If they jump one by one, it will be passed by Ji Ming, who has already entered the rhythm, one by one. It is like sending Ji Ming an experience monster, so that Ji Ming can break through the whole Manchester United defense line one by one.

Now they have a man who is not going to steal the ball, but is responsible for delaying Ji Ming from adding up the speed, not letting him wander at the front of Manchester United’s restricted area and not giving him a direct long-range shot.
In this way, when Manchester United has organized a defense line near the restricted area, he can cooperate with the whole defense line to slow down Ji Ming’s speed, and finally force Ji Ming to stop and return the ball completely or start in a hurry
This is a very reasonable defensive tactic.
However, it took Ji Ming a second to let Manchester United elaborate defensive tactics collapse
Ji Ming made a breakthrough to the right in the face of this player who welcomed Manchester United.
In high-speed running, the fake action will be very realistic, even if the shoulder is tilted, it can fool the defender. Because the speed is fast, the action will be quick. If you are not careful, the offensive player will break through the past, but there is no time to slowly grind the defense. You must make a choice in the flint, whether it is right or wrong.
Why did Ayala, a world-class centre-back, pass easily by Owen with a common feint just like a wooden stake in front of Owen’s quick breakthrough?
It is for this reason.
Ji Ming now deals with Manchester United defenders in the same way as Owen did with Ayala.
After he faked to pile up and shift the center of gravity, he gently waved the football with the instep of his left foot to say goodbye and speed up the change!
It broke through Manchester United, the defender who was responsible for delaying him!
Chapter 10 Manchester United’s three lines of defense
The breakthrough in Jiming Middle Road was sudden and the speed was fast.
In this case, Manchester United responded quickly.
Soon organized three lines of defense.
Defend and intercept Ji Ming in midfield, backcourt and the front of the restricted area respectively.
It can be said that Mourinho’s performance in the sudden situation can be said that this team is his team’s defense and naturally he trained it.
But even so, Manchester United’s three lines of defense are not much different from the three layers of window paper in front of Ji Ming
The first line of defense is that just after Ji Ming broke through, two Manchester United players caught them and let Ji Ming break through his unique footwork.
The second line of defense is to stall Ji Ming’s Manchester United players.
As a result, Ji Ming made a simple fake move and shook it over.
In the blink of an eye, Ji Ming has brought the ball close to Manchester United’s third defense!
If this third line of defense is broken again, Ji Ming can face the Manchester United goalkeeper directly!
Wanda Stadium rang with great cheers.
In fact, this cheer has already sounded since Ji Ming’s breakthrough. With Ji Ming’s breakthrough, this sound is getting louder and louder, like thunder rolling past Wanda Stadium, like the horseshoes and footsteps of Ma Benteng.
At this time, even the commentator has to scream hysterically when explaining the game to ensure that his commentary will not be drowned by the live sound!
"JiMing-! Ji Ming! He broke through Manchester United’s four-man defense in one breath! Amazing! "
"season! His straight-line breakthrough is too sharp, and the Manchester United defense is worthless in front of him! "
"season! Ji! Ji! Season-! In that face of Manchester United’s crumble defence, can he crush them in one breath? ?”
The fans shouted and lit the air in the stadium, making people breathe as if they could burn their lungs.
This high temperature can even make the blood boil!
However, Ji Ming remained fully calm when dribbling in such a situation.
Instead of burying his head in the ball, he kept observing the situation while dribbling. He twisted his head left and right to position Manchester United defenders, positioned his teammates and was still looking for tricks.
Some players like to break through the dribbling as a way to show off their abilities. They always keep dribbling on the court until they can’t move any more.
Such people can’t go out once their football is caught in their feet.
But Ji Ming is not such a person.
Although he has speed, skill and ability, he knows very well that he is a midfield organizer.
He can’t show off his dribbling ability anytime and anywhere.
That’s why he won so many games but didn’t let him play winger-actually, it’s more appropriate for him to play winger according to his characteristics.
Chang Sheng saw that Ji Ming was more calm than his peers and his mind recognized that putting him in the winger position was a wave for Ji Ming’s talent.
So he was fixed in midfield and in the middle from the beginning.
Suo Jiming will never keep burying his head in the ball until he can no longer carry it.
Even if he breaks through the situation now, it is very good that he has prepared at least three plans for this attack in his mind.
The first one is that he takes the ball to Manchester United’s restricted area.
The second kind gives the ball to teammates.
Third, he will shoot long-range himself now!
He wants to see which method is the best.
Generally speaking, he tends to give the ball to his teammates if he can disrupt the opponent’s defense and tear it out near the front of the penalty area.
He is not the kind of player who likes scoring goals very much. He likes the feeling of assists more than shooting.
Perhaps it is because he believes that it is more difficult and challenging to deliver the football to his teammates’ feet accurately and make it easy for him to score goals than to score goals himself.
All his first choice bases are balls.