The agent on the other side of the phone sighed helplessly: "It looks like this …"

Zahovic struggled to control the impulse to drop his mobile phone on the locker room floor. He clutched his mobile phone and swore, "Shit! Shit! That fucking China bitch! Bitch! ! !”
A player from Team B pushed through the door and saw that zahovic, who had been demoted from the first team to Team B, was furious.
They paused for a moment, then walked in with their heads down, treating each other as if they were air, and what to do.
Zahovic also when the other side is air, continue to there’s no one’s watching to lambaste winning, say anything bad.
Like a crazy psycho.
But this kind of ranting can’t solve any problems, and naturally it can’t change his fate.
His fate, from the moment he decided to do the right thing with Changsheng, had already taken the initiative.
For zahovic, he lost the most precious time. This half a season, even a season, he had to spend it in obscurity in team B, and no one would care about him. Now the players of Team B usually talk about the news that the first team has come again. Who cares about him, the strongest star in Slovenian history who has made 20 appearances in the first team and scored two goals?
That’s why he cursed crazily and cursed often.
But for Chang Sheng … Well, in his busy work, he has completely forgotten the poor guy he sent to Team B!
Chapter 31 New Valencia
La Liga started in late August and early September.
Valencia didn’t win any championships last season, so naturally there is no need to prepare for the European Super Cup and the Spanish Super Cup, and there is no need to participate in the Champions League draw.
Therefore, Changsheng has a very complete pre-season training, which is a good thing for his first season in Valencia.
His training plan can be carried out completely without the risk of being disrupted halfway.
In August, the team flew to the United States for a week and a half of training and played two warm-up matches with two American teams.
Both warm-up matches ended in Valencia’s victory.
However, the media and fans still can’t understand what football Valencia is playing.
Because the winning streak disrupted the starting lineup, so far no one has been able to analyze what Valencia will look like under the winning streak and what the starting lineup is.
In doing so, Chang Sheng deliberately hides his true intentions, and naturally hopes that more players can be integrated into this tactical system, so he wants the substitute players to play more games and confuse the difference between the main force and the substitute.
In fact, with the current staffing of Valencia, it is difficult to tell the difference between the main force and the substitute.
Valencia, after all, is not such a small diaosi team as getafe. It would be nice to be able to put together a set of eleven players who play the main force.
Before Valencia, it was a team that had been fighting on two fronts. There were still some people who should have personnel reserves, and there was also a sense of rotation.
Otherwise, how come kily gonzalez and Vicente, both left wingers, played a lot of games last season?
Now Valencia, after winning constantly, has greatly improved its strength in both the main force and the substitute lineup.
There are three goalkeepers, among whom Chang Sheng, the main goalkeeper and the first substitute goalkeeper, are familiar with them.
Canizares, the main goalkeeper, is the main Spanish goalkeeper. Palop, the substitute goalkeeper, is also familiar with Chang Sheng. Because when Seville won the UEFA Cup for two consecutive years, palop was the main goalkeeper of Seville. He also had a record of scoring goals in the league.
Today, palop is 27 years old, which is in the golden age of a professional player. Unfortunately, there is a canizares on his head, so he has to continue to play as a substitute.
Speaking of it, palop is also quite tragic. As a native of Valencia, he once hoped to represent Valencia in La Liga very early. However, when he started to make his mark in the youth training camp in Valencia in 1994 with Team B, zubizarreta moved to Valencia. For four years, palop didn’t get a foothold in the first team.
When zubizarreta retired in 1998, he thought it was his chance, but at this time Valencia bought canizares. Until he moved to Seville in 2005, he played only 43 league games for Valencia in six years.
I can’t help it. canizares is so awesome. Now he is only thirty-one. It is the most mature time for a goalkeeper. How can palop compete for the Spanish national gate?
Ever-victorious knows that he will be awesome in the future, but now palop still appears to be incompetent, inexperienced and lacking in confidence.
Three shortcomings are fatal enough. Winning in the goalkeeper position is more due to trusting experienced veterans than a substitute goalkeeper, although this substitute goalkeeper is actually not small. Of course, it is not ruled out that in some unimportant games, Changsheng will send palop to play.
David Landel, another famous general, is even younger. He is only 22 years old this year, and he was transferred from Team B.. If nothing happens, he may not have a chance to play all season.
In the centre-back, the ever-victorious Valencia has Ayala, Carvalho and pellegrino, and the ever-victorious David_Navarro, who was promoted from Team B.. Ayala, Carvalho and pellegrino both have the ability to play as the main players, but the winner tends to let Carvalho and Ayala play as the central defender, and 29-year-old pellegrino plays as a substitute, ready to play at any time.
Navarro was found by Changsheng when he was browsing the list of team B.
At first, Changsheng felt that he had found the treasure. He thought it was Navarro, the main central defender and captain of Seville.
But he soon found out that it was wrong. Because this is David Navarro, and the captain of Seville in his impression is Harvey Navarro, with different names.
Regarding this David Navarro, the deepest impression of Changsheng about him may be the incident that Inter Milan met Valencia in the 2007 Champions League knockout.
After the game at that time, there was a conflict between Inter Milan and Valencia players. It is just an ordinary conflict, and everyone has seen such conflicts. Inter Milan’s Burdisso and Valencia’s marchena had an argument, and both players rushed up, but they went up to stop the fight.
At this time, Navarro, who had been on the bench and didn’t get a chance to play in the whole game, seemed to finally find a way to vent his energy-he rushed directly to the stadium and gave Burdisso a punch, which not only intended the Argentine’s nose and bones, but also aroused the anger of everyone in Inter Milan.
However, Navarro later showed his speed and flexibility in front of everyone. He was killed from the layers of interception and encirclement of Inter Milan players. Although he got a flying shovel from Mai Kong, he returned to the bench unharmed …
Chang Sheng was deeply impressed by this incident, especially the speed and flexibility of Navarro running all the way.
Therefore, Changsheng decided to transfer the 21-year-old to the first team and study slowly on the bench. Under the competition of Ayala, Carvalho and pellegrino, it is impossible to want to be the main force, but it is ok to be a qualified substitute.
There are many candidates for Valencia’s right-back position, including Jocelyn_Angloma, Curro Torres who returned to the team after his loan in Tenerife, and Ferreira, who has always won from setubal.
Anglo Ma is experienced and has always been the main right-back of the team. But after Ferreira comes, he may have to get used to his life sitting on the bench.
Curro Torres is also a qualified substitute. He played 39 league games in Tenerife last season, and his experience is no problem.
Left-back always wins without adding players because he thinks it’s enough. There are veterans Caboni and fabio aurelio, and Javi_Prats.
Caboni is too old, and Chang Sheng won’t let him continue to play the main force. Aurelio will be righted to the main position by constant victory.