After the goods were shipped from Shensi City in wagons, the people were used to buying what they needed in the Shensi City construction and procurement market. At first glance, there were many kinds of fresh fruit fabrics that had just been picked, even if the price was a little expensive, many people were willing to buy them.

After a while, all kinds of schools appeared in kindergartens, kindergartens, elementary classes, primary schools and junior high schools in the two major cities. Teachers also came from Shenshen City to live in school dormitories or settle nearby for the time being.
At the beginning, many people didn’t care about the appearance of these schools, but gradually people were attracted by not learning, by kindergarten children who could be cared for, and by taking the lead in entering the factory after learning.
When people around you are doing something, some of them are not involved, but people will become different. More and more people will enter the school for a long time, and the development of Laifeng House and Dengshun House is gradually on the right track.
The development of infrastructure is the same step: first build roads and then develop the surrounding environment through convenient roads. Schools, houses, trading markets and factories all need to rely on roads to develop.
This process is always repeating what seems to be extremely boring, but for the people, it is often these repetitive and boring things that make them have a better life.
There are also people who sneak in from Shikou House and Beilu House. For these people, the principle of Tian Tang is to stay when they come, not only to give workers temporary accommodation, but also to give them the idea that they can’t afford to go back.
As the saying goes, "Several families are happy and several families are sad". When developing Laifeng Mansion and Dengshun Mansion, some people of the three major forces could not sit still.
Yan Man hurried to Qin Yi’s residence, and as soon as he saw Qin Yi, he immediately said, "The king of the little temple has been recalled!"
"Reasonable" Qin Yi let go of "Sixteen uncles cherish their lives"
Yan Man was relieved to see him beside Qin Yi. "I will never give up the gods. The king of the city has been recalled. Can you send someone to the temple to take over the soldiers again?"
The development of tripartite forces The imperial forces are the weakest, but the leading generals are the strongest. The Wei family can resist a large-scale attack even with extremely weak forces.
Renwang’s forces and troops are not too strong, but He Songyang is too mad dog to be bitten by him. Even the fiercest tiger will be torn off. It is not normal to confront He Songyang.
And what they are good at is defense, which is not just talk. After all, they occupy the best terrain, and the South is more willing to have high defensive strength than attacking them, and it does have defensive effect.
But in recent years, the situation has gradually changed. First, the imperial court is getting weaker and weaker, so that even with the Wei family, their defense and attack abilities are greatly weakened. Second, Renwang is old and has not much talent, and his strength is also weakening a little.
If there is no god, the market will continue to develop by the three forces, and they will win in the end.
Thought of here, Yan Man’s heart is somewhat angry.
Qin Yi tilted his head and looked at him. "What is your strongest day?"
Yan Man thought for a moment and said without hesitation, "Soldiers, combat power, weapons or generals who can strategize like the Wei family. If we could have recruited the Wei family to us at the beginning, maybe we would have occupied the sky by now!"
Yan is full of confidence when talking.
Qin Yi got up and walked to the other side and looked at the distance "wrong".
Yan man didn’t breathe a few steps ago. "What’s wrong? That’s the way it is. Whoever is the strongest can laugh last. "
"The Wei family will not easily commit treason." Qin Yi looked back at Yan Man. "Even if we appeared in front of them when the Wei family was the most down and out, they would choose to fight to the death. The Wei family would not be on the same front with us."
"But they have come to this" Yan Man frowned slightly.
"They came to this step" Qin Yi repeated before saying "The Wei family chose the people in the country and the people. They may have betrayed the country, but they didn’t betray their hearts"
Yan Man was a little stunned and asked, "But we are also very good to the people?"
"The city of the gods is different," Qin Yi said. "Although I didn’t go to the city of the gods personally at that time, I can hear from your words that the attitude of the city of the gods towards the people is completely different from that of us, and they can bring more to the people than we do."
Yanman frowned and didn’t know what to say.
Qin Yi also didn’t go to say.
Just then there was a sound from the outside.
In a short time, the man dressed in dark blue was screaming loudly.
"The small hall has a decree to invite the small hall to enter the palace immediately."
Qin Yi fuels and devotes himself to "Yes"
Jiaquanfu Palace is very splendid. Three days ago, Jiaquanfu was an important development area. After Zhao Wang led his troops to settle in Jiaquanfu, he soon had a magnificent palace built in Jiaquanfu.
Qin Yi arrived at the gate of the palace, and the carriage stopped him. Just after two steps, he saw the car parked not far away.
See Qin Yi now beside the car out the little eunuch immediately squeezed out the chrysanthemum fold "you can come to the little temple positions can always think about you? It’s not news that just go out and let the slave wait here, but you can’t make the little temple tired."
Qin Yi nodded his head, stepped out of the car and asked casually, "Is my father there?"
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"Yes," the little eunuch followed the car all the way out and talked to Qin Yi with a smile. "The Taidian and the end report are all at the end. The report also said that he has been reading the little hall and waiting for it these days."
Everyone knows that Duan Wang and Qin Yi are similar in age, and the contrast from small to large is very obvious. Duan Wang is very angry with Qin Yi and everyone in the palace knows that they are not good.
The little eunuch is not a fool. Qin Yi was favored and got permission. It is conceivable that the future status of the term "small hall" is right to please Qin Yi at this time. Even if Qin Yi asked too much, he babbled about the king’s business.
"It’s really kind of you, uncle." Qin Yi calmly said that his eyes were full of mood swings.
Soon the car drove out of the main hall.
Qin Yi drove out and followed the little eunuch to the main hall.
As soon as I got to the outside of the temple, I heard inside shouting, "Father Yier is here? Father, it’s really unusual for Yier to be so mature and steady at an early age."
Qin Yi ignored too much yelling and silently stepped into the temple and shouted at the three people inside, "Grandpa Huang, Father Wang, Sixteen Uncle"
Sitting in the square, the prince of Zhao looked at him and smiled. "Your father said yes. It is really unusual for Yi Er to have such concentration and stability at an early age. Your father knew how to run around at your age and didn’t know how to give birth to you."
"Yi ‘er must look like her father now." Too confidently said, "It is because of her father’s British SHEN WOO that Yi ‘er can be so smart, mature and steady."
"All right, all right, the only thing you can do is to have such a mouth." The prince of Zhao glanced at Taitai. Although his words brought some dissatisfaction, his expression was not too unhappy. Obviously, he was flattering Taitai or being told that he looked at Qin Yi. "How are you these days?"
Qin Yi calmly nodded and began to seriously tell him that he had done very little during this period, and he read the first few pages to the first few pages every day.
After Zhao Wang asked him several times, his answers were very detailed, and the details were verbose.
After going back and forth several times, the prince of Zhao finally got down to business: "Uncle Yier, you lost tens of thousands of military forces in just a few months."
Qin Yi lowered his eyes a little more angry.
Tens of thousands of koo soldiers died in the hands of this loser!
[Congratulations to the player for triggering an net to successfully receive 100,000 soldiers’ reward silver *5 formula of two compressed biscuits *1 fragment of ancient city palace (optional) * character experience 1 hope value]
Chapter four hundred and thirty-five Extreme outbreak
Jumping out suddenly is like a signal, distracting Tian Tang to note the situation of Yishikou House and Beilu House.
Now in the war between the two armies, Shikou House and Beilu House are heavily guarded and will not let people in and out easily. It is not easy to get information, but even so, some news is not easy for the other party to hide.
For example, Duan Wang left Shikou House.
After confirming the truth of the news, Tian Tang looked back at his eyes again.
100,000 soldiers are not only the forces of Zhao Wang, but also the forces of Ren Wang. Even so, according to comprehensive estimation, there are indeed many soldiers injured by the forces of Zhao Wang.
With this in mind, Tian Tang immediately got up and held a short meeting.
The focus is on Shikou Prefecture and Beilu Prefecture.
After a heavy loss, it is impossible for one party to be vigilant. This time, the same is true. The recall of Duan Wang means that the forces of Zhao Wang will definitely have new plans.