Shen Han from the car to Su Qian language has been greeted by a close arm in his arm "? Is the road blocked? "

Shen Han smiled and shook his head and took it from the car as a birthday present for Sue’s chief.
Su Qianyu slapped him lightly. "Dad said it was a light meal and no gift."
"This is a gift from me."
Shen Han said that Su Qian’s words are hard to say. What is the faint astringent water in my heart?
He has always been so clearly divided, but Su Qianyu would rather he didn’t bring any expensive gifts, then he said that he regarded them as one of his own.
Shen Hanxian went into the house to celebrate the birthday of Sue’s chief.
Sue head refreshed walked over to talking with people corner to see Shen Han to smile to deepen a lot.
"Chief wishes you happiness as the East China Sea"
Shen Han will send the gift to one side and the servant will pick it up.
"Ha, ha, ha, people just come. What gifts do you bring?"
Director Su introduced to the people around him, "This is the first-class and good seedling that Shen Jia spent in my hand."
Can let Sue chief so kua others where also don’t see his flattering? Say hello to Shen Han in succession.
"Come on, you accompany thousands of words to greet guests."
Sue head patted Shen Han shoulder attitude is very intimate.
However, Shen Han’s heart got a jump.
Does the chief ask him to greet the guests with thousands of words as a host?
Shen Han slightly looked up and saw Su Qian’s face faintly flushed and his heart slowly sank.
A birthday party is warm and grand.
Shen Han’s face is stiff with laughter, thinking about when I can have a good chat with Sue’s chief.
I didn’t expect Sue to let him go later and want to play a game of chess with him.
The chessboard in the room has been set up. It is very comfortable for Sue to sit with Shen Han and have a cup of tea at hand.
"Chief, I have some"
"Hush, let me see if your chess skills have improved over the years."
Shen Hanhao shut up and play chess quietly.
Black and white chess one by one, the head of the Soviet Union looked at the chessboard and said lightly, "I heard that you and Mo Jun got together at night?"
Although the words were casually heard in Shen Han’s ear, they sounded the alarm and he wanted to think.
"Some misunderstandings say that there is no hatred or resentment."
Sue looked up at him and said, "That’s good. Many friends are better than many enemies. I heard he’s getting married."
When Shen Han pondered this, he said cautiously, "I was invited to be his best man and I agreed."
Sue chief laughed and said, "It’s a happy event. He’s a little older than you."
"It’s a few months old."
"The somebody else’s wife and children have you want to hurry!"
Shen Han’s heart thumped and took a deep breath and said "I"
"You are a smart person. Love is a short-lived thing, and status is the thing that can accompany a man for a real life." Director Su said in a word.
When the two of them have been in contact for so long, there is no progress at all. This shows that Shen Han has no meaning to thousands of languages
He had to take this opportunity to beat one.
Section 55
Shen Han gritted his teeth and decided that this matter could not be delayed any longer. Su Qianyu is a good girl, but she can’t love herself.
"Chief me"
"I can let you come and go to Shenhan. You are my favorite disciple. I always hope you are good."
Sue head will be the last chess drop light way "see you lost chess and be a man of truth as half-hearted."
Shen Han pinched the chess player with a quiver, and his look was instantaneous and gloomy.
"Dad, did you talk to him today?" Su Qianyu put the brewed tea in front of Dad.
Sue chief light say with smile "said"
"How did he react?"
"Can you guess?"
"Dad, I need you to come out if I want to guess."
That man is taciturn, gentle and steady. What kind of words can shape him, but but?
But she really can’t see through him.
I don’t know what he is thinking, what he likes and his attitude towards her.
"Daughter, what would you do if I said he didn’t like you?"
Su Qianyu’s look has changed. Isn’t this as early as she expected? She is such a proud, conceited and excellent woman, but she is not willing to end up like this.
Sue gave her daughter a look and sighed. "But it doesn’t matter if my daughter Su Cheng likes it or not. If you want this man, it must be you."
"Dad?" Su Qianyu knows the meaning of this sentence very well.
Sue chief gave a hand, "I Su Cheng never made a loss in business, as before, and now it’s the same. Make a decision."
Su Qianyu looked at the cup of tea that was already cold and gently bit his lip.