"If I am unpredictable; If I am shocked by evil days; People who are evil at the beginning of their lives kill those who block the wicked. "

"Let’s be chivalrous, hoe, be violent and be good; We should be brave, not afraid of strength and difficulties; The cornerstone of the country, the country and the country. "
"The name of justice cleans the world; Righteousness drives out the injustice of heaven; Justice grows in the heart and shines in the world forever. "
The majestic slogan once again resounded throughout Wolong City, and the elites of the Villains’ Village, the National Heroes’ League and the Justice League poured into the chaotic battlefield. The Villains’ Village attacked all the legion elites and tried to open the encirclement to rescue the five-way horse thieves and chivalrous men trapped inside. The National Chivalrous League and the Justice League besieged the Villain’s Village, and it was planned that nearly 30,000 chivalrous men would be crowded in the wild in the suburbs of Wolong to kill the sky.
"Take my money like killing my parents; Breaking my financial path is like destroying my family; The man who killed my brother came after me forever, and the machete was about to roar. My blood has been boiled and sacrificed to my blood, and my blade has been drawn out of its sheath. "
Like a trapped animal, the blood-bladed horse thief regiment was still alive after its leader’s blood blade was cut into three parts by Niu Hua. The knight-errants roared their slogans and gave up their opponents and rushed towards the injured Niu Hua. Niuhua "bah" gave a bloody sneer, and a figure suddenly disappeared in the air. The swordsman’s flying skill made him fight his way out in the bombardment like a flood and return to his legion camp smoothly.
"The black flame burns with a fierce desire to be gentle, and the patron saint of black cloak wealth; When we wear a black cloak, we will become a god of death in the dark, harvesting the lives of the enemy and harvesting the wealth of the world. The black cloak is a death fireworks. "
Although the number of black hooded horse thieves who lost their leader is more than twice that of the hedgehog elite, they still can resist the attack and killing of the hedgehog elite. In the slogan of more than 100 black hooded horse thieves, this horse thief group’s revenge trip ended in failure
"To see that our stab is not a decoration, it is difficult for you to pull out the stab in your heart all your life; Seeing that we stab it gently will make you suffer for life; Seeing that we are stabbing, it is a fear of stabbing. We are hedgehogs that are afraid of hedgehogs. We will go forward and attack invincible. The iron-blooded emperor Wang Wansheng, the hedgehog. "
More than 300 hedgehog elites are still alive after destroying the members of the black cloak. Naturally, more than 500 hedgehog elites also shouted slogans, killing more than 1,000 people. The chivalrous people with similar strength have been cultivated in the battlefield for a long time by virtue of the tacit understanding of the legion. Of course, Chitan Dan played a role in it to keep the casualties under control. Otherwise, it is estimated that dozens of people will live after the more than 500 hedgehog elites killed the black cloak horse thieves.
Chapter 17 Slogan loud ()
When I heard the slogan of Hedgehog Army, heartbroken teeth had an ominous premonition, not that the horse thieves were going to perish, but that I felt that I was suffering this time. He looked up and looked around after hitting the knight-errant of the Justice League. Although he didn’t ignore the surrounding environment when fighting, he still wanted to look up.
Surrounded by villains, the elite of Villain’s Villain has done its best. About 5,000 chivalrous people have poured into Wolong City, but this does not mean that Villain’s Villain is better than Hedgehog Corps. Although the Hedgehog Corps has more than 500 elites, the regiments take different routes and gang organizations, and the chivalrous warriors adopt different ways of fighting, and it is not like the present situation in the suburbs of Wolong, where several parties are huddled together to form a ball.
If the Villains dare to challenge the Hedgehog Corps, the Hedgehog Corps does not need to draw out elite members. It needs 30,000 members of the Corps to set up an army and then use war equipment, which is enough for the Villains to run away. War equipment can only be used by legions. If a gang hides war equipment, it is suspected of rebellion according to the laws of the four powers. Once convicted of rebellion, the villains’ farm will be razed by a steady stream of legions
This time, the legions did not adopt the war mode to fight, so it is a matter of rivers and lakes, and sometimes some rules cannot be broken; For example, Jianghu affairs need Jianghu rules to be done. Of course, there is nothing wrong with not obeying the rules. Isn’t there an old saying that rules are meant to be broken? Many of the world-famous knights also don’t play by the rules.
Chitan Dan didn’t think about obeying the rules of Jianghu. The biggest reason for the heavy casualties of this elite was that he didn’t have enough time to build a military defense line and assemble war equipment. Because it is not clear when to complete the lurking legion chivalrous men can’t always be on standby, when they rush out according to the agreed code word, naturally they can’t fight this battle in the legion mode.
Together, the seven legions will be less than 5,000 elite members. After the slaughter of nearly 10,000 horse thieves, the seven heads will all show a wry smile. Now, the members of the legion around them are only about 1,000. The worst casualty is that the elite knight-errant of the Bull Legion is still alive after the battle. There are only nine people in the Bull Elite Knight-errant who have seen the bull flower in tears. This trip must be to compensate the knight-errant for the loss and bleeding!
The villains’ village, the national chivalrous league and the justice league are in full swing. These three organizations are natural enemies, although the bosses of the three organizations are familiar with each other and sometimes make private agreements; However, in the battle for the commercial road in Wolong City, all parties have no intention to compromise. There is the support of the National Xia League behind Tianyin Palace, the support of the Tupai Dog Head Gang, the support of the Villain Village and the support of the Justice League, and the four escort agencies are linked together.
It’s not interesting for the seven heads to get involved here. For them, no matter who runs the business road, they will sell them some noodles. Otherwise, these heads with state violence machines need to find some evidence to lead the army to attack Wolong City, so that Wolong City can reshuffle.
Of course, if there are other legions behind the forces in Wolong City, then the chivalrous legion can’t take such a direct and brute-force method and turn to the Jianghu killing method if it wants to intervene; The war faction and the Jianghu faction have never been independent, but they are integrated and separated from each other, depending on what happens.
Although Chitantan has enemies all over the world, there are also horse thieves and chivalrous men who are constantly pursuing him, and the rest of the chivalrous men who were trapped by him are also secretly trying their best; With the strength of the Five-Road Horse Thief Gang, 10,000 chivalrous men were organized from the remote frontier grassland to the Wolong City, which belongs to Lucheng City. It is said that many enemies are hiding behind the scenes and financially supporting the horse thieves.
For example, it is not easy for the five-way horse thief to hate Wolong City and want to reorganize it again. This time, it can be organized mainly because the crystal coffin keeps exposing the position of Chitan Dan, but without this advantage, it is not easy to catch him because Chitan Dan is alone and elusive.
Solving the problem of the five-way horse thief, the crystal coffin really came to an end. The other six army chiefs were busy returning to China to prepare for the follow-up Chitantan, but they found Tang Yuanyuan hiding in a residential building in Wolong City. According to the unified clue, it is necessary for the latter-day policy guards to find the "Ancient Claw Heart Sutra" in Wolong City. Although the name of the object is known, it is a needle in a haystack to find so many doubts in Wolong City.
Fortunately, there is no blind clue that Tang Yuanyuan is the "ancient claw heart sutra". The main brain of this game seems to like being a contractor and always likes to unite different levels of chivalrous people. Let some make connections, and then let these recipients work together to complete their respective tasks.
Tang Yuanyuan looks clever, but Chi Tandan can’t judge a girl’s character by her appearance. Chi Tandan doesn’t know Tang Yuanyuan but she knows it because she wants to complete the "A-size test"; This surprised Chitantan, knowing that at the beginning, these chivalrous people were trying to make a grade A, but now the martial arts scene has become a secret scene, waiting for the chivalrous people to explore and complete their adventures, and those pairs have disappeared. As Niu Hua said, "This game changes as fast as prostitutes/women take off their pants."
Take Tang Yuanyuan and his party away from the house and stroll through the wide and lively streets of Wolong City. Only then will Chitan have a chance to really see Wolong City. There are four gates in Wolong city, relying on four gates to connect a commercial road to the Northern Han Dynasty, the Southern Tang Dynasty and the Western Jin Dynasty, and this official road has also become the target of various forces.
Wolong city belongs to a-scale city, which can accommodate nearly one million people. The stalls reserved by shops are well divided. There is no official chaos in the city, and it is certain that the struggle for power will continue. Wolong City is always playing vendettas and assassinations, and there are many NPCs in this city.
NPC businessmen who dare to open shops in Wolong City are supported by gate valves. If they dare to rob these shops, they should be prepared to take revenge from the gate valves. The chaotic but prosperous Wolong City is full of opportunities and dangers. The petite Tang Yuanyuan is walking in the streets of this dangerous city. Tan Tan Dan is calmer than Tang Yuanyuan, but his face is worried.
Horse thieves, pirates, mountain bandits, river thieves and thieves are not occupations, but they walk only a few hundred meters. Chitan has abolished 17 thieves; There is an old saying that there is no distinction between right and wrong in martial arts, and the difference between right and wrong lies in making martial arts people not underestimate the skill of pickpockets. Not everyone can learn this kind of martial arts, but pickpocketing is also a skill that can be learned at a cost, and then stealing an ordinary NPC purse in times of poverty can last for a while, and the result is a poor reputation.
The "good luck gambling stall" is located in Ximen block of Wolong City, which was opened by a chivalrous organization. When you walked in, you didn’t see the sight of cigar smoke. The decoration pattern of the gambling file department is similar in movies and TV plays, and some chivalrous people understand the layout of gambling files, and then ask the architect to carve out the architectural drawings and get them out.
Although the layout of the gambling department is very similar in reality, there are not so many gambling tools in reality, such as mahjong, Pai Gow, size, color shaking, fighting and so on. Gladiator is very popular among knights. It is very high to bet in person or off the court. Some poor knights occasionally make a guest appearance. If a gladiator wins or loses, it is true death.
Gambling arenas are very similar. The only difference is that there is no difference between death in the arena and death in the wild. When you are not allowed to take medicine, escape or delay in the arena or tournament.
"Does this warrior like or be familiar with gambling?" A chivalrous man who looks very smooth at first glance asked with a low smile beside Chitan Dan.
Although the city is in full swing, tens of thousands of people are crowded in the East Gate City, but not many chivalrous people go to watch. It is also a high-risk thing to watch in Wolong City. No one can predict whether he will be involved after watching, so it is white to dare to hang out with chivalrous people in Wolong City. Otherwise, he may be hanged up and robbed of a lot of property if he is not careful.
"Is Liu Ding absent?" Chitan Dan turned to look directly at the gambling stall and asked to welcome guests.
Liu Ding is an NPC. Tang Yuanyuan needs to find him and get a map of animal skins. Note that the place where she went for this "A-size trial" is whether she can complete the trial or not. Everything depends on her; However, there is another place on the map of animal skins, that is, the "Ancient Claw Heart Sutra" that Chitantan is looking for.
I was disappointed when I saw that Chitantan didn’t come to play, and I didn’t have the heart to answer Chitantan’s question. He just leaned forward and felt a huge force at the back of his neck, and then the whole person hung his feet off the ground. Although this welcoming guest is a knight-errant player, it is obvious that he is here to repair the game part-time or the T-shape. It is really very simple for a master with a five-level barrier to repair a T-shape.
"Do you know what this place is?" Welcome guests don’t care about life and death. He sneered at Chitan Dan and roared
Wolong City has no government, no government city belongs to a place where you can fight anytime and anywhere, unlike the place where there are government officials in the city and garrison troops outside the city. Whoever dares to fight in the city will be punished by being arrested and imprisoned. Of course, it doesn’t mean that fighting in the city will definitely be caught. If it weren’t for a large-scale injury to civilians and destruction of the city’s infrastructure, there would be no NPC official or urban management army to pay attention to the fighting base.
"I’ll soon know what this place is," Chitan Dan replied with a chuckle. After staying for a while, he found himself flying in the middle and then plunged into the mahjong table seven steps away to "crash" the mahjong table and the gambler denounced it.
Being able to open a gambling stall in Wolong City and still have a prosperous business will definitely not be as blind as the welcoming guest, but it will reach the first-class barrier of A-size. "Dongguo cook the meat" poked his head out from the third floor of the gambling stall and kicked him with a bright oil lamp, and his fat face kept shaking and shaking.
"Hold your hands and go back to where you belong." Seeing that your brothers are going to start work on Chitantan, Dong Guo cook the meat wailed in his heart "Don’t fight, ancestors" and then quickly stepped in to stop the height of the third floor about 12 meters from the hall. He was worried that Dong Guo cook the meat jumped before he was alert to the lack of support for Nima’s old flying skills!
The legs were broken, and Dong Guo and cook the meat screamed in pain. As soon as they stopped sitting on the ground, they braved the cold sweat and said to Chitantan, "Don’t get angry if you have something to say slowly."
Before Yuan Yuan Tang, fix the bones for Dong Guo cook the meat, and then take medicine for Dong Guo cook the meat. After ten minutes of exercise and pranayama, his legs will be intact and wiped with sweat. Dong Guo cooks soup and invites Chitantan to speak in the third floor secret room. Chitan Dan doesn’t care to recognize him. It’s better if he doesn’t recognize him, he doesn’t care to smash this gambling stall and catch the NPC who lacks Liu Ding.
Dongguo cook the meat’s brain turned quickly. He denied that Chitantan had come to collect protection. If Chitantan was willing to collect protection, Dongguo cook the meat would welcome it with his feet. On this day, the Chitantan Protection Organization and the Hedgehog Corps will be protected by Chitantan, and there will also be places in the southern Tang Dynasty. If Chitantan is willing to protect the "good luck gambling file", Dongguo cook the meat will borrow usury to throw the "good luck gambling file" into the game, and his dream of "Vegas tycoon" will be realized early.
Dongguo cook the meat knew that he was delusional, and Chitantan definitely didn’t come for protection, so he came for information? Dongguo cook the meat rejected the idea again. Although it is low-key, it was born out of the "Jin Juhua" sect intelligence agency. It is also famous in Tianchi Tandan. If you want to know the news, you need to let your intelligence agency check it.
"Revenge?" Dongguo cook the meat threw this worst idea out and thought about it, but he didn’t figure out what he had against Chitan Dan. No, there must be enmity between yourself and Chitan Dan! It’s ridiculous to say it, too. Chitan Dan’s enemies are everywhere, and many of them are descendants of NPC civilians who died in the war he started. These descendants of NPC civilians are not NPC but chivalrous players.