Leaves cool open just want to talk mouth was sealed immediately nasty force away Xie Yun brahman angrily scold a way "are you finished you are not afraid of kidney deficiency I’m afraid?"

Xie Yun brahman also don’t anger slender eyes staring at the leaves cool open angry little face smile happily way "I have medicine for you" say again covered leaves cool open feet can help struggle in the gas.
What will happen if there is another banquet in the evening?
Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Dance invitation
"Grind ink for me" Xie Yun Brahman ordered a pair of slender cheng to examine the white rice paper spread on the desktop. In his mind, he conceived the word arrangement position, and Ye Liangkai quietly looked at it and looked at it seriously. Xie scum felt incredible that he should know the law.
Xie Yun Brahman caught a glimpse of the cool leaves, sobbing, and his thin face smiled and said, "How did you get shocked by your husband?"
Leaf cool open a supercilious look swept past the in the mind is not happy this thank scum unexpectedly took him than a female thank scum long arm embrace his waist two people closely stick together, Xie Yun brahman fingers carefully rubbed the leaf cool open tenacity waist eyes smiled and said, "you this generation is my Xie Yun brahman you don’t"
Leaves cool open also don’t avoid suddenly exclaimed "alas!" A face koo panic said, "No, I spilled ink on your clothes. I’ll wipe my face for you, too." While saying that leaves cool open the black hand and mercilessly wiped away the blink of an eye to Xie Yun Brahman’s face, Xie Yun Brahman’s clean heroic face was dyed like a black-faced cat by black ink.
Xie Yun Brahman is not angry with evil spirits, and his face unfolds a little secret. insidious smile quietly reaches into the stone inkstone, touches the palm of his hand and drips ink. He directly touches the flaxen hair of Ye Liang and praises to his mouth that "my wife is really virtuous, my husband, I am very happy".
Ye Liangkai felt a cold neck, a finger tip and a piece of black ink on his fingertips. His heart was frightened and he just wanted to retreat. It was already too late. Xie Yun Brahma grabbed him and wiped the ink. Ye Liangkai bowed his head and looked at his white body and immediately became mottled. He reached out and touched his hair. A black face immediately angered and pounced on Xie Yun Brahma and roared, "Thank scum, I will fight with you."
Ye Liang’s hand was not pinched to Xie Yun’s Vatican neck, but he was carried by Xie Yun’s Vatican in his shoulder. This is called anger and regret that he didn’t go to Shaolin to learn martial arts when he was a child, and now he can be made by people.
Xie Yun Brahman threw him into the bathtub with a shower head and watered his head. Ye Liangkai jumped up from the bathtub like a monkey and exclaimed, "It’s hot." Xie Yun Brahman held Ye Liang down at the beginning and stuffed him back into the bathtub with a trace of apology. He said "srry" and Ye Liangkai was severely ravaged by his master like a disobedient kitten in the shower.
Xie Yun Vatican squinting at the palm yellow hair frowned and said, "Wait a minute, straighten my hair and dye it back to black and yellow. It’s ugly." Ye Liangkai stretched out his hand to protect his hair and resisted, "No". This is Liu Shiying pulling him to do his hair and getting it back. It is better to kill him.
"You always say that you will shave your hair when you come back from dyeing." Xie Yun saw Ye Liangkai’s stubborn face and didn’t talk. He squeezed a lot of shampoo and rubbed it on Ye Liangkai’s yellow hair.
Ye Liangkai looked sadly at a black head with short hair in the mirror and silently said to himself, "Get your hair back as soon as you get rid of Xie scum."
Xie Yun Brahman looked at his hair in silence. Ye Liangkai threw his mobile phone back to him and said, "Here you are." Ye Liangkai touched his mobile phone and his mood immediately improved, but he would never forgive Xie scum so easily.
Leaf cool open sat in the car and turned to look at the side of Xie Yun Vatican puzzled "What are you doing to take me to the party?" Xie Yun Vatican didn’t see him pull over his shoulder and said "I’d like to" rest on his shoulder and close his eyes.
Ye Liangkai’s eyes looked at Xie Yun Brahman’s delicate facial features and evil face, saying that Xie Yun Brahman would not really love him, and then shook his head, regardless of whether Xie Yun Brahman liked him or not. Liu Shiying was his home, and Ye Liangkai slowly closed his eyes. The still picture of the two people leaning together seemed very harmonious at this moment.
"Qi is always good"
"Thank you always."
Ye Liang’s eyes were slightly surprised to see Qi Zhen in a black suit and Xie Yun Van Gogh in a dark red suit shaking hands. It was incredible when they met and it was good to see.
Jizhen’s dark brown eyes glanced at Ye Liangkai, who was standing beside Xie Yun Vatican. Xie Yun Vatican felt that his eyes were close and he took Ye Liangkai’s waist and proudly said, "He is my companion tonight". There was a hint of provocation hidden in the words.
Jizhen’s false smiling face gradually cracked, and his fingers were secretly clenched. Leaves were cool and open, and he immediately took Xie Yun’s Vatican arms and left for fear that Jizhen would be tempted to rush to Xie Yun for a second to fight.
Today, this banquet is a birthday banquet for Xie Guangshen, a brother in * *, rather than a birthday banquet. The purpose of holding this birthday banquet is to find a suitable son-in-law for his little granddaughter Xie Yunling, and no one including Xie Yunling knows this purpose.
Today’s dance is mainly about the Viennese waltz. In the melodious and soft dance music, a couple of men and women are swinging and spinning in the dance floor, which looks very gorgeous and elegant.
Xie Yun Van Gogh is not in the mood to dance. He came here mainly to give his grandfather Xie Guangshen a gift to win his favor. Xie Jia has five children, four men and a woman. Xie Yun Van Gogh belongs to the fourth body. Xie Yunling belongs to the fifth body. The little princess Xie Jia has disappeared today, which makes a bunch of young marriageable men sad, but other ladies and gentlemen are also a good choice.
Xie Yun Brahman went to present gifts to his grandfather. Ye Liangkai naturally couldn’t go in. He could find a banquet corner to drink and eat something. Ye Liangkai opened his eyes and saw pairs of men and women on the dance floor. He couldn’t help but think of Liu Shiying again. I don’t know if her hand wound has healed as hard as Xie Yun Brahman’s. I don’t know if it will fall.
Ye Liangkai hid in the corner, and a person secretly grieved by drinking, but he didn’t know that his every move was taken in by people. Jizhen just wanted to talk to Ye Liangkai in the past, and a girl with elegant appearance just left the stool and sat back.
"Can I ask you to dance?" The crisp and sweet sound reflected a pair of familiar almond eyes in the eyes of Ye Liangkai’s ears and Ye Liangkai’s eyes, which were as lively and clear as jade.
Perhaps it was a gentle smile on his wife’s missing Ye Liangkai’s mouth and promised to say "good". Ye Liangkai held out a slender palm and said to her in a soft voice, "You are my princess tonight."
The two of them slowly stepped on the dance floor, and the others opened up a piece of land for them. Ye Liang was secretly wondering why they stopped dancing, but a new dance music was about to start, and Ye Liang opened it and took back his messy thoughts.
At the moment when the melody sounded, the two of them clasped their hands and suddenly felt that they were her, as if two roads were suddenly connected. This feeling was wonderful, and her eyes were also surprised. Then they smiled and they seemed to have known each other a long time ago.
Tacit pace, tacit rhythm, tacit eye field seems to be a special performance between the two of them, both of whom are immersed in dance music and have each other in their eyes
Ye Liang had a flash of such a thought in his happiness. If he hadn’t met Liu Shiying, he might have been a couple in front of him, but soon this thought was locked in his heart.
Qi Zhen picked up a glass of dark red wine and looked at the forehead in the center of the stage. Sweat came out slightly, and the leaves were cool and open. He felt that he was very attractive at this moment, which reminded him of the first time he saw the leaves cool and open.
At that time, he transferred to Ye Liangkai’s college. He still remembers that he was carrying a black backpack on his back that day. When he reported to the squad leader’s office, he passed through the dance classroom. An elegant and lyrical folk music escaped from the classroom and got into his ears. He looked at it curiously and then he could no longer open his eyes.
The dancer is thin, but there is a flexible energy in his body, like a storm that keeps breaking and falling. He just kept looking at the serious boy outside the door, and later he learned through others that the boy’s name was Ye Liangkai.
Now Ye Liangkai’s body is much more mature and stronger than then, and he has grown up. In a woman’s fantasy, the white horse king is gentle and fresh, which always attracts people. The woman who dances solo with Ye Liangkai makes him jealous. Now the scenery that belongs to him is made public, and he feels that he is no longer the only owner.
After a song, Ye Liang opened her eyes and looked at each other. Two people walked out of the dance floor hand in hand like an intimate couple. Young men around looked at Ye Liang with envy and jealousy. Ye Liang felt very strange in his happiness. Since the moment he contacted the girl in front of him tonight, all eyes have been staring at the two people. Is this woman too beautiful or does she say that she is too handsome or can’t figure it out?
Xie Yun Brahman just walked out of the room and saw Ye Liangkai chatting with a familiar figure. He couldn’t help but sink his eyes and quickly walked to the front of the two. Sure enough, this woman is his sister Xie Yunling.
"Elder brother, you’re here." Xie Yunling saw Xie Yun’s Brahman face and immediately smiled happily and took his arm affectionately.
Ye Liangkai heard that "brother" felt deaf. Is this really two brothers and sisters? My sister is so pure and brilliant, but my brother is so vicious. This contrast makes Ye Liangkai want to go to the river quietly.
"Let’s go back when the leaves are cool." Xie Yun Brahman took the leaves and hung a smiling face on his wrist to say goodbye to Xie Yunling. "Sister, I have left in advance. You can come to my brother another day."
Xie Yunling sensible nodded, raised a sweet smile and waved goodbye to the two men. He turned around and murmured gently the three words "Leaves cool open". This name is very suitable for him.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Xiangshan meet
"Xie Yun brahman, why are you going so fast?" Ye Liangkai looked at pulling his wrist and sprinting in the dark. Xie Yun brahman was dissatisfied.
"Happy" Xie Yun Brahman stopped and turned to bite his teeth to throw out these two words. Ye Liangkai saw his face filled with worries through the dim street lights around, and he couldn’t help but lament what medicine Xie Yun Brahman had taken again.
"You are forbidden to approach Xie Yunling." Xie Yun Brahman wanted to think and stared at the cool leaves and ordered Sven’s handsome face with no confidence.
Ye Liangkai saw Xie Yun Brahman’s eyes faintly filled with tension, and he couldn’t help but secretly scold Xie Yun Brahman for being a crazy nurse. Besides, he is now married and can’t go to bubble Xie Yunling.
Xie Yun Brahman turned thousands of thoughts in his mind and looked at the face and despised Ye Liangkai. He continued to charge, "If Xie Yunling comes to our house, you will hide in the room and don’t come out. You are not allowed to say a word to her."
Ye Liangkai couldn’t help but turn over a supercilious look. This Xie scum nurse sister has reached the point of madness. Is it afraid that his sister will know that his brother likes men and doesn’t want to hurt her tender heart? Ye Liangkai is guessing at random.
When the car slowly drove back, the carriage was very quiet. After a long time, Xie Yun Van Gogh suddenly said, "My grandfather was very satisfied with my birthday present today. He said,’ My gift was put in my heart’ and I won three other brothers." Ye Liangkai knew that Xie Yun Van Gogh’s gift was a calligraphy and painting that said, "Life is better than the South Mountain, happiness is like the East China Sea." To be honest, he felt that Xie Yun Van Gogh was so grateful that he was willing to learn the Dharma that he didn’t like it. He also practiced his handwriting to the master level.
"Ye Liangkai, if I get the position of householder, I will openly announce your identity as my Xie Yun Van Gogh’s first wife." Xie Yun Van Gogh stared at the rearview mirror and said this smoothly, just like saying that I’m going to take a bath when I go home. Ye Liangkai was happy and didn’t know what suddenly stopped for two seconds before continuing to beat.
Ye Liang opened his clothes and didn’t hear it. He continued to bow his head and play with his mobile phone. In the dim carriage, he quietly leaned over. A cold hand reached out to his crotch. Ye Liang opened his mouth and calmed his breathing. Suddenly, it became urgent.
"You let go" Ye Liang opened his mobile phone and slipped into the car carpet, which shone brightly in the dim carriage. The page remained in Liu Shiying’s beautiful smiling face. After two or three minutes, the picture darkened and he lay on the ground alone.
The Brahma driver in Xie Yun must be deaf, blind and dumb, and he must have a firm mind that the world behind him is illusory.
The driver opened the car door with lowered eyes and disguised himself. Xie Yun’s long arm crossed Ye Liang’s legs and limped with his back. Step by step, he walked firmly to their house. A warm wind blew through Ye Liang’s body to cover his suit. When he slipped to the ground, his ketone body shone softly in the night.
The driver secretly raised his eyes and was attracted by the stunning color. He couldn’t help but breathe. If that piece of spring scenery belongs to him.
Xie Yun Brahman stopped and his eyes were sharp. He swept to the young man who was hunched and his eyes were pleasing to the eye, frowning. "Are you new here?"