First, I covered my nose to prevent my nose from bleeding again. Then on Sunday, I started to look around nervously, as if I wanted to see if there were any other men around. If there were half a man besides myself, Sunday didn’t guarantee that I would kill that man then.

In the week when the gods looked around, there was a sudden scream from the royal elder sister. After listening to the scream, it was natural for Sunday to immediately cast his own line of sight, so as not to get the royal elder sister to suffer in the hands of that fox.
But Sunday didn’t think of is; When he cast his eyes in the past, the picture he saw made her feel a hot nose; I almost didn’t have a nosebleed again.
I saw that the fox looked at the royal elder sister like a wolf, and her eyes were shining and she looked at the little clothes left on the royal elder sister. The brain suit that the royal elder sister had worn in the body also didn’t know when it was torn off by the fox’s flattery. From the perspective of Sunday, the clothes on the royal elder sister can’t help her keep out the light anymore.
Well, my fiancee was taken advantage of; Sunday should have been angry, but according to the current picture, the person who takes advantage of the royal elder sister is a female fox demon, and this situation can be said to be slapstick; It may also be a lily, but no matter what the situation; As on Sunday, it seems that I don’t dislike the current picture at all.
Just don’t dislike Sunday; Royal elder sister there is some angry after seeing Sunday’s reaction.
"Sunday; You don’t care if your wife is taken advantage of. Come and help me quickly. "
Listen to the words of the royal elder sister; On Sunday, nature can no longer stand on the sidelines like this, but to be honest, in fact, last week, I still expected tǐng’s request for the royal elder sister. How do you say that there are also two beautiful women in front of me? At present, at the request of the royal elder sister, I have an argument in the past, although I dare not make it too obvious; Can both sides this dress up at the moment, Sunday estimated himself even don’t want to take advantage of all not a line.
Exulting in my heart; Is a serious expression on her face, as on Sunday did Sarah laugh at the same time; People are quickly rushed between the royal elder sister and the fox flattery, while blocking the fox flattery to the royal elder sister’s hand, while intentionally or unintentionally began to eat tofu.
"Small jie jie; Your "xianggong" is a bit dishonest. Not only do you eat your tofu; Even I didn’t eat less tofu. I think you still kicked him and lived with my sister. " Maybe it’s the reason why I met chā on Sunday. The fox’s flattery finally stopped interfering with the royal elder sister’s sāo, but what she said in her mouth; It is to let Sunday not be angry with it.
Saying that fox flattery took advantage of Sunday’s fiancee; I haven’t even got even with her here on Sunday. Since she actually destroyed the relationship between Sunday and the royal elder sister at this time, although I knew that her words could not have any effect, I listened to the fox’s flattering words. On Sunday, it was still a little dissatisfied with it.
But obviously; The fox flattery didn’t put Sunday in the eyes, although it didn’t show its attitude in the tooling, but Sunday instinctively felt that the fox flattery had a kind of resistance to himself, and then recalled the performance of the fox flattery; It was at that time that Zhou Tianxin suddenly had a guess that his nosebleed almost gushed out again.
"She won’t really be a lesbian, right?" Sunday’s performance before fox flattery really feels more and more like a lesbian. Although she doesn’t dislike Lily, she thinks that her fiancee and such a banshee with special hobbies are friends, and she has no defense against it as just now. Sunday’s heavenly heart is more or less uncomfortable, but she is also determined to keep Royal Sister away from fox flattery in the future. Can she not let them be together without alone with her alone?
But don’t want to; When I was thinking about those things on Sunday, the fox flattery not far away suddenly disappeared, and then appeared in front of the fox flattery on Sunday. Although there was nothing much change in appearance, the clothes I was wearing were changed from the original dress of the Yu people to the normal women’s dress.
How come…
Saw this change that happened in front of my eyes. On Sunday, my first thought was to doubt whether I saw huā. Otherwise, how could the fox’s flattery suddenly change a place, and the clothes on my body also changed.
"How? I am dumbfounded. My sister’s illusion is quite interesting. I listened to her voice. Saw her movements are likely to enter her dreamland, just accidentally you may be in her way, won’t you see anything you shouldn’t see? "See the situation of a face of Mimi on Sunday, and the royal elder sister standing beside Sunday suddenly spoke to help Sunday explain the means used by the fox to flatter.
Until this time; This was discovered on Sunday; Not only has the clothes on Fox Meimei changed, but what he saw before seems to have never happened to Yujie. In other words; From the very beginning, what Sunday saw and heard was all false. Everything was controlled by the fox mei mei with illusion Cao. What Sunday thought was true was originally just a play directed by others.
"Soul is weak" is generally tǐng’s temper for women on Sunday, but now after discovering everything that the fox flatters, Sunday finally can’t help but scold out loud. The fox flatters, but it will play Nong on Sunday. How can it be that people play Nong on Sunday like this? If they don’t know that the fox flatters has a good relationship with the royal elder sister, Sunday is only.
Why; On Sunday, when he was secretly upset about the fox’s flattering behavior, the other party’s next words made Sunday even more angry.
"Sister Jie, this boy is not a good thing. You can’t really marry him. I just aroused a little hope in his heart. I didn’t expect that his fantasy would produce such a beautiful scene." Say that finish; I don’t know what the fox mei mei did, but all of a sudden; Originally, there were some mi Wang’s royal elder sister who seemed to see something great. Suddenly, between her eyes, she burst into a flame of anger and stared at Sunday. Activities of the hands and feet towards Sunday secretly walked past.
"What did you just see in the dreamland? Did you see the fruit of Sister Fox? Did you take advantage of me and her? Isn’t it … "The royal elder sister asked several questions in a row, and the sweat on Sunday’s forehead began to fall.
Before, the royal elder sister didn’t seem to know what happened on Sunday, but now she doesn’t know what the fox was doing. It seems that she has let the royal elder sister relive the dreamland that happened on Sunday. Now the royal elder sister has asked several questions in a row, except that she also saw what happened on Sunday, and the jealousy and anger in her tone; But also let Sunday be far away to smell.
What now? Looking at Yu’s visible anger on the royal elder sister, Zhou naively didn’t know how to deal with it, if he called; I didn’t even think about it on Sunday, so I’m beaten. Anyway, I’m thick-skinned, as long as I can let my royal sister vent her anger. Let him have a K meal.
After making a decision in my heart; On Sunday, he shrank his head into his arms and became a little puss-head directly in front of the royal elder sister, letting the royal elder sister punch and kick him. Anyway, no matter what kind of attack he encountered, Sunday just didn’t strike back; Just trying to persuade the royal elder sister to calm down.

Chapter two hundred Royal Beast Gate
Chapter two hundred Royal Beast Gate
"Poof ~" was playing with the royal elder sister there on Sunday; Originally, there has been no movement between the master and the little girl, but at that time, they suddenly vomited one mouthful blood, and their faces were white. The body was collapsed to the ground at that time.
"Fox mei mei; What did you do? " Originally, she was still there in the name of the royal elder sister on Sunday. As a result, after seeing the situation of the mentoring and the little girl in Dugu, she immediately couldn’t help but shout at the fox’s flattery.
Royal elder sister can not be angry; Now the reason why they will come to this place on Sunday is that it is not her royal sister who brought them to see her friends, but now it is good; Seeing a friend seeing a friend, a friend saw it, but the person she brought was hurt by her so-called friend, nòng this happened; No matter whether the fox is charming or not, it is impossible for the royal elder sister not to be angry anyway.
"This is a misunderstanding. My illusion is just to realize what they pay more attention to or want to see in their subconscious. I can’t control the specific situation myself, otherwise I can’t make a bitch myself; Deliberately let your little "xianggong" take advantage of me. "Listen to the royal elder sister; Fox flattery is awkward and guilty at the same time, although things can’t all be blamed on her in fox flattery’s view, but now this kind of problem will happen, but she has absolutely unshirkable responsibility. Now she is yelled at by the royal elder sister, but under her guilty conscience, she hurriedly explained it to the royal elder sister in a hurry.
After listening to the fox’s flattering words; The royal elder sister stopped at that time, and now she will want to find the trouble of fox charm is nothing more than fox charm hurting the little girls. In fact; Both sides are people whom she attaches great importance to, and the conflict with which side is not what the royal elder sister wants to see. Now that the fox flattery has given the royal elder sister an explanation, no matter whether the explanation is true or not, now that the royal elder sister has such an excuse, it is no longer necessary to turn against the fox flattery on the spot.
However; Although there is no trouble to find fox flattery because of this matter at the moment, when it comes to fox flattery, the face se of the royal elder sister has become very ugly. If it is not for the long-standing relationship between the two sides, maybe the royal elder sister at this time has already been right because of fox flattery.
"How? Nothing, "temporarily no longer looking for fox flattery trouble royal elder sister directly ran to the little girl in front of them, carefully help them to check the body, found that their injuries are not too serious, this just because of the reassured, face a little good-looking.
Fox Mei Mei seems to know that what she has done has gone too far. Seeing that the royal elder sister is indifferent to her, she is not angry. Instead, she goes up to apologize to the little girls and says, "I’m really sorry; Because it’s rare for my sister Jie to bring people to me, I couldn’t help but want to play nòng with magic for a while, but I didn’t think of … "The words behind the fox didn’t say flattery; If we go on, the poor draft will bring up their sadness again.
I didn’t blame the fox for being beautiful; However, after this accident, the meeting at this time was naturally impossible. Under the arrangement of fox’s flattery, on Sunday, they also stayed in several caves opened in the cave.
Interestingly; I don’t know how fox flattery thinks. Since she arranged Sunday with the royal elder sister, Sunday has had a relationship with the royal elder sister since the last time, but there is no chance to do anything with the royal elder sister. Now it is arranged by fox flattery, and Sunday is naturally angry. I was so happy that I almost didn’t jump directly.
And surprisingly; In the face of the arrangement of the fox’s flattery, the royal elder sister unexpectedly didn’t speak out against it, although the royal elder sister didn’t say anything at ordinary times, but if it wasn’t for the royal elder sister’s unwillingness, Sunday was the fiance of the royal elder sister, and the fix true boundary was not as conservative as the secular one, so it should be reasonable to live with the royal elder sister on Sunday, and how could she have been separated until now?
Now royal elder sister this sudden abnormal performance, nature is to make Zhou, as happy, think royal elder sister has changed the previous decision because of what reason, finally have the opportunity to live with royal elder sister.
Even when she was staying in the house arranged by Fox Mei Mei, when she was going to do something for the Royal Sister on Sunday, the Royal Sister’s reaction was to directly pour a pot of cold water on Sunday’s feverish head, so that everything on Sunday finally disappeared.
"Week … Sunday; If you have time recently, can you spend more time with Luo Li? They have had some accidents at home, and now they must feel bad. Usually, you have a good relationship with her. You Doby her words more; See if it can make her forget those things. "