This is Huang Fujing’s eagerness to eradicate those aristocratic families. I wish all the old foxes of those aristocratic families were dead. Yueyue would say this only if he closed his eyes and temper again. Otherwise, someone else would know this matter and even be more afraid. After all, it is really brave for a peasant woman to collude with mountain bandits to act like this.

Po didn’t dare to say much, but listening to the emperor’s words, he knew that Lin Niang had dared to personally bribe the mountain bandits to save lives from Yin’s dark guards, which was much more than a few minutes. He had seen that Lin Niang was not an ordinary person and did not act as expected.
Zhao Erhu’s news didn’t keep Huang Fujing waiting too long, but after a couple of days, Zhao Erhu’s advance people sent back a letter by special methods. The date of the letter was more than half a month ago. Zhao Erhu came back when they started to return. The news said the approximate return date and some matters about this trip to sea. It is believed that the trip to sea went smoothly and the goods were sold out. In addition to earning a lot of western goods, they also brought back a lot of money and made a lot of money when they returned.
"good! Ok! This couple is really my Fuxing, who will share my worries for me and reward me later. "Huang Fujing was very happy when he saw the letter. When Zhao Erhu came back recently, he would not worry about the state treasury without silver."
After what is, instead of now, raising Zhao Erhu and his wife Huang Fujing is also good for Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue. Now his prestige in the imperial court can’t hold back those aristocratic old foxes and suddenly raise a couple of farmers, but they are still so generous that they can’t jump out one by one and leave him with nothing to do when things are not done. Moreover, those old things will even go against his original intention if they develop like this to Zhao Erhu and his wife.
"Po, you ordered people to send the message of Zhao Erhu to Zhao Jiacun, Xin ‘an City, to give it to Zhao Erhu’s daughter-in-law. In addition, I still have a reward for her, so you can bring it with you." Huang Fujing thought of giving the message to Lin Yue immediately, and Zhao Erhu usually showed too much concern for his daughter-in-law, so he could bring back private messages in his letters. This time, he knew the rules, but the words in the line also asked him to help him to give home a message of peace.
It is human nature for Zhao Erhu to finish what he assigned, and Huang Fujing is generous and generous. Zhao Erhu is afraid of worrying at home when he is away from home.
Huangfujing gave a reward to Lin Yue in such a high profile instead of quietly sending the letter in the past, which not only made Zhao Erhu’s family look good, but also had the support of their family. Presumably, Yin’s family would have scruples when they knew about it, and they would not give a reward to Zhao Erhu’s family for the time being. After all, the emperor had given a reward to Zhao Erhu’s family. Isn’t this a slap in the face?
"Master Zhao’s side is protecting us again. I’m afraid it’s not good for the time being. The master will see if he is preparing another plan. After all, the emperor is staring at it for the time being."
When the news came out, Yin Jiazhu had even given orders to Zhao Erhu’s family. After listening to the report, he had to take back his words and then choose another opportunity. Lin Yue didn’t know that she just appeared to avoid some things, otherwise Yin Jiazhu’s biting behavior would be a catastrophe for Zhao.
To say how Yin Jiazhu suddenly ordered this, even though he didn’t care about his identity exposure, it might be too impatient and rash. The main reason was that a group of dark guards disappeared in Longhushan, which made Yin Jiazhu very angry, but he took the bandits in Longhushan and couldn’t vent his anger on the’ good bully’ Zhao family, and he was happy to get money from Zhao family.
"This Zhao family’s luck is not so good. This time, it’s really the emperor who has let the Zhao family escape like this. If we are so tight now, the family will even be angry. We will wait patiently until things pass before we can do it." It’s an elder of Yin’s family.
"Let them be free and unfettered for a while. Sooner or later, the Zhao family will still be us." Yin Jia said that the Zhao family was as if he was going to eat a piece of fat in his mouth, and it was always so hanging that he had to eat it in his mouth to feel at ease.
By the time the holy reward arrived in Zhaojiacun, Zhao Erhu had returned from overseas and escorted the goods to the capital to report to the emperor.
Lin Yue received a holy reward at that time, and some people were puzzled. Why did the holy suddenly purport to reward her? Is it because the capital Yin family had long wanted to do what she did to the family, and the emperor wanted to reward her?
That’s not right. She paid off the bandits to the Yin family. Even if she is generous, she should have a position or not. She should hate the mountain bandits.
"Grandfather-in-law emperor suddenly reward in me but what’s the reason? Still hope my father-in-law can tell me that I have a preparation in my heart, "said Yue-bian, stuffing a purse into my father-in-law’s hand."
"Lin Niang St. is sympathetic to you. It’s not easy for you to run a family alone. It’s not easy for Zhao’s adult to be rewarded for the emperor’s office. You don’t have to be uneasy about the St. Reward. Relax and let the sage tell you that your" xianggong "Zhao Erhu industry has returned from overseas. It is estimated that in a few days’ journey, you will be able to return to Beijing on time. I guess this should have all arrived in the capital. 664.
If Lin Yue was a little confused just now, when she heard the eunuch sent by the palace say this, her face showed a happy smile and she understood the reason why the emperor rewarded her. "Really? That’s great. Once" xianggong "left home, she went to that distant overseas for so long, and my concubine was very worried. Now I can finally rest assured with his news."
"The emperor is also concerned about this level to let the slave send the message to Lin Nian, which is to reassure Lin Nian. Master Zhao is fine. It is said that this trip to sea is very smooth and the queen will definitely rely more on Master Zhao. Master Zhao’s apprentice is just around the corner, and the slave is looking forward to being happy in the future."
"Father-in-law is serious, thank you for your respect. If my grandfather can really be like my father-in-law, he will not forget that my father-in-law has come all the way to work hard. My wife has already prepared a banquet and a room. If my father-in-law doesn’t abandon me …"
Before Lin Yue finished, he was interrupted by the big eunuch who came to the palace. "Don’t abandon Zhao’s family. It is said that the food is more delicious than the chef’s cooking. The sage used to listen to it, but he can’t eat it. Now he has the opportunity to have a good taste, but he didn’t come. Many colleagues in Zhao Village heard that this job was coming, or did the sage finally get this cheap?"
Yue Yue’s heart was further confirmed when he heard the eunuch say this. This Li Gonggong has some status in the palace. The palace job can’t be grabbed if he wants to grab it. Where can he do it without identity background? Now they are weak, so people naturally have to try their best to win help in the palace and spy on the eyes and ears, and there is no movement in the harem. They don’t know the situation. Li Gonggong’s words are very friendly. She will refuse if she is stupid.
"Li Gonggong said that my body is very ashamed. Here is the rural area. I just want to entertain all the distinguished people on weekdays, and I don’t have such an opportunity. It’s rare for Li Gonggong to come. Don’t say that it’s delicious and delicious. There is still no problem. If Li Gonggong is not in a hurry to return to Beijing, he might as well relax and enjoy the rural scenery. Although it is not as prosperous and rich as Beijing, it is peaceful and peaceful."
Lin Yue thinks so from the bottom of her heart. After living in Beijing for a period of time, she still feels comfortable living in this township, but it’s also because Li Gonggong has such a meaning that she says so.
"To tell the truth, the sage came out this time and specially asked for a few days’ leave to the side. He also finished the job without delaying kung fu. Lin Nian is so hospitable. The sage can’t ask for it. Most of them have been in the palace and spent a few days relaxing here." Li Gonggong said that Lin Yue really appreciated the big eunuch’s bright and informal personality. How to say it directly is much better than those who want something, but Lin Yue also knows that Li Gonggong may be here in her house, after all.
"My father-in-law is a frank person, so I’ll arrange it. Because I don’t know my father-in-law’s preferences, all the arrangements are my own. It’s not worth it. If there are any inadequacies, please ask my father-in-law to point out my body and let people arrange it."
"It’s better to take care of the guests. The requirements for these details of life are not so high, but it’s enough to like to eat Lin Niang and get some delicious sage." Li Gonggong said with a smile that when the job is done, he will bring the reward and the emperor’s words, and let Lin Yue lead him to the guest room of the outer court to place other followers, which is Lin Yue’s command, and all the arrangements will be made.
Li Gonggong doesn’t care much about these sections of life when he comes, but Lin Yue’s home is designed by Lin Yue himself, which is the most suitable word for comfort. Let Li Gonggong live in that room and bring some Western-style European style. Because he has prepared to entertain guests, all the furniture in it is quite exquisite and beautiful, even so picky during the Jiang period. People praise these hospitality homes for their good layout, not to mention Li Gonggong.
When Li Gonggong came in, he felt that this room was more comfortable than living in the palace. It was not very luxurious, and it was rare to see gold and silver utensils. However, the owner was meticulous and considerate everywhere.
"This is specially for Li Gonggong. You are preparing the room. I don’t know if you can be satisfied with Li Gonggong. What else needs to be purchased will be arranged as soon as possible?" Lin Yue saw Li Gonggong’s expression and knew that he was satisfied with the environment here, but even so, she asked 1 as usual
"I’m satisfied. This is more comfortable than living in the palace. What’s the dissatisfaction with the sage? Lin Niang is too modest. Okay, that’s it. The sage has lived here. Lin Niang must have something to be busy. Don’t take care of everything. Just be a sage and be an ordinary guest. If Lin Niang is too enthusiastic, the sage will be uneasy."
Lin Yue intends to make friends with Li Gonggong, but Li Gonggong knows that Zhao Erhu and his wife are both in front of the emperor. Seeing how special the emperor’s attitude towards Zhao Erhu and Lin Niang is, he will know that he will never really prosper. It is also good to be able to bring him a few words in front of the emperor. It is not good to have a mind on Lin Yueli Gonggong. Lin Niangong is not too casual. Even if he is now a common man, his position as a eunuch is definitely heavier than his in the eyes of the emperor.
"Then Li Gonggong helped myself, so I went back first, and sent two maids and pages to come over. They are very clever on weekdays. If you need anything, Li Gonggong will tell them." Lin Yue didn’t intend to be too flattering and lower his status. It means just making a gesture. I know that Li Gonggong is also a wise man. My heart is white.
Come out from Li Gonggong, Yue went to the kitchen in person and told Li Gonggong that the food in the courtyard should be cooked by Wang Dachuan himself and sent to others.
Family meals are cooked in the big kitchen, and the rules in the kitchen have changed because of the increase of family members. Wang Dachuan has been responsible for the meals in the courtyard here in Lin Yue since then. Li Gonggong is the only one who is obsessed with eating. Lin Yuele is successful. 665 Chapter 665
Wang Dachuan is the best cook in his family, so it is most appropriate for Li Gonggong to eat and let him do it. However, there are always some hobbies or self-control in most things, and the same is true for Wang Dachuan, who is obsessed with cooking and doesn’t care much about the rest of the family unless a few people sleep well.
Li Gonggong is also a more distinguished guest in their family. Lin Yue didn’t trust someone to convey it, but he still felt that he was more assured to go there. When he got there, Wang Dachuan didn’t take people’s words to heart and missed something.
"Madam, please send someone to tell me such a trivial matter. Just why bother to go there in person? Don’t worry, I will try my best to take out all the specialty dishes to entertain the guest and ensure that the guest is satisfied." Wang Dachuan’s most admired and grateful life is Lin Yue. Whenever Lin Yue asks to open his mouth, he will get things done.
I took a trip to the kitchen and got Wang Dachuan’s assurance that Lin Yue was relieved and wanted to think about it. I also took old wine from the cellar and sent it to Li Gonggong. Anyone who likes food is mostly fond of wine. I hope these jars of wine will suit Li Gonggong’s mind.
Lin Yue guessed that it was really good. The wine was sent to Li Gonggong. When Li Gonggong opened the jar, he knew that it was an old cellar. When he smelled it, he felt drunk. It was too much for him. This is better than giving him all kinds of gold and silver. Lin Niang proved to be a wonderful person. He was considerate when he acted. He was directed at this wine, and he had to pay more attention to Zhao Erhu and his wife when he met things in the palace.
"It’s been a long time since you went back to thank Lin Niang for the sage. Say that the sage appreciates Lin Niang’s heart. If Lin Niang has any orders in the future, he will try his best." It’s true that Li Gonggong, who eats goods, is the most tight and refined. After a few jars of wine, he made this promise.
Yue-lai Lin is also interested in it. Naturally, it is a pleasant surprise to let Li Gonggong live comfortably and happily, and then lay the foundation for friendship and get Li Gonggong’s words of commitment.
Xin’ an city government
"Adults have found out that Li Gonggong was sent to Zhao Village Lin Niang by the holy will. Now Li Gonggong has lived in Zhao Erhu’s house. No matter how many families, I can’t find out. Adults don’t know that Zhao’s rules are very strict, and it’s very difficult to find out these news."
"My cousin told me about my palace. I know that Li Gonggong followed the eunuch manager Bao Gonggong since childhood, but his background and influence in the palace are not bad. He is also the second in command in front of Long Live Grandpa, except Po Gonggong, who is his best. There are many people at ordinary times."
"Adults are not the kui is everyone’s background and knowledge, even the things in the palace are so clearly known. That Li Gonggong is a Xu person and a status in the palace. I still want to inquire and come back to report to adults. I didn’t expect adults to know it all."
Ann said to Cheng Lu’s flattery that Cheng Lu’s flattery was loud. After listening to Ann’s words, Cheng Lu felt comfortable. I felt that Ann really had a look and was loyal to him. It was also neat. For a while, I valued Ann more than I valued the housekeeper and touts. I had to consult Ann about everything. In Cheng Lu’s heart, the housekeeper and touts were just his slaves, while Ann could make him rely on his possessions.
Butler and touts used to rely on Cheng Lu’s power and prestige, but now it seems that Cheng Lu is dissatisfied with Anxin. Fortunately, Ann still knows how to be a man. There is nothing to put on airs in front of the butler and touts, and the butler and touts feel better. However, there is no shortage of forgiveness to make Ann stumble in the dark.
Speaking of Ann as a Xu person, it turned out to be Cheng Lu. These days, Xian Cheng has just mixed up a scholar’s fame, but because of his sweet mouth, he is the best at showing his face in front of Cheng Lu, and then he finally got Cheng Lu’s weight and trust step by step.
Butler and touts are disdainful to watch Ann spare no effort to kiss up to Cheng Lu, but it is a good slave to let adults eat this set of flexibility. To get back Cheng Lu’s letter, the butler and touts all said at one glance, "Adult nature is the most powerful and knowledgeable, and it is not for us people to be an enterprise, not for those poor scholars who don’t know where to come out. It is much more expensive than what they are."
Butler said touts don’t stay to talk to Ann again "and adult this Li Gonggong rarely comes out of the palace to Xin ‘an City, although it is to send a reward to the Zhao family, but it was ordered by the emperor to do so. It’s not true how well you know the Zhao family. For mutual affection, adults have a cousin in the palace who is a saint’s favorite and wants an adult to come forward. That Li Gonggong will naturally not ignore you and maybe have to come to Ba’s adult."
Touts know it’s not so against their will that Li Gonggong says that it’s better to serve the long live grandfather, even if he gives a princess a little meager sensibilities, it’s a success, but no matter how to coax an adult around first, you can’t let Ann’s little man specialize in showing off in front of adults. Even if a poor man is born and a scholar flatters, it’s a bit of a matter, but even if he knows little about things involved in the palace, he doesn’t know how to speak, then there will be less words.
Butler and touts are really disdainful of Ann. They didn’t recommend Ann to adults until they saw that Ann was more well-advised. I didn’t think that Ann would have such a thing and win the trust of adults.
Touts have been with Cheng Lu for so long. Before that, it was necessary for Cheng Lu to consider all the things that actually went against Cheng Lu’s mind. Now, I have a heart to coax Cheng Lu into saying every word. Where can I not be proud of Cheng Lu’s mind? I nodded and was flattered by touts. "That’s right, my cousin is favored in the palace. This Li Gonggong is also a slave if he has something to do. Maybe he will have to be a slave. He doesn’t dare to inflate himself in front of me."
"But having said that, whether Li Gonggong is an old man in the palace or not, we still have to give him some face and then start an uprising to be more loyal. If the adults don’t go to take Li Gonggong back in person, it will produce a good reception. Chapter 666 shows adult sincerity.
Favourite means to let adults go to Ba Li Gonggong Li Gonggong, and the figure in the palace is not bad. It must be good. If the former tout changed, he would directly analyze the things and benefits to Cheng Lu. Now it is much safer to fight for position in front of Cheng Lu, and it is good for them to coax Cheng Lu so that he can make a fool of himself and know what to do with eating, drinking and being merry. It is quite long for him to be a tout and a housekeeper to follow Cheng Lu, and it is also good for them to bring Cheng Lu from home.
"It’s true that although my cousin is favored by the emperor in the palace, it’s hard for me to find my cousin because she is a favorite. It’s much more convenient if I have Li Gonggong to walk around the palace. It’s time for me to arrange for adults to go to Zhao Village to see Li Gonggong immediately." Cheng Lu thought more and more, and he felt that Li Gonggong’s friendship had many advantages. He didn’t know that Li Gonggong would stay in Zhao Village for a few days, so he ordered the touts to prepare to go to Zhao Village immediately.
Touts and housekeeper looked at each other, obviously, they were all very concerned about Cheng Lu’s move, but they remained calm, bowed their hands at Touts and Butler, and followed Cheng Lu to the corner of their mouth to evoke radians, which showed that he was in a good mood at the moment.
Ann doesn’t know that touts and butlers are not interested in him, but it’s like a magistrate’s adult is willing to believe him. That’s enough. The butler and touts follow the magistrate’s adult for a long time. Another example is that he has some advantages. Although he is a poor scholar, he is a scholar. At least, he will be able to climb if he gets a chance to get a job. Sooner or later, he wants the butler and touts. Although they are not small things, they are family members. Their identity is doomed to be in the hands of a married family. Compared with him, he seems to be respectful and
The housekeeper has to stay in the house and preside over things in the house. Looking at Cheng Lu and Ann, they have walked a long distance. The touts and the housekeeper looked at each other and knew their meanings. The touts followed the front and Cheng Lu just squeezed Ann in the back. Seeing Ann in the touts, he frowned slightly, thinking that it was another thing. How can I get more benefits for myself when I get to the Zhao family later?
Ann’s housekeeper and touts came from Beijing with Cheng Lu. He was born in Xin ‘an City and lives in a village not far from Zhao’s village. When Zhao Erhu’s family recruited people, many people in their village also passed by. They worked in Zhao’s family for several months, and their wages were higher than those in other places. Few people didn’t say that Zhao was so boastful.
Ann was very unhappy at that time, thinking that he was just a businessman from a Zhuang family, but he was lucky enough to make a windfall and had a few spare money in his hand. It was like netting the villagers nearby, especially after the flood, many villagers went to Zhaojia Village to seek things and do a lot of favors, which made those stupid villagers not treat people like bodhisattvas. At any rate, he gained fame and fame, and the villagers did not see him so respectful. Even though he entered Xin’ an government to do things, the situation remained unchanged.
Ann looks at her appearance and likes to make friends with people easily, but she is haggle over every ounce and has a very strong self-esteem. She loves her face again, and she is really uncomfortable in her heart. She has long remembered Zhao’s family before Cheng Lu and encouraged her to beat Zhao Guzhu, which means that she didn’t expect Zhao’s backstage to even dare to beat Zhao Guzhu’s adult, so that he could dispel the idea. Even if she was unwilling, she would have to press it in her heart.
This time, I finally got a chance, even if I can’t get some money out of the Zhao family. It’s not that the Zhao family made a fortune by going to sea and making huge profits. According to his current position in front of the magistrate, if the Zhao family is well-advised, it should not be stingy with spending money.
Ann was born in a poor family. At the beginning, even if she bribed the housekeeper’s silver, she had no family resources. Even now, she is deeply trusted by the magistrate’s adult, but with touts and butlers around him, he can only make money. Zhao Jiayu is really a good opportunity this time.
Yue4 was busy preparing to do something for Li Gonggong when she heard someone leave that the magistrate’s adult had come to Yue4. She was a little surprised that the magistrate’s adult and their family had never been serious. There was still a bad blood before the calculation, because she had a noble person in the capital as the background to get along with each other. How could the magistrate’s adult come back?
Lin Yue, who didn’t react at the moment, was stunned, but the thought of living in the courtyard at random turned Li Gonggong’s heart white. "It seems to be directed at the palace. Come on, let’s go. Since the magistrate’s adult is here, come with me to meet him at the gate."
Rao is Lin Yue, and she doesn’t like Cheng Lu, whether he is an official or a citizen, or whether her parents should be polite or not. Otherwise, even if there are those patrons in Beijing, it still doesn’t make sense unless one day Zhao Erhu makes the holy award with credit and has equal status and identity with Cheng Lu.