And that son saw the water to nature also dare not neglect. The baizhang tree emits three green lights in a row, and if lightning sweeps down. Although those rock-eaters are tough, they are inherently disadvantaged by using wood and clay within five elements. In the face of Qinger’s death, the green light sticks and dies next to it. At that time, there were countless deaths and injuries on the water road.

Besides, the daughter’s conversation since the last time she went back to her house to get her original body and Yi Yu’s call to cook tea for her guests a few days ago made her see hope again. Now that the opportunity is rare, it is natural for Xi Er to show her usefulness. That daughter is not as quick as Shuier and Qinger, but she is the most fully prepared one to sharpen her knife and cut it by mistake. If you want to know the aftermath, please see the next "Millennium Zombies".

Back to the 205th Millennium Zombie
It is said that the three elves in charge of the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, Xi ‘er, Qing ‘er and Shui ‘er, started to kill those rock-eating raccoons who were involved in the madness under the mobilization of Yi Yu’s reward and punishment.
As Shuier and Qinger beat us to it, they had strangled more than 10,000 rock-eating tapirs before Xier could do it. In fact, this doesn’t mean that Qinger is better than the three women who have just been flustered by these monsters, but the means and methods of attack are different.
For example, Zheng Bagu’s amazing swordsmanship is ten times stronger than this rock eater, and she is also killed by a sword in the face of her attack. However, when Zheng Bagu faced such a dime a dozen enemies, she could only chop slowly with one sword after another. Of course, she still has a large-scale magic weapon, which is not counted.
And this three people in Qinger are the elements themselves, and the means used by the elves to control the five elements to attack are wide in scope. However, as soon as this force is scattered, it is naturally better to concentrate on a powerful piece and meet a strong enemy in the future, I am afraid I will suffer. Therefore, it is not easy to jump to conclusions before there is a real confrontation.
At this time, Shuier and Qinger made moves one after another with good results. It seems that they have taken the lead in this contest. But that daughter is still unhurried in her eyes, preparing her magic. Look at her charming smile, it seems that she has a plan.
In fact, it’s not surprising that Xi ‘er is full of confidence. Among the five elements, the attribute of gold is the most explosive and naturally the strongest. If it is a competition, other Joy can’t say anything, but if she is a gold elf, she can’t even compete with killing people, so just don’t live.
I saw that Xi Er’s body was suspended above the hundred-foot sword, and she was more than a hundred feet long, waving her waist gently like dancing, which was very beautiful. But with her dancing, the whole sword peak almost occupied the’ pure land of bliss’, and nearly a quarter of the sky was covered by thick dark clouds. The blue Lei Guang, which is faintly flashing within the dark clouds, is even more frigid. It’s breathtaking.
Finally, the thunder and lightning that had been brewing for a long time within the dark clouds split off, but Joy got such a big momentum and saved up half a day’s mana. It turned out that Lei Guang, who was only the thickness of his thumb, really fell off the glasses of many people watching. But a moment later, all the people had to marvel at the exquisite mind of this daughter.
I saw that after the first lightning shock, it didn’t directly attack those rock eaters, but hit the Baizhang Jianfeng under Xi ‘er! I saw that after Lei Guang hit the huge Jianfeng, it was completely ruined. Divided into three, but the power did not shrink at all. It was not until this time that the three roads of Lei Guang attacked the dense rock-eating dogs below. When the blue light flashed, three rock eaters were killed.
As the daughter to the first thunder electric shock within the dark clouds one after another, so Lei Guang is like a machine gun. Lei Guang is also divided into three parts. Hit those rock eaters. This’ pure land of bliss’ is not very big, and there are 100,000 rock-eating raccoons that are bigger than bulls. One stop on the ground, Xier even saved aiming. Lei Guang’s release is a hit and a hit.
Who this Lei Guang method is very delicate than the brute force of water and Qinger that green light like a broom can be much more efficient. I have already caught up with the two. Who looked at the distant water and Qinger smiled proudly.
Yi Yu felt the ever-increasing earth elements in the pure land of bliss, and then looked at the three people scrambling to look like each other. I smiled in my heart: "Yes! That’s it. Only competition. Only then can we be stronger! Competition, my Raytheon, Spring God and lovely Water God. "
However, 100,000 rock-eating raccoons died in the bloody slaughter of these three seemingly weak female executioners. Yi Yu deadpan glanced at the body spread all over the floor below and waved at the sun. Baizhang the sun with a Fengming answer and flew back and forth several times on the ground in the’ pure land of bliss’ where the corpses were everywhere. The extreme high temperature on its body instantly turned the bodies of those rock-eaters into ashes and sank into the depths of the’ pure land of bliss’.
Although Yi Yu would like to take this opportunity to quickly refine these newly acquired soil elements into real land, it is obviously not a good time at this time. Mrs. Bao Xiang is still in danger, and the cold calyx sisters are still waiting outside. Yi Yu looked at Xier, who had returned to him, and nodded with a smile: "I am very satisfied with your good work this time." As soon as the voice fell, it disappeared again.
Looking at the place where Yi Yu disappeared, Qinger suddenly sighed gently: "Xier …"
"Huh?" Hearing that Qinger took the initiative to tell her, Xi ‘er said, "Is Qinger okay?"
Qinger looked at Xi ‘er, who was plain and nonchalant, with a slight leng andao: "What happened to this Xi ‘er today? In the past, if the master was away, she always looked like an enemy when she saw me. Why is it so dull today? " Although I don’t understand the difference between Xi ‘er and Qing ‘er, I decided to speak my mind.
Qinger said, "Xier used to hate you very much, thinking that it was you who brought my master to me that made me lose my freedom and commit myself to slavery."
Who smiled and said, "Oh? I didn’t expect you to think so! "
Qinger answered, "But recently I asked Sister Innocent to know that it was I who hurt you! Originally, the owner was rushing to the East China Sea to conclude the wood, but it happened to catch up with you that day … Ah … "
Heer listened to Qinger’s words but didn’t respond: "Qinger, what do you mean by telling me this?"
Qinger was already ready for Joy to fly into a rage, but now Joy is so calm that she is stunned. "Don’t … don’t you hate me?" he asked tentatively.
Who smiled and said, "Now I have no time to hate you! Now that it’s all like this, what can I do if I hate it or not? What’s more, I believe that the master will definitely take us to soar in the future. "
Qinger breathed a long sigh of relief and said, "I’m relieved that you can think so." You, me and Shuier are all poor people of the same kind and connected by the same fate. I really don’t want any mistakes for us to kill each other in the future. "
Hearing Qinger’s touching words, Xier smiled slightly: "Qinger doesn’t know anything about intrigue, even though my character is careless. But don’t forget. I’m afraid it’s been a hundred years since you and I met. I know you very well. You will never suddenly say these irrelevant nonsense to me. Just say what you have to say. "
Qinger looked at Xier, who suddenly became smart, and smiled slightly: "It seems that I really underestimated you!"
Joy smiled and said, "Qinger, you should know that our five elements elves are all treasures of genius. But all monks. Whether it is evil or not, all want to take it for themselves. Therefore, every elf who can live alone today is not a fool. Although I am not as clever as you, many elves smarter than me are already dead. "
Qinger smiled and said, "Yes! Xier, you are really good at playing dumb. "
If daughter didn’t hear Qinger’s words, she said, "If you don’t tell me, I will go back and learn embroidery from Sister Tang Wan."
Qinger looked at the indifferent daughter and said, "Sister Xiaer will also go, right?"
Who smiled a captivating smile. Light way: "You and Shuier have been wandering around Sister Innocent all day, so naturally I can’t always be alone. All right, stop fooling around. If you really
I left. oh By the way, can I answer you and me clearly? "
Qinger smiled. Very kindly said: "well, don’t worry, I said it’s not okay?" Do you really believe that the host can take us to the fairy house? "
Who nodded and said, "There is nothing to hide from you. I’ve also asked a lot about my master these days. My present master is really extraordinary. It’s only been more than ten years since he fixed the truth! Although if we put aside the pure land of bliss, it may not be as good as you and me, but it is definitely a rare genius among the fastest human beings in science of uniting! Although the master’s character is not flattering, since he said it, I decided to believe him, not to mention that now we have no other choice. "
Qinger also nodded and said, "You are absolutely right! Now I have forced myself to believe my master’s words. But have you ever thought that even if what the master said is true, when he really takes others to the fairy house in the future, will there be our position? "
Joy stared at Qinger pointedly and said, "What do you mean?"
Qinger said, "I mean, no matter how powerful and incredible the master is, he is still a person!" As long as it is a person has his limit … "
Hearing this, Joy looked at Qinger with some hesitation and said, "Are you saying that even if what the master said is true, we may still be left behind? !”
Qinger said, "Yes! If you think about it, just like Sister Innocent and Sister Tang Wan, they are naturally in front of us. Don’t think about it. "
Joy nodded and said, "That’s the nature owner’s woman who cherishes him very much."
Qinger said, "What we want to compete for is that if all the remaining places can be left without leaving, everyone will be happy. But with the master’s temper, elves like us and servants for other purposes will probably increase in the future … "
Joy pondered for a moment and said, "What do you mean by telling me this?"
Qinger said, "Xier, no matter what happened in the past, after all, we have known each other for nearly a thousand years, which is much closer than others. I hope the three of us can form an alliance to meet the challenges that may come in the future. "
Joy smiled and said, "It sounds very good, but you seem to have forgotten the meaning of the host. He should not want us to get along too closely. "
Qinger said, "Of course I can see the master’s mind. I mean, you and I still maintain the status quo of this confrontation. When the "Pure Land of Blissfulness" comes again in the future, I think it will be impossible for any monster to be alone, and it is bound to be an alliance with you and me. At that time, if we communicate well, we can naturally control the latecomers in our hands … "
Who pondered for a moment and said, "How can I trust you? What if you find a more agreeable and obedient partner in the future and abandon me? I know that I can’t compete with you by your wrist and wisdom. "
"This …" Qinger said helplessly after a moment’s thought: "This seems to be difficult to guarantee you except my promise."
Daughter smiled and said, "Your proposal is very good, but it is still far away! I’ll think it over. I think our sisters will reach an agreement when the next Vulcan or Earth God arrives, don’t you think? "
Qinger smiled and was satisfied with the olive branch that Xier finally threw over. "Sister Xi ‘er, we will be sisters in the future. I hope to be sisters with you forever!"
Who smiled and stopped answering, turned and walked slowly to the temple of Tang Wan.
Shuier watched Xier leave and whispered, "Sister, do you think Xier is really reliable? Will she cooperate with us? "
Qinger smiled and said, "She is naturally unreliable. At this time, the only thing worth believing is your strength and mine. But I’m sure she will cooperate with us. She’s too smart to fail to understand the stakes involved. What’s more, she is still alone, and she is alone. "
Water smiled slightly and said, "I hope so!" Anyway, I have to go back and practice my new strength. It seems that Xi ‘er has left me behind. Today is really humiliating. I have a whole body of strength but I can’t make it stupid. "
Qinger smiled and said, "Yes! It seems that we really think too much, but we have left the most important cultivation behind. "
For the time being, press Qinger and Shuier to go back to self-cultivation. Just say that Yi Yu returned to the outside and saw Zhuge Jing, Zheng Bagu and Qin family sisters gathered together and confronted five tall humanoid monsters.
I saw that all the five monsters have a lot to compete with. Just looking at this head can be regarded as a giant. The head is normal, but the body is several times as big as a balloon blown up. The skin is white but bloodless, green and red eyes, long arms, huge claws, blurred faces and no facial features. It is very strange to describe them.
At this time, four people are riding flying swords to resist the advance of the five monsters, but the sharp light of the swords can’t hurt the five monsters, and they can only repel them. However, although the monster is weird, it doesn’t move quickly, and four people can sit tight and deal with it calmly.
At this moment, Zheng Bagu and three people were surprised to see Yi Yu come out so soon. They just had a fight with the rock eater, so they naturally know how powerful that thing is. It will take a long time to kill so many rock-eating scorpions even if they are hit by meteorites.
Cold calyx worry way: "her has been done? You don’t have to worry that we can still cope with our brothers and sisters. "
Yi Yu listened to the whisper of cold calyx and said with a smile, "Yo! When did my cold calyx get so smoked? I still worry about my husband! "