family sent a basket, so the second wife rushed to send it to the old lady first. "
Mrs. Gu is very dissatisfied with Wang’s recent performance. Recently, this wife seems to be getting more and more angry because she gave birth to a child. She said that she would bring Xiao Sun to raise her, but she refused to do it simply, leaving no room at all.
Look at the look after Man and Gu Zhao, one by one, just like a Woodenhead. Even the old man won’t frown sullenly.
In fact, Gu Man swore to please her at first.
However, some people are born unable to get together, and there is nothing they can do. Despite the old lady’s heart, she has given up changing her.
Gu old lady saw a few people don’t talk, so she angrily pushed the glass plate in Jane’s hand out far away and fell to the ground and smashed it to pieces before she asked her in a cold voice, "You can’t even hold a plate well?" It’ s not so clumsy! "
Jane knows in her heart that she has suffered a lot, so it’s better to bow her head and plead guilty.
Wang Tingran was impatient to stay here and look after the old lady’s face, so he left with a logical conclusion.
Old lady Gu nodded lukewarm and pretended to tell Gu Man and Gu Zhao, "If I am in poor health, please send my uncle for me."
Gu Man and Gu Zhao accompanied Wang Tingran out to the second gate, and Wang Tingran asked them to "stop here and go back first."
Wang Tingran, the escort of the second gate, came out to help Wang Tingran sort out his horses and chariots when he saw it.
Wang Tingran see gu full some awkward and laughed "uncle handle affairs you still don’t trust? Feel free to go home. I promise that the jade will be delivered when you get back to your room. "
Gu Man’s joy should be.
Gu Zhao some concerns scold her "what are you thinking in this girl’s mind? If this jade loses its father, it will be very anxious. If it is found here, it is no joke! "
Gu Man smiled casually. "I’m not that stupid. Let him find the dragon jade in my hand so easily. You can rest assured."
Gu Zhao was still a little uneasy. She hesitated to ask her, "What are you going to do?"
What’s the plan?
Gu Boqi is so greedy for money, let him taste the feeling that money is gone.
And Gu Man didn’t tell Gu Zhao.
She never believed what Gu Boqi wanted this piece of jade, and all this had an explanation, that is, this piece of jade was not what Gu Boqi needed himself.
Gu Boqi loves money and is not so elegant.
When Wang Tingran saw their sisters bickering, he interrupted with a smile, "All right, all right, don’t make any noise. Your father won’t find out, so let him worry for a while, just as a punishment for your fright."
Gu Zhao promised to ask Wang Tingran again, "My uncle’s father is not a trustworthy person. This time he bought a piece of jade and is going to push us away from Xu Zhiyuan once?"
Wang Tingran couldn’t help sighing when he saw that her eyes were afraid. He deeply hated Gu Boqi for not being a father.