Divine also received welfare. Fu Lei helped him move back and piled it high in the corner, but he didn’t even look at it. Usually, he likes it best. If something goes wrong, there will be a demon. Fu Lei paid more attention and asked, "Doctor, don’t you like the Mid-Autumn Festival welfare this year?"

Sacred and unfathomable, but the light in the fundus can’t hide it. "Who said I don’t like it? That’s what I’ve been looking forward to and longing for for for a long time, and I’ve made full psychological and physical preparations to ask for it. "
Isn’t it a welfare for Fu Lei to listen to the corners of his mouth, and he has to be prepared both physically and psychologically? Still not responsible? What the hell is this?
What’s worse, when the sacred words fell, I went to the window and fell down with my hands on my hands. I cried out in my mouth, "One, two, three, do push-ups with enthusiasm."
Fu Lei was puzzled and asked another person in the room, "Do you understand?"
Qin Zhiqiu smiled, "The imperial doctor is exercising."
Fu Lei wants to roll his eyes and exercise? How naive is this reason? Do you exercise so much? Do you just repeat this exercise or do you want the patient to lie down and do a few things as soon as he leaves? The spirit of racing against time is also drunk.
Divine has been sweating and panting, but he still insists on biting his teeth. Warm is happy. Warm is full of praise for his skills. For the first time, they are perfect and harmonious, and he fights …
In the end, every time he did it, he was more sad than Fu Lei. He suggested, "You have done more than 200 imperial doctors, so the results are quite good."
Ordinary men can’t do dozens of high-standard push-ups
Sacred and hard to shake his head "It’s not enough for a young woman to do a thousand in one breath."
Fu Lei "…"
You compare yourself with that warrior. Isn’t this looking for abuse?
See he will continue to Fu Lei advised "imperial doctor, it is easy to hurt your waist if you exercise too much like this …"
This is sacred. I slammed my hands. "Yeah, I’m so confused. How can I forget this crop and hurt my waist? How can I enjoy welfare happily? I should accumulate a lot of money. Now my strength is gone. How can I send it then …"
Fu Lei suddenly had a bad feeling that he must be thinking too much, right?
Qin Zhiqiu then smiled and quit and walked to the warm office.
Warm is answering the phone at the moment. It’s my aunt’s voice from Nancheng. As always, it’s intimate. "I went to Huadu with your uncle for more than a month on a warm day, but I missed you so much …"
Warm smiled and replied, "well, I miss my aunt, too. When will you and your uncle arrive?" I’ll pick you up at the airport … "
There gently smiled and nodded, "Yes, warm son, this time Xiao’s family will come with us. Your big cousin, second cousin and those cousins are all busy with it."
Hearing the warmth, I was stunned. "Is my second cousin coming?"
The Xiao family in Nancheng is a medical family, and Xiao Yulan is the eldest daughter. There are two younger brothers, but now they have already separated their branches. When Xiao Yulan is married to the Wen family, there is a lot less contact with her family, especially when she is a concubine. They have always been bitter about the fact that their ancestors gave Xiao Yulan a secret recipe as a dowry, and their feelings are even more alienated.
Because Xiao Yusheng and Xiao Yulan are the same mother and brother, I naturally hope that my sister will have something to live with, so I didn’t care about it until later …
Xiao Yusheng married a wife and concubines, and gave birth to his son and daughter, respectively. After his death, the separation list was too long, and the flute seal was naturally richer because it was a separate industry. There were also many reasons why he was not good at managing it. A major mistake occurred more than 20 years ago, which almost ruined his inheritance. At that time, he asked Xiao Yulan for help, and she wanted her to take the secret recipe away from him to help him through this difficulty, but Xiao Yulan refused. Since then, there has been a bad blood relationship.
Although he later got help from others and rallied, he always could not forget Xiao Yulan when he was in from ruin. He even called Xiao Yulan an’s aunt because of his broken heart. Since then, he has rarely seen each other. Only when he didn’t want to look too ugly during the Chinese New Year will he send someone to come, but he just pretended not to come.
But this time …
Gentle know warm wonder what sighed and explained, "after so many years, you should think about it, right?" Even if he is still uncomfortable in his heart, he will be at ease with his son and daughter. "
"Xiao Xuan and Xiao Yue?" Although she was very low-key when she was in Nancheng, Xiao was her grandmother’s maiden aunt and Xiao Zeng’s family were also very close. Fu Yunyi and Xiao Liujing grew up together as brothers, and she was very familiar with Xiao’s family and knew Xiao Xuan and Xiao Yue’s brother and sister.
Compared with Xiao Liu Jing, she has always disliked a romantic and affectionate girlfriend who can go around Nancheng for half a circle and a selfish mouth. She has always avoided their brothers and sisters.
Do you have to see it this time?
Happy Valentine’s Day! On the second day of the afternoon, I wish all the famous flowers and sisters a sweet life, and I also wish all single dog people meet the right day as soon as possible!
☆, two more send WenGu to busy!
The gentle tone over there also reveals how much nai "Well, it’s that they are warm, and you also know those two people … Alas, it’s not that I gave birth to them, and I can’t evaluate their parents. We can’t educate your second cousin. His health has gone from bad to worse in recent years. If Xuan wasn’t too playful, he would have handed over the hospital. When my uncle divided the hospital he managed into two parts, one gave it to your second cousin, and your second cousin would have let go to take care of Liu Jing and traveled around the world with your aunt.
The warm sound is slightly cool. "Where? He brought Xiao Xuan to the Wen family and wanted to do the same thing again? "
Gentle shook his head and hesitated. "It shouldn’t be that your second cousin has begged mom once to know how determined mom is in that secret recipe. Don’t say anything about him. Even my own daughter won’t give it to her. She will leave you a warm son. It can also be you …"
I don’t know how warm I feel when I hear this. "What is the second cousin’s family?"
Gentle thoughtfully, "I guess it should pave the way for Xiao Xuan’s brother and sister."
"Pave the way? Xiao’s sphere of influence is in Nancheng, especially after Grandma married Wen Jia, she doesn’t mix her feet with Huadu. Do you want to reach out now? Do they think they can beat Wen’s hospital? "
"I think they probably see your home as sacred."
This warm lips flashed a sneer, "Then they are bound to be more disappointed this time."
It’s really daring to think of a sacred idea. It’s more appealing to grandma than coveting the secret recipe in her hand.
Gentleness is also very resistant to sigh. "I hope I think too much. Xiao’s family is my in-laws. I really don’t want to fight. My uncle and mother were very close. Who would have thought that now …"
Warmly listening to the sadness in my aunt’s tone, I said, "Don’t be sad, aunt. Isn’t there a big cousin? For mutual affection, this thing is also about fate. It’s not that fate that can’t be forced."
"Well, Wener said that if you die like a lamp, you will identify yourself if your blood relationship continues for three generations and five generations …" She sighed and then pretended to be angry. "Wener can’t identify with your aunt. After you and Yunyi have their own families and daughters, you must teach this article as a family rule to your grandchildren so that mutual affection can’t be broken."
Section 213
Smell speech warms my heart. It seems that I have been caught by something. I can’t breathe. She pretends to know nothing and smiles. "Look at my aunt, she says you treat me like a daughter. I will identify with whoever I am and I won’t identify with you."
Gentle just laughed. "That’s more like it. Hehehe. By the way, speaking of your brother, I don’t know where he has gone. I can’t find him all day long. Do you know what he is busy with?"
Warm and calm, "I don’t know much about it. I haven’t been to Huadu for a long time. More than a month ago, when he left, he said that there were some things that needed him to deal with, so I didn’t ask …"
"Liu Jing must know that I’m going to force the little one to go later!"
"Well …"
"By the way, if it’s warm, Kyoto will go, right?"
Warm nod "every year, the family will come or make a big splash. This year should be no exception."
There gentle sneer at a talk you’re welcome "Wen Lan likes to show off everywhere. She married a good husband’s family for fear that others don’t know that the family is rich. She will really beat her face and make her fat, and she doesn’t want to be homesick for money. It’s the boss Bonan. What can I do for her man? However, before sitting on the mountain, I boasted that I had a baby in my stomach and made my old lady happy. What is the result? Now I have a face? "
Those twins have caused trouble everywhere and lost a lot of face at home. Mrs. Bonan wants to separate, but the old lady is still alive. Don’t hold back that tone, but separation is certain
I just don’t know who can support Fannie and Freddie.
It is warm to think that when I saw the twins a few years ago, I shook my head. They were all used to it by my parents. From the name, I can see how much I love them. In their eyes, Jinlong Jinfeng is their own children. That is, the dragon and phoenix are not flesh and blood. This kind of natural superiority and vanity is expanding, which leads to their sexual misconduct when they grow up. It is said that they still eat, drink and gamble …