"Well," Unicorn Chan remembered what happened at the flooded Jinshan Swimming Pool and Sunny smiled.

Chu Que frowned and looked at Fang as he got closer and closer. The river was fast-flowing, so he couldn’t see the depth clearly, and he didn’t know if there were any reefs in it.
"That can’t be taken lightly. I don’t know what’s in the water. What if there are big fish that eat people?"
Chu Que is afraid that the two boys will be flopped around after disobedience, so as to scare them first and tell them to be good and not to run around.
"jiaqi, what’s in your pocket? Good Luo ah "
When they fell, the two children were too scared to hug each other.
After Chu Que caught them, they didn’t separate to relieve the pressure of Chu Que.
Now Qing Qing feels that there is something bulging in Unicorn Chan’s chest pocket, which makes her flesh ache.
Unicorn Chan?
That thing isn’t really here, is it?
He just thought about it.
Nothing will appear in your pocket before you think about it.
Unicorn Chan surprised to touch into his semicircle pocket.
Then I took out a blue bead from the inside.
This pearl is round and the size of an egg. On this gloomy day, it emits enchanting blue light to illuminate the surrounding darkness.
Unicorn Chan took the bead out of his pocket and something even more strange happened.
It seems that there is an invisible umbrella above their heads, and the drizzle falls from them in an arc shape, and none of them falls on them.
"What is this?"
Chu que looked at the sky and looked around. He watched too many cartoons. He had a strange idea that they were surrounded by bounded rain to approach them.
"Avoid water droplets!"
"What the hell?"
If it weren’t for Chu Que’s hands holding on to the two teenagers, he would really like to spare one hand to dig his ears.
Did he hear it wrong or did the world suddenly become illusory?
Isn’t this a proper noun for fantasy animation?
How can it be brought into reality?
But on this day, the rain really bypassed them from the perspective of physical interpretation
That’s weird.
Sunny sunny is soon accepted Unicorn Chan took out unscientific things.
After all, she once watched another world video from the top of Kirin’s head.
Long-horned children and children whose hair is flame are all in the world, so it’s nothing to avoid water droplets.
Three people slowly landed on the bottom of the riverbed, and their feet stepped on the cobblestones in the riverbed, still thinking that the world was unreal.
The swift river flows from both sides of them, and they don’t get wet.
It seems that they are in a boulder in the river, and it seems that they have come to a glass tunnel to create a world under the river.
Sunny hands stretched out to the edge of the river, and her hands seemed to be flowing like a waterproof film. The river separated a series of gaps along sunny arms.
"It’s cool to avoid water droplets!" Fine fine admiring.
Chu Que pushed the two boys to the shore, "Let’s go first."
The sight made him feel uneasy, and he was afraid that it would be tragic if this fantasy thing suddenly failed to shoot them underwater.
The water automatically separates along their trajectory.
There are frightened crabs running away quickly in the instant river bed.
Chu Que was funny to see that fish in the water stopped at one side of the watershed and the fish mouth opened and closed against the watershed.
Immersed in watching the creatures in the river.
When they walked over, the river returned to its original state.
Despite the water droplets, the three of them were soaked to varying degrees.
Sunny wearing a raincoat is a raincoat prepared by Unicorn Chan. It’s too short for sunny, and the inertia of falling off a cliff is great. The raincoat fell off at that time.
Chuque also lost his umbrella. Unicorn Chan’s raincoat was still well dressed, but his hat was not buckled and his hair was wet when he just fell off.
They were all caught in the rain before the water droplets were taken out